Pacific Zone

Honour Leah Gray Grizzly Dispute
Mom And Baby Orca Karoline Cullen
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Bronze Medal Langley Camera Club Michele Broadfoot Afternoon Delight
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Zone Director

Lynda Miller FCAPA

The Pacific Zone, which includes all of British Columbia and Yukon. There are 13 regions in the zone and each region has one or more District Representatives who visit member clubs regularly and offer support.

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Zone Objectives:

  • Provide solid support to our Pacific Zone CAPA photo clubs and individuals by encouraging them to plan and engage in photographic activities in the zone;
  • Participation in CAPA’s Pacific Zone at the local, regional, or national events is an opportunity to profit from CAPA. These opportunities include our bi-annual Canadian Camera Conference, national, regional or local competitions, club training workshops, photo shoots, exchanging ideas, participating and/or visiting photo exhibitions, as well as making new friends and contributing to and being part of the enrichment of photography in Canada.
  • Promote the CAPA ‘Learn to Judge’ course to all our clubs and encourage them to increase their knowledge and skills to share from the club level to our National competition level.
  • Encourage members to take advantage of and enjoy the benefits CAPA provides.
  • Promote and expand CAPA. Our Pacific Zone covers all of British Columbia and the Yukon.
  • Here we have nine Districts with 12 District Representatives helping our 38 CAPA member clubs and 414 Individual CAPA members grow. Together, our Zone Director and District Representatives bring their knowledge of photography and CAPA to our individuals and groups to encourage their passion for photography within their districts.

District Representatives

Sunshine Coast:

Lower Vancouver Island:

Mid Vancouver Island

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