CAPA Competitions

One of the benefits in joining CAPA is the opportunity to enter a CAPA competition. When you enter a CAPA Competition, you have opportunities to grow and enhance your photography skills:

  • Increase your confidence in your photographic skills, abilities and artistic style by trying new ideas and techniques
  • Determine what changes or enhancements you need to make to be considered competitive
  • Receive an assessment of your image from a panel of independent judges by way of a collective score
  • Increase your exposure as a photographer
  • Receive peer recognition by placing in the top of a competition and thereby having your images are included in our Canadian Camera magazine and posted on our Winners webpage on this website

Judging of images is subjective and rarely do all judges award the same scores for an individual image.  Consequently, an image can receive a different score by different judges on a different date.

However, judges do agree that the top 20% of submitted images contain the elements of being a competitive image.  Therefore, all photographers should strive to place in the top 20% of every competition they enter instead of being solely focused on winning a CAPA award.

When an image doesn’t place in the top 20% then it becomes a self reflecting moment to analyze your image to identify what elements or techniques could be enhanced.  This process may include comparing your image with that of the winning images.

Most competitions are open to both CAPA individual members and members of more than 84 camera clubs that are members of CAPA. For each year, we offer a wide range of competitions to appeal to the interest of many photographers. Check out our competition menu below.