International Salon of Photography Results

Once again, the 126th International Salon of Photography, hosted by CAPA member club Toronto Camera Club, was a great success.

This internationally recognized competition closed on November 12, 2019 and received photos from top photographers in countries around the world including: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam and Wales.

The salon consisted of six sections: Nature, Pictorial Open (Colour), Pictorial Open (Mono), Photojournalism, Print Open (Colour) and Prints Open (Mono). Each section had its own judging panel. There were 227 medals and ribbons awarded.

Congratulations to the following CAPA members who received awards:


  • IIana Block’s image “For Kit Surprise Pounce” – FIAP Gold Medal
  • He Zhao’s image “Spiral Staircase” – IAAP Gold Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “A Family” – FIAP Silver Medal
  • Suzanne Huot’s image “Cheetah Mothers Prize” – PSA Silver Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “Flying Flamingos Over The Lake” – CAPA Bronze Medal
  • IIana Block’s image “Silver Phase Red Fox With Dinner In The Rain” – CAPA Ribbon
  • John Lyon’s image “Western Bluebird Pair” – CAPA Ribbon
  • Robert Parker’s image “Feeding Frenzy” – IAAP Ribbon
  • Wenjun Jin’s image “Flying Over Dreams” – IAAP Ribbon
  • Claude Gauthier’s image “Polar Bear Young Bull Vs Old” – TCC Ribbon

Pictorial Open (Colour)

  • He Zhao’s image “Flamingo Over Lake” – PSA Gold Medal
  • Neal Weisenberg’s image “Adele Diving 1” – IAAP Silver Medal
  • Luba Citrim’s image “My Ride Arrived” – PSA Bronze Medal
  • Luba Citrim’s image “Destiny” – TCC Bronze Medal
  • Adrienne Zoe’s image “Fruit of the Vine” – FIAP Ribbon
  • He Zhao’s image “Chicago Flamino Scuplture” – IAAP Ribbon
  • Robert Parker’s image “Bluebird And Blossoms” – PSA Honourable Mention
  • Yang Jiao’s image “Midnight Sun And Iceberg At Greenland” – TCC Ribbon
  • Daniel Rondeau’s image “Petals And Tendril” – TCC Ribbon

Pictorial Open (Mono)

  • He Zhao’s image “Spiral Staircase” – IAAP Gold Medal
  • Jean Wang’s image “Absolute Twin Towers From My View” – IAAP Ribbon
  • He Zhao’s image “Staircase” – CAPA Ribbon
  • Yang Jiao’s image “Giraffe Affection” – TCC Ribbon


  • Glenn Springer’s image “Rainy Ride” – FIAP Ribbon

Print Open (Colour)

  • Gareth Jones’s image “Insect Vision” – TCC Gold Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “Morning Activities” – IAAP Silver Medal
  • Wenjun Jin’s image “Overlooking Lake Magadi03” – TCC Silver Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “Playing Children” – PSA Bronze Medal
  • Mike Wooding’s image “European Skippers” – IAAP Bronze Medal
  • Leah Gray’s image “High Tide” – CAPA Ribbon
  • Mike Wooding’s image “Anna’s Hummingbird at Bluebell 2” – IAAP Ribbon
  • Wenjun Jin’s image “Overlooking Lake Magadi02” – TCC Ribbon
  • Jack Pasht’s image “Fourth Beach” – TCC Ribbon
  • Jasmine Suo’s image “Snowy Owl Banding” – TCC Ribbon
  • Wenjun Jin’s image “Overlooking Lake Magadio1” – PSA Honourable Mention

Print Open (Mono)

  • Ying Shi’s image “Pattern” – TCC Gold Medal
  • Ying Shi’s image “Flying Over The Lake” – CAPA Bronze Medal
  • Gareth Jones’ image “Backwards Time” – TCC Bronze Medal
  • Ann Alimi’s image “King” – FIAP Ribbon

The winning images and a complete listing of the entrants and awards received are on the Salon  website.

Scholarship and Educational Donation

During 2019 we were pleased to receive a sizeable donation from one of Canada’s Leading Procurement Training Organizations. This company has a program whereby they allocate funds to their employee to make charitable donations to a charity of the employees’ choice. As a result, Grant from this Company, choose CAPA as his Charity of choice. As Grant is interested in expanding his interest in photography he chooses to donate to CAPA.

Thank you for this donation.

As an ongoing program, CAPA would be pleased to receive further donations to expand the CAPA Scholarship and Educational Fund. Receipts for income tax purposes will be provided for all donations. Click here for more information.

Len Suchan,
CAPA Treasurer

salon mon pays – my country

click here for English

Ouverture imminente du salon « Mon pays/My Country »

Le salon « Mon pays/My Country », organisé conjointement par l’ACAP et le Musée national de la photographie Desjardins, ouvrira ses portes le janvier 2020. Cet évènement, une première collaboration de ce genre entre l’ACAP et le Musée, exposera 39 photographies de membres de l’ACAP, choisies pour représenter les dix provinces et les trois territoires du Canada. Le vernissage, ouvert aux membres individuels et aux membres des clubs membres de l’ACAP, aura lieu le dimanche 19 janvier à 14 h au Musée national de la photographie Desjardins, 400 rue Hériot, Drummondville, Québec.

Voir les images gagnantes du concours ici:

Imminent Opening of the Salon “Mon pays/My Country”

National Museum of PhotographyThe salon “Mon pays/My Country” organized jointly by CAPA and the Musée national de la photographie Desjardins, will be open to the public in January 2020. This event, the first collaborative effort of this kind between CAPA and the Musée, will showcase 39 photographs by CAPA members, chosen to represent Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories. The opening ceremony, to which all CAPA individual members as well as members of CAPA clubs are invited, will take place on Sunday, 19 January at 2 PM at the Musée national de la photographie Desjardins, 400 rue Hériot, Drummondville, Québec.

View the competition winning images here:

cliquez ici pour le français

FIAP Distinctions

Federation Internationale de L'Art Photographique (FIAP)CAPA is the Canadian operational member of FIAP (Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique). All operational members are the sole national federations or associations for sovereign states that are members of the United Nations.

As a CAPA member you can apply through CAPA for photographic distinctions from FIAP. For more information, go to the CAPA FIAP page.

Jonathan Ward, CAPA Secretary

Jonathan Ward
Jonathan Ward, CAPA Secretary

Jonathan Ward is our new CAPA Secretary.

Jonathan Ward was born and raised in the UK and represented the UK as a diplomat in South Africa, Singapore, the former Yugoslavia and India, before resigning and immigrating to Canada in 1992. Soon after arriving in Toronto, where he still lives, he was recruited into the Toronto Camera Club. His serious interest in wildlife photography stemmed from a visit to Kenya organized by club members in 1995. He was an early adopter of auto-focus cameras and later of digital photography. He now shoots with a full frame digital body as well as a full frame DSLR. He and his wife travel all over the world taking images but the two places most frequently visited are Southern Africa and India.

In 2003, he joined what is now the Toronto Digital Photography Club, where he eventually became the President. He continues to be a member of that club and is the mentor to 12 club photographers.

Jonathan has been a photographic judge since 2005 and became a CAPA certified judge in 2016. Since then he has judged in International Competitions for CAPA on multiple occasions as well as in CAPA competitions in Canada.

Most recently he has been the District Representative for Toronto and the GTA.

International Photographers Federation Awards

The 2019 Toronto International Photography Festival was held recently under the auspices of the International Photographers Federation.  The Festival awards CAPA medals with this years competition comprising 12 categories with over 4100 images in total. As usual, this third international photographic competition used only CAPA trained judges, including Glenn Bloodworth (CAPA Ontario Zone Director), Rod Trider (CAPA President), Bill Hall (SW Ontario DR), and Anthony Schatzky, Yun Wan, He Zhao, Zhiwen Li & Ying Shi.

The awards ceremony was held on Sunday December 8 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto. CAPA President Rod Trider was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his multi-year assistance to the IPF in curating and judging their competitions. CAPA Secretary Jonathan Ward was presented with a Golden Lens Award for having judged their competitions over a number of years. Congratulations to all the winning photographers.

No Taxes

News Item for CAPA Members

During 2019, CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) conducted an extensive Audit and Review of the CAPA accounting records. As a result of this review, CRA has determined and advised that CAPA is no longer required to Collect GST/HST on the CAPA Memberships and any related Educational Programs (ie. Judging Courses, etc.)

The discontinuance of collecting GST/HST will take effect January 01, 2020.

Len Suchan FCAPA
CAPA Treasurer

Dave Snider Appointed District Representative in the Pacific Zone

Dave Snider has been appointed as new District Representative for the Central Interior District of the Pacific Zone. District Representatives are the face of CAPA in their District and provide connections for the communities they represent throughout the zone and across Canada.

Dave was born in B.C. in 1948 and has spent most of his life in B.C. He has been interested in photography since his early teens but only became really active around 2009. He became a member of the Kamloops Photo Arts Club (KPAC) in 2012 and has filled executive positions from 2013 to 2019. Around 2014 Dave joined CAPA. In 2019 Dave became a CAPA Certified Judge and was appointed CAPA’s Central Interior District Rep. He is also a member of the Kamloops Arts Council.

Dave’s main areas of interest are landscape photography and floral photography. He gives introductory photo courses to the public through the City of Kamloops and offers tutorials. Prints of Dave’s photos can be seen on display predominantly in businesses, government offices, homes and at the Old Courthouse Gallery in Kamloops while others can be seen elsewhere in Canada, the U.S. and the UK.

Married to Doris since 1971 and blessed with two adult daughters, Dave can often be found tramping the hills around Kamloops and area with camera in hand enjoying every minute of his retirement.

Visit Photos by Dave Facebook Page to see some of his work.

ProFusion in Toronto

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of ProFusion – Vistek’s world-renowned pro-imaging expo – and you can be sure it’ll be the best one yet.

  • Wednesday, November 13th – 11am to 7pm
    Thursday, November 14th – 10am to 5pm
  • Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Hall B

ProFusion is Canada’s largest, most engaging, completely unforgettable pro imaging expo. Where everything – including the latest and greatest photo/video gear, intriguing product demonstrations, and internationally renowned guest speakers – is showcased across a massive trade show floor.

For More Information and to Register for Your FREE 2-Day Pass Visit

Watch our Teaser Trailer here:

ProFusion in Toronto, Canada
ProFusion 2019 in Toronto

2019 CAPA Scholarship: Daniel Curren

Daniel Curren
Joyce Chew presents Daniel Curren with the 2019 CAPA Scholarship

Daniel Curren was presented the CAPA Scholarship cheque at the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia’s opening Wine and Cheese Event.

He was very pleased to receive the award and made a very nice speech thanking CAPA for all they have done for him as a new photographer and encouraging other members to also join CAPA as an individual.

Daniel pursued photography as a hobby in late 2018, and went on to complete photography courses at Nova Scotia College for Art and Design. He is an active member of the Nova Scotia Photoguild and Darmouth Photography Society. He plans on completing the CAPA judging course so that he may volunteer to assist his clubs.

Light Snack by Daniel Curren
Light Snack by Daniel Curren
2019 CAPA Scholarship recipient Daniel Curren
A Brother’s Light-Shining Down – Castle-Mountain by Daniel Curren
2019 CAPA Scholarship recipient Daniel Curren
Solitude by Daniel Curren
2019 CAPA Scholarship recipient Daniel Curren
Transcendence by Daniel Curren
2019 CAPA Scholarship recipient Daniel Curren
Bulrushes & Fog by Daniel Curren
2019 CAPA Scholarship recipient Daniel Curren
Topsy Turvy Fall by Daniel Curren
2019 CAPA Scholarship recipient Daniel Curren
Bow River Snow and Ice by Daniel Curren
2019 CAPA Scholarship recipient Daniel Curren
From Behind by Daniel Curren

Canadian Camera Magazine Request

Canadian Camera Magazine cover
Canadian Camera Summer 2019

CAPA’s member/club survey this year focused on many aspects of the association, including Canadian Camera magazine. The overall consensus was that readers would like to see a broader range of articles, including articles for beginner photographers, preparing images for CAPA/club competitions and black and white photography.

If you can provide articles and photos for any of these topics – or any others – please contact Canadian Camera editor-in-chief Ralph Bridgland at

GCPA International Salon

The Global Chinese Photographic Association is holding their first International Salon in 2019. This is a CAPA recognized Salon. There will be eight categories offered with a total of $10,000 in prizes. This competition closes on the 20th of September, 2019.

Please visit their website for more information

The 2019 results from this competition are here.

Upcoming CAPA Judging Courses

There are 4 upcoming CAPA Judging Courses this Autumn.

The first is September 21st in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, followed by Prince George in BC on Nov. 2nd.

Two Courses will be offered in November: Ottawa on November 23rd, and Saint-Hubert on November 30th. The Saint Hubert course will be offered in French.

Ce cours est organisé par le Club de photo l’Oeil qui voit de Saint-Hubert le samedi 30 novembre 2019.

Click here for more information.

CAPA Judging Course
Canadian Association for Photographic Art Judging Course

2019 Four Nations Win

Gold Medal - Monochrome - Australian Photographic Society -
Honour Award - Monochrome - Canadian Association For Photographic Art -
Honour Award - Monochrome - Photographic Society of South Africa -
Honour Award - Monochrome - Canadian Association For Photographic Art -
Gold Medal - Nature - Photographic Society of South Africa -
Honour Award - Nature - Photographic Society of New Zealand -
Honour Award - Nature - Photographic Society of New Zealand -
Honour Award - Nature - Canadian Association For Photographic Art -
Gold Medal - Open Theme - Canadian Association For Photographic Art -
Honour Award - Open Theme - Photographic Society of South Africa -
Honour Award - Open Theme - Australian Photographic Society -
Honour Award - Open Theme - Canadian Association For Photographic Art -
Gold Medal - Our Country - Canadian Association For Photographic Art -
Honour Award - Our Country - Canadian Association For Photographic Art -
Honour Award - Our Country - Canadian Association For Photographic Art -
Honour Award - Our Country - Canadian Association For Photographic Art - 'Peggy's Cove' by Dave Van De Laar

CAPA was awarded 1st place in this competitions for the fifth consecutive year in a row. Our placement in this competition was attributed some outstanding images which collectively received the highest scores in each of the four categories.

To learn more about the Four Nations Competitions, click here.

CAPA placed first overall with a total score of 1896.
The Photographic Society of South Africa had 1861.
The Australian Photographic Society had 1843.5,
The Photographic Society of new Zealand had 1811.5

1st place Open Monochrome. Individual awards were:

  • Salk Institute Plaza by Fern Gitter (Honour),
  • The Artist by Marg Foley (Honour)

1st place in Nature. Individual awards were:

  • The Lilac Breasted Roller and the Bee by Ilana Block (Honour)

1st place in Our Country. Individual awards were:

  •  Northern Lights in Yellowknife by Yung Niem (Gold),
  • Canadian Pacific by Hond Zhang (Honour),
  • RockSolid 50 Point by Dave Evans (Honour),
  • Peggys’ Cove by Dave Van de Laar (Honour)

1st place in Open. Individual awards were:

  • Belted Kingfisher with beetle juice by William Bickle (Honour)

To read the competition report, click here



Freeman Patterson Letters

Freeman Patterson, a CAPA life member, posts periodical letters on his website.

In the recent letter, Freeman talks about flowers and gardens including Kingsbrae Garden in St, Andrews, NB. It is a great place to visit in the summer. You can view the previous letters and sign up for the subscription here.


Capture of a Lifetime

Capture of a Lifetime

Michael Winsor, a CAPA member in Saint John’s, NL, is featured on the Newfoundland Photo Tours website. Amazing story, video, and images for this year’s iceberg. Please check it out at

Michael Winsor recently was recognized for an iceberg image taken in 2017. His image appeared on a Canadian stamp announced in January, 2019. Read the story here.

Canadian Stamp photograph by CAPA member photographer Michael Winsor
Michael Winsor’s photograph of an iceberg beside Rerryland, N.L.




New Judging Courses

There are two new judging courses coming up:

  • Swift Current on September 21st, 2019
  • Prince George on November 2nd, 2019

For more information and to register, please go to the CAPA Judging Page

Epson International Pano Awards

Pano Awards Call for Entries

The EPSON International Pano Awards 2019

US $50,000 prize pool, including $12,000 cash!
Enter online at

Professional and amateur photographers around the world are invited to enter The 10th EPSON International Pano Awards to compete for $50,000 in cash and prizes.

Early-bird entries are open now until Monday 1st July, 2019.

The EPSON International Pano Awards is dedicated to the craft and art of panoramic photography. Advances in digital photography and editing software have resulted in an ever-increasing rise in the
popularity of image stitching, especially in the panoramic format. VR ‘immersive’ photography also continues to excite and develop at a rapid pace, and dedicated panoramic film photographers still

The Epson International Pano Awards showcases the work of panoramic photographers worldwide and is the largest competition for panoramic photography.

The 2018 competition saw 4937 images submitted from 1251 photographers in 74 countries.

The 2019 competition is open to all professional and amateur photographers with a combined pool of more than US$50,000, including $12,000 cash.

Prizes include an Epson SureColor P7070 printer, an Epson SureColor P5070 printer, an Epson EB- 1776 ultra-slim projector and a Nikon D850 camera.

We also welcome new sponsor Haida, and welcome back One-of-a-Kind Photography Adventures.

The judging panel includes some of the world’s top photographers and industry professionals, including Adam Williams, William Long, Isabella Tabacchi, Bill Bailey, Mark Gray, Aaron Spence, Chris Collacott, Abe Blair, Timothy Poulton, Sean Davey, Juan Pablo de Miguel, Anna Gibiskys and Ayrton Camargo.

CAPA Survey

We would like to thank all those who took time to complete the CAPA Members Survey as it will help provide direction for the future.

Please note that although every comment has been read, the surveys were anonymous, so if you had a question or wished to volunteer, please contact an executive member directly.

Emails are listed under the Board of Directors page.

Rod Trider
President, CAPA

CCC2019 Photo Workshop

Workshop at CCC2019: Beyond the Art of Headshot

We have lots of photo field trips but we only have one true photo Workshop for the Canadian Camera Conference this year (CCC2019). On Monday July 15, we have our speaker Rafal Wegiel teaching an all-day class on how he creates unique headshots. See his latest sample below.

Canadian Camera Conference in Calgary, July 2019

ccc2019 Workshop in July, 2019 by Rafal Wegiel