Competition Winners – 2024 Colour – Individual Competition

Competition Winners – 2024 Colour – Individual Competition

Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Winners

Merit Awards

Honourable Awards

Medal Winners 

Gold Medal – Kathryn Delany

Silver Medal – Scott Simons

Bronze Medal – Christy Grinton (Martin)


Merit Awards

1st Place Merit Award – Landscape – Anita Teljeur’s image “Somewhere in the Forest”

2nd Place Merit Award – Landscape – Karoline Cullen’s image “Magic Carpet”

3rd Place Merit Award – Landscape – Lesleyanne Ryan’s image “Out of the Blue”

1st Place Merit Award – Manmade – Cathleen Mewis’ image “Arriving in a Burst of Colour”

2nd Place Merit Award – Manmade – Leonard Modderman’s image “Colored Ripples”

3rd Place Merit Award – Manmade – Lois Burton’s image “Over the Edge”

1st Place Merit Award – Nature – Catherine Page’s image “Safety in the Rain”

2nd Place Merit Award – Nature – Kathryn Delany’s image “Mother Bear and Shy Cub”

3rd Place Merit Award – Nature – Kathryn Delany’s image “Mamma Did You Hear That?”

1st Place Merit Award – Persons – Louie Luo’s image “In a Flash”

2nd Place Merit Award – Persons – Zhenhuan Zhou’s image “Bucking Horse”

3rd Place Merit Award – Persons – Cheryl Pady’s image “Culture Palette”

Honourable Mention Awards

Chris Empey

Philip Wong

Louie Luo

Laura Ranallo

Lesleyanne Ryan

Michael Winsor

Roshan Panjwani

Catherine Page

Manfred Mueller

Terry Webb

Marek Pleszczynski

Cathleen Mewis

Leonard Modderman

Peter To

Anita Teljeur

Earl Hirtz

Karoline Cullen

Lois Burton

*Following a period of 2 weeks after the competition’s closing date, you can access the final competition report by logging into the CAPA website and navigating to the ‘Competition Reports’ under the ‘Competitions’ dropdown menu.o