Clubs FAQ


How does my photography club join CAPA?

Your club can become a CAPA Club by going to this page, choose the appropriate membership for your club, then follow through to check out.

How much does CAPA Club Membership cost?

Club membership cost depends on the size of your club.

  • For small clubs with 20 members or less, a club membership is $65.00.
  • For medium size clubs with 21 to 50 members, membership is $100.00
  • For large clubs with over 50 members, membership is $130.00

Can we pay for club membership online?

Yes, all memberships are now purchased online. When you select your club membership, you will be taken to the Checkout Page where you can choose your payment method: E-transfer, PayPal (with or without a PayPal Account), or Pay by Cheque.

Do I need to set up a PayPal Account to pay for our club membership?

No. When you choose your membership and are taken to the Checkout Page, just select PayPal as your method of payment. From there you will be taken to a page where you can enter your credit card information without setting up a PayPal account. The funds will be transferred from your credit card to CAPA’s PayPal account.

Can our club partipate in voting for CAPA Board Members?

Yes. Each member club can select a CAPA Representative to vote at the Annual General Meeting, which includes the election and other governance matters.

Does our club have to choose a CAPA Representative?

No. Your club president or other designated person on the club executive can serve as your club’s CAPA Representative.

Who do I contact for information about our club’s membership?

For questions about your club’s membership, send an email to our Membership Administrator Eleanor Campbell at or call her at 1-236-586-3938.

What if we need to cancel our club’s membership?

Just send an email to our Membership Administrator Eleanor Campbell at or call her at 1-236-586-3938. Please note that there are no partial year refunds for cancelled memberships. Your club’s membership will continue until your normal expiry date.