December 2017

Our monthly Competition Update webpage is aimed at providing all CAPA members and camera clubs with timely information relating to our competitions.

For this month, I have included information below under the appropriate title.


Disqualifying Of Competition Image

For the Fall 2017 competitions, a number of submitted images have been disqualified for a variety of reasons.

It is critical that you read all the details of the competition and the CAPA Eligibility Criteria prior to entering a CAPA competition. Do not assume by the competition title that your images will be automatically accepted into the competition.

If you have questions about whether your images will be accepted or not, please email the respective Competition Host. It is the responsibility of the Competition Host to review all submitted images, prior to them being presented on the ‘day-of-judging.’   Only images which meet the competition details and CAPA Eligibility Criteria will be presented to the judges.

Here are some of the reasons why images were disqualified in our Fall 2017 competitions:

– same image entered in both the “Individual” and “Club” competitions
– human element was contained in a Nature competition submission
– exceeding the restricted editing criteria
– watermark on the image
– image did not fall within the scope of the competition


CAPA Eligibility Criteria Updates

 As we gain more experience with our new online competition system and remote judging, the CAPA Eligibility Criteria will be updated.

The recent updates to the CAPA Eligibility Criteria are outlined below with the associated rationale:

By virtue of submitting an image, the photographer agrees that:

9 – they will NOT enter an identical or simultaneously the same images or one that is substantially the same in both the ‘individual‘ and ‘club‘ components of a CAPA competition;

Rationale: We are finding incidents where two images were taken moments apart with one being entered in the ‘Individual’ and ‘Club’ competitions. The best of the two image should be entered in one of the competition not both.

Acceptable Filenames And Titles – have been included at the bottom of the Eligibility Criteria webpage and includes examples.  In addition, the same information has been added to the respective Competition Submission page.

These new changes to the Eligibility Criteria do not take effect until January 1, 2018. Check out the CAPA Eligibility Criteria here.


Posted Competition Results

The following webpages have been updated to included the results from the Nature, Fine Art and Print competitions:


Winners – IndividualCHECK OUT WEBPAGE HERE


Uploaded CAPA Medal Presentations

For our new website, we have commenced a process of photographing the CAPA medal presentation being made to medal winners. Images are added to the bottom of the respective competition found in the Winners – Club or Winners – Individual webpage.

Some recent presentations can be found on the following webpages:

‘4 Nations’ Competition – photograph of Rachel Schneiderman and Campbell Hasting receiving their Gold Medal – CHECK OUT WEBPAGE HERE
Fine Art – Club Competition Bronze medal presentation to the Langley Camera Club – CHECK OUT WEBPAGE HERE

October 2017

Here are the latest information updates and news about CAPA competitions.

CAPA Medal Presentations

This year we will be encouraging local competition host clubs to take photos of winners receiving their CAPA medals. We will post the presentation photos on the Winners Page for that competition along with all the winning images. If you haven’t had a chance to see the winners pages from the 2016-17 competitions, we invite you to have a look. For example, here is the winner’s page for the Fall 2016 Print – Club competition.

Update to Eligibility Criteria

The Eligibility Criteria has been updated to include:

  • requirement for all competitions that the image colour space should be sRGB
  • CAPA and corporations providing prizes are not in any way responsible for any claims or liabilities related to the outcome of a competition or the violation or infringement of any Canadian law or regulation

Updated Guideline for Judging a CAPA Competition

The Guideline for Judging a CAPA Competition has been updated to include CAPA’s new Competition Standards. This document is provided to all camera clubs hosting a CAPA competition who distribute it to competition judges. Judges are asked to read and comply with the details of this document.

Note that there is a full CAPA Judging Course Manual that is included when individuals have completed a CAPA Judging Course.

Open Print Competition – Deadline October 30

This year, the Red River Exhibition Association is hosting the Print Competition. They are extending a special invitation to CAPA Clubs and Individual members to consider submitting and supporting this competition. There’s something special about printing your photo. Experience the joy of holding the physical results of your work in your hand and sharing it with others. Seeing your photo in print helps you to become a better photographer. Choice of paper, printing method and many other things make the printing process truly a labour of love. There’s plenty of time to prepare your submission before the October 30 deadline . Submissions should be sent to: Judy Berthman, 230 Laurent Drive, Winnipeg, MB  R3V 1S7.

And speaking of sending in your prints, here are some instructions for making your own photo shipping container.

Upcoming Fall Competitions

Check out the details for all fall competitions

How to Upload Images

Here is a page with step-by-step instructions for uploading images for a CAPA Competition. 

Competition Sponsors

Thanks to the following sponsors who have donated prizes this year for CAPA competitions:  

Audio Visual Presentation Competition

Photodex is providing a copy of ProShow Producer for the Gold Medal winners for the CAPA Individual & Camera Club competitions.

Annual Photo Challenge Competition 

Open Theme Competition

The Corel Corporation is providing prizes for the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners for both the Club and Individual components of this competition. 


Questions about CAPA Competitions? Email the Director of Competitions, Sheldon Boles

September 2017

New Online Uploading System

Starting this fall, CAPA has a new online competition system. The new system is similar to the one being used by many Ontario camera clubs.  A huge thanks goes out to CAPA member Lance Gitter of the Richmond Hill Camera Club who dedicated countless volunteer hours to implement and configure CAPA’s new online competition system.

Also new for the 2017-18 competition cycle, we are implementing ‘remote-judging’ for three competitions – Nature, Photo Journalism and Spring Open.  With ‘remote-judging’, competitions will be judged by individuals in different parts of the country without the need to travel to a particular club’s location.  This feature may be of interest to camera clubs and we hope that more clubs will become Competition Hosts by using ‘remote judging’.

The new online system provides for a more streamlined uploading. As with all new systems, there are a few requirements in order to have consistency when you upload images:

1. File naming Convention:

– Filenames of photographs to be uploaded may ONLY contain letters, numbers, spaces, periods(.), underscores(_) or dashes (-)

– No other punctuation is allowed in this filename or the name of its folder

2. Image Title:

– May NOT contain the club name or the photographer’s name

 Unrestricted except refrain from using the following characters:  ” ‘ 

When you upload your images, these notes will be on the screen as a reminder.


Competition Eligibility Criteria

There are two new items added to the eligibility criteria:

6. the submitted image must not have previously received a CAPA award such as: a CAPA medal, Certificate of Merit, Merit Award Ribbon, Honourable Award Certificate or Honour Award Ribbon

7. Do NOT enter an image simultaneously in both the ‘individual’ and ‘club’ components of a CAPA competition

A link to the eligibility criteria is in each competition description.  Please read these carefully before submitting an image for a competition.


Competition Standardization

It is important that entrants read and comply with all the conditions of each CAPA competition prior to submitting an image.  Competition Hosts will no longer request a re-submit for an image that does not meet the scope of a competition and the non-qualifying image will not be presented on the ‘day-of-judging.’

For clarity, there is a separate webpage for each competition.  The traditional CAPA Competition Guide has been eliminated.

For the majority of competitions, the judging criteria have been standardized:

Judges will award their scoring based on key elements such as composition, technique and subject matter.  However, the judges will have a strong emphasis on the creative message, quality of execution, innovation, and ‘wow’ factor.”

All judges will be asked to comply with these criteria when assigning their score to images.

In early May 2017, a message was sent to all CAPA members and camera clubs advising them of the new 2017-18 competitions.  Please explore all the competitions when considering submission of your images.


Fall Competitions

This fall there are four photo competitions:

  • Nature (Closes October 30, 2017) – has been expanded to include the promotion of responsible photographing species.
  • Fine Art (Closes October 30, 2017) – definition has been expanded and clarified.
  • Open Print (Closes October 30, 2017) – it is important to read the Competition Process for this competition to ensure you also upload a copy of your print image to the new online competition system.
  • Photo Journalism (Closes November 30, 2017) – this new competition provides an opportunity to expand your photographic abilities and to comply with photo journalism standards.


Club Membership Contact Information

Please keep your club’s contact information up-to-date on the CAPA website.  We use this information to send you the Canadian Camera Magazine, CAPA Monthly Newsletter , Competition Updates, and CAPA awards/prizes.

For camera clubs, we ask that contact information includes:

– Primary contact person (i.e. treasurer) with contact information

– Club President Name & email address

– Club CAPA Representative & email address

– Club Competition Contact & email address

– Communications Contact & email address

If you have any questions about CAPA Competitions, please email the Director of Competitions (Sheldon Boles) at