Ontario Zone


Zone News:

Welcome to the Ontario Zone; home of twenty-six (26) of CAPA’s clubs. As of March 2017 Ontario had 326 CAPA members – a growth from the 311 in 2016. 255 of these are individual members [9 are Life members], 33 family members, 2 student members, 5 public libraries, and 2 are businesses, and with the remaining 26 being the afore noted member clubs. Of our individual, family, student, libraries, and business members 154 report they belong to a CAPA member club, and 172 report no CAPA club affiliation.

My name is Glenn Bloodworth. Born and completing undergraduate education in Winnipeg I did post graduate degrees and have lived and worked in Ottawa, Ontario, since 1971.  Since retirement from senior executive careers in the federal public service and the private sector photography has become more than a hobby for me; pursuing a full-time two year Diploma in Photographic Arts & Production at the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO), and an Honours Certificate in Photography Techniques from Algonquin College. A member of the RA Photography Club of Ottawa for over a decade, I’m presently its Chair as well as Leader of its Fine Art Group.  I joined CAPA because I supported its objectives, in particular the promotion of photography as an art form. I believed Canadian photography needs an organization such as CAPA to be a vehicle for the advancement of photography as visual fine art. My personal objective is to encourage CAPA to enhance its efforts in this area.


I am proud that in the last week of June 2017 CAPA’s Canadian Camera Conference was held in Ottawa, building on the 150th anniversary of our country. Hosted by the RA Photography Club the conference program proved formidable, with 300+ registrants and trade-show attendees. A large number of compliments have come in to the organizers on the high caliber presenters, workshops, and tours. The week also proved a great opportunity to meet CAPA friends and make new ones.  The conference ended with two big blasts – the Canada Wild musical and photographic celebration with some 521 in the audience, and the 20 minutes and 17 seconds of fireworks display on Parliament Hill July 1st.






The principal responsibilities of the Zone Director are to:

  • Provide solid support to CAPA photo clubs and individuals, to plan and engage in photographic activities in the zone;
  • Encourage members to take advantage of and enjoy the benefits CAPA provides; and
  • Promote and expand CAPA in new areas. The Ontario Zone covers Canada’s 2nd largest province, encompassing over 1 mil sq. kms, and traversing two time zones. Ontario is home to some seventy-seven (77) photographic clubs – 51 of which are not as yet CAPA clubs! In the Ontario Zone CAP has room to grow! To provide support to the current clubs and CAPA members, and to help us grow, with such a sizable area the zone is divided into several districts. Each is headed by a District Representative (DR). DRs foster the knowledge of CAPA and enhance the passion for photography within their district. They work with the Zone Director as a team to achieve our goals. They communicate directly and work closely with clubs and individuals in their district.


Southwestern Ontario – Area 1:  DR is Gerry Alger, London, ON. galger@bluespruce-images.ca. This district encompasses the southern tip of Ontario, including the regions of Sarnia, Leamington (Shooters), Windsor, Port Francis, London, and St. Thomas.








Southwestern Ontario – Area 2:  DR is Bill Hall, Kitchener. bill@tomlyn.ca.   This district encompasses the regions of Brantford (Brant), Bayfield, Cambridge, Kitchener (GRIPS), Mount Forest, Stratford, Waterloo (Highland Glen), and Woodstock.





Niagara Region: DR opportunity available. This district runs from Hamilton south through to the end of the Niagara peninsula on Lake Ontario.


Toronto: DR is Jonathan Ward. jon@jonwardphotography.com This district covers greater Toronto, Mississauga, and Oshawa, extending north to Peterborough area.




Belleville – Bancroft: DR opportunity available. This district embraces the Belleville, Bancroft, and Cobourg triangle region.


Kingston Region: DR is  Ed Fletcher. elf@kos.net This district encompasses greater Kingston and the surrounding area north to Sharbot Lake.

Northwestern Ontario: DR opportunity available. This district comprises the greater northeast Ontario region of North Bay – Sudbury.

Eastern Ontario Region: DR opportunity available. This district encompasses the greater Ottawa-Gatineau, Cornwall, and Brockville triangle.

“The Sault” Region:  DR opportunity available. We have not been highly active in this area. This is one of our opportunities to grow. Here is a prospective new district we would like to form to boost CAPA efforts in the greater Sault Ste. Marie area.

Western Ontario Region: DR opportunity available. Likewise we have not been active in this area and are would like to create this new district to provide a more concerted focus in the greater Thunder Bay/western Ontario area.


Participation in CAPA’s Ontario Zone at the local, regional, or national levels is an opportunity to profit from a host of events – training workshops, competitions, photo shoots, exchanging ideas, displaying in and touring photo exhibitions, and making new friends, as well contributing to and being part of the enrichment of photography in Canada. We invite you to join our team. And we welcome individuals in the districts noted as “DR opportunity available”.  Or if you would like to become more involved at a local, district, or zone level in some other capacity we’d be more than happy to have a discussion with you and explore your interests. We are also looking for individuals or teams to be the Zone Treasurer, a Zone newsletter Editor [could be monthly or quarterly, printed or digital], and a Zone Secretary to enable us to better support DRs and CAPA clubs in Ontario.

Feel free to contact me on any CAPA matters (ontario@capacanada.ca).