CAPA is a volunteer based organization. We are always recruiting volunteers for the various jobs in CAPA.

We are currently seeking a Director for the Prairie Zone, please see below for the job description. Link to job description below.

As well there may be a need in your area for a District Representative. Please see below for the job description. For more information please contact the Zone Director in your region.

District Representative Roles & Responsibilities (DR)

The District Representative shall represent all CAPA members and member clubs in their area.  District Representatives shall make themselves available as the first contact between members, clubs and the Association in their area.

Specific Duties

  1. Shall be responsible to the Zone director for the following, but not limited to:
    Regular visits to local member Camera Clubs.
    Answering any correspondence received from individual members or member Camera Clubs as well as non members.
    Answering any inquires made by individual members or clubs by phone.
    Requisitioning of CAPA membership brochures from the National office and their distribution at Camera Club meetings and to individual photographers wherever the opportunity presents itself.
    Giving talks about the benefits of CAPA membership at club meetings and the public functions where photographers might gather.
    Organizing or assisting to organize photographic activities and programs such as outings, field trips, seminars, exhibitions and lectures.
    Take opportunities to further the aim of CAPA through local media including newspaper, radio, TV and act as CAPA local spokesperson.
  2. Once per year, or otherwise as required or directed, you shall make a written report to the Zone director in relation to your activity under the following headings:
    Number of visits made to Camera Clubs and other groups.
    Special activities organized or assisted with in your area of responsibility.
    New memberships generated.
    Problems encountered and the solutions which resolved them.
    Problems which may require the assistance of the Zone Director.
    An overall assessment of the effectiveness of all activities.
  3. An annual statement of expenditure shall be prepared for the fiscal year and forwarded with all relevant receipts to the Zone director for reimbursement.
  4. The DR shall make every effort to attend the National Council meeting. If unavailable, make a written submission and motions which will reflects the need of the DR’s area and forwarded to the Zone Director.

The Zone Director

The Zone director shall direct all regional programs and activities within the Zone.

Shall select, appoint, direct and guide District representatives.

Shall stay attuned to the needs of the Association and the memberships as well as the public interest in photography.

The Zone Director shall participate in the Activities of the National Council and the Board of Directors and fulfill the requirements laid down in the Association’s letters of Patent, the Constitution and by-laws.

Specific Duties

  1. The Zone director shall preside over any meeting, or in his absence appoint a person to preside over the meetings, called for the District Representatives, executive committees and officers.
  2. Shall initiate plans for the advancement of the Zone activities, its better management, future policies and programs and their direction.
  3. Shall act as the Zone ultimate spokesperson to Governments, Media and the public at large.
  4. Shall present awards and medals where Zone competitions or activities require such awards.
  5. Shall make agendas for all meetings he presides over and send them to all attendees as required.
  6. Shall send letters of thanks to deserving citizens, guest speakers at CAPA events and any dignitaries as necessary within the zone.
  7. Make appointments to the position of District representatives and may appoint person(s) to any position within a Zone executive committee as laid down in the by-laws. The Board of Directors must ratify all such appointments.
  8. The Zone Director shall establish an interest bearing bank account in CAPA name. Such an account shall require 2 (two) signatures, that of the Zone Director and that of one District Representative for any cheque withdrawal. Administrative expenses shall be paid from the above account which holds the zone funds.
  9. Any expenses which run over available funds from zone resources will be itemized in the annual statement and forwarded to the National Treasurer for reimbursement.
  10. An annual budget for the projected year shall be prepared by the Zone Director and forwarded to the Treasurer by the 31st of December each year.
  11. Shall organize Zone activities, such as field trips, seminars, exhibitions, lectures and any other photographic activity which will further interest in the art of photography.
  12. The Zone Director will make every effort to attend the Board of Directors, National Council, and General membership meetings. If unavailable, he shall make a written submission which will reflect the needs of the Zone and forward it to the President.