Competition Winners – 2022 Fall Competition – Individual

Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Winners

GOLD MEDAL Norman Dougan Displaying Loon
GOLD MEDAL Norman Dougan Evening Flight
GOLD MEDAL Norman Dougan Staredown
SILVER MEDAL Virginia Stranaghan St. Bernards Church
SILVER MEDAL Virginia Stranaghan Entrance At Christ Church Catherdral
SILVER MEDAL Virginia Stranaghan Reaching
BRONZE MEDAL Lesleyanne Ryan Let There Be Light
BRONZE MEDAL Lesleyanne Ryan Twister
BRONZE MEDAL Lesleyanne Ryan The Clouds Of Zeus

Merit Award Winner

1st Merit Award AR Kathryn Mcgarvey Ultra Modern Valencia
2nd Merit Award AR Daniel Benn Winged Titanic Musuem
3rd Merit Award AR Karin Mcdonald To Infinity And Beyond
1st Merit Award LA Rick Mckenzie The Painter
2nd Merit Award LA Lesleyanne Ryan Twister
3rd Merit Award LA Lesleyanne Ryan The Clouds Of Zeus
1st Merit Award NA Andrew Pugh 2017 Solar Eclipse Totality
2nd Merit Award NA Norman Dougan Evening Flight
3rd Merit Award NA Earl Hirtz Orca Flies With Gulls
1st Merit Award PE Craig Lauder Tenderness
2nd Merit Award PE Grant Dale Joy
3rd Merit Award PE Lori Jantz Cow Girl Confidence
1st Merit Award ST Manfred Mueller Reflection & Refraction   Water, Glass & Air
2nd Merit Award ST Brenda Herback Prairie Flowers
3rd Merit Award ST Oliver Dolinsky My Way

Honour Awards

HONOUR AWARD Robert Royer An Enigma
HONOUR AWARD Robert Royer The Knockout
HONOUR AWARD Robert Royer Up And Away
HONOUR AWARD Earl Hirtz A Spirited Catch
HONOUR AWARD Earl Hirtz Foggy Bear
HONOUR AWARD Earl Hirtz Orca Flies With Gulls
HONOUR AWARD Dandan Liu My Rock
HONOUR AWARD Dandan Liu The Stadium
HONOUR AWARD Flora Rao Egret
HONOUR AWARD Flora Rao Happy Family
HONOUR AWARD Flora Rao Red Tailed Hawk
HONOUR AWARD Rick Mckenzie In The Light
HONOUR AWARD Rick Mckenzie Standing Tall
HONOUR AWARD Rick Mckenzie The Painter
HONOUR AWARD Lori Jantz Battle Erupts
HONOUR AWARD Lori Jantz Cow Girl Confidence
HONOUR AWARD Lori Jantz Reflection Of Roses
HONOUR AWARD Louie Luo Falling
HONOUR AWARD Louie Luo Going Down The Stairs
HONOUR AWARD Louie Luo Standing Out
HONOUR AWARD Kathryn Mcgarvey Into The Vortex
HONOUR AWARD Kathryn Mcgarvey Life In A Slinky
HONOUR AWARD Kathryn Mcgarvey Ultra Modern Valencia
HONOUR AWARD Kayla Stevenson A Life Well Lived
HONOUR AWARD Kayla Stevenson Almost An Optical Illusion
HONOUR AWARD Kayla Stevenson Focussed Craftsman
HONOUR AWARD Manfred Mueller Abandoned Train   Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia
HONOUR AWARD Manfred Mueller Hadeye Woman And Child   Ethiopia
HONOUR AWARD Manfred Mueller Reflection & Refraction   Water, Glass & Air
HONOUR AWARD Zhenhuan Zhou Transformers
HONOUR AWARD Zhenhuan Zhou Tree Trimmer
HONOUR AWARD Zhenhuan Zhou Winter Wonderland
HONOUR AWARD Catalin Sandu Convergence
HONOUR AWARD Catalin Sandu Dance Face Off
HONOUR AWARD Catalin Sandu Wu University, Wien
HONOUR AWARD Daniel Benn Humanity
HONOUR AWARD Daniel Benn Sunrise Over Death Valley'S Black Mountains
HONOUR AWARD Daniel Benn Winged Titanic Musuem
HONOUR AWARD Daniel Rondeau Asinelli Staircase
HONOUR AWARD Daniel Rondeau In The Medieval Quarters
HONOUR AWARD Daniel Rondeau Portico Shade
HONOUR AWARD Michael Winsor Caught In The Act
HONOUR AWARD Michael Winsor Foggy Shores
HONOUR AWARD Michael Winsor Humpback Whale Breach
HONOUR AWARD Rob Jemmett Abandoned House
HONOUR AWARD Rob Jemmett Infrared Tree Separating Light And Dark
HONOUR AWARD Rob Jemmett Marilyn Monroe Buildings
HONOUR AWARD Dan Sigouin Calgary
HONOUR AWARD Dan Sigouin Moab Lake
HONOUR AWARD Dan Sigouin Orderville Gulch
HONOUR AWARD Elizabeth Noftall Putting On A Show
HONOUR AWARD Elizabeth Noftall Roskilde Chapel
HONOUR AWARD Elizabeth Noftall Speed Racer
HONOUR AWARD Jasmine Suo Night View Of Abraham Lake
HONOUR AWARD Jasmine Suo Short Eared Owl
HONOUR AWARD Jasmine Suo Solo Dance
HONOUR AWARD Susan Olsen Getting Ready For The Show
HONOUR AWARD Susan Olsen Modern Ballerina
HONOUR AWARD Susan Olsen Tutu
HONOUR AWARD Tharaka Mapalagama Feel The Vibes Of Nature
HONOUR AWARD Tharaka Mapalagama I Need You
HONOUR AWARD Tharaka Mapalagama Rhythms
HONOUR AWARD Trevor Reeves Mansard Roof Log House
HONOUR AWARD Trevor Reeves Okanagan River Autumn Fog
HONOUR AWARD Trevor Reeves Yellow Salsify
HONOUR AWARD Ying Jiang Corridor In U O T
HONOUR AWARD Ying Jiang Humber College
HONOUR AWARD Ying Jiang Nypd At Work

Medal Winners

  • GOLD MEDAL-Norman Dougan-Staredown
  • GOLD MEDAL-Norman Dougan-Displaying Loon
  • GOLD MEDAL-Norman Dougan-Evening Flight


  • SILVER MEDAL-Virginia Stranaghan-Entrance At Christ Church Cathedral
  • SILVER MEDAL-Virginia Stranaghan-Reaching
  • SILVER MEDAL-Virginia Stranaghan-St. Bernards Church


  • BRONZE MEDAL-Lesleyanne Ryan-Let There Be Light
  • BRONZE MEDAL-Lesleyanne Ryan-Twiste
  • BRONZE MEDAL-Lesleyanne Ryan-The Clouds Of Zeus

Merit Award Winners

  • 1st Merit Award-AR-Kathryn Mcgarvey-Ultra-Modern Valencia
  • 2nd Merit Award-AR-Daniel Benn-Winged Titanic Museum
  • 3rd Merit Award-AR-Karin Mcdonald-To Infinity And Beyond
  • 1st Merit Award-LA-Rick Mckenzie-The Painter
  • 2nd Merit Award-LA-Lesleyanne Ryan-Twister
  • 3rd Merit Award-LA-Lesleyanne Ryan-The Clouds Of Zeus
  • 1st Merit Award-NA-Andrew Pugh-2017 Solar Eclipse Totality
  • 2nd Merit Award-NA-Norman Dougan-Evening Flight
  • 3rd Merit Award-NA-Earl Hirtz-Orca Flies With Gulls
  • 1st Merit Award-PE-Craig Lauder-Tenderness
  • 2nd Merit Award-PE-Grant Dale-Joy
  • 3rd Merit Award-PE-Lori Jantz-Cow Girl Confidence
  • 1st Merit Award-ST-Manfred Mueller-Reflection & Refraction – Water, Glass & Air
  • 2nd Merit Award-ST-Brenda Herback-Prairie Flowers
  • 3rd Merit Award-ST-Oliver Dolinsky-My Way

Honour Awards

  • HONOUR AWARD-Robert Royer-An Enigma
  • HONOUR AWARD-Robert Royer-The Knockout
  • HONOUR AWARD-Robert Royer-Up And Away
  • HONOUR AWARD-Andrew Pugh-2017 Solar Eclipse Totality
  • HONOUR AWARD-Andrew Pugh-One Extreme
  • HONOUR AWARD-Andrew Pugh-White Leucistic Peacock
  • HONOUR AWARD-Earl Hirtz-A Spirited Catch
  • HONOUR AWARD-Earl Hirtz-Foggy Bear
  • HONOUR AWARD-Earl Hirtz-Orca Flies With Gulls
  • HONOUR AWARD-Dandan Liu-She
  • HONOUR AWARD-Dandan Liu-The Stadium
  • HONOUR AWARD-Dandan Liu-My Rock
  • HONOUR AWARD-Flora Rao-Egret
  • HONOUR AWARD-Flora Rao-Happy Family
  • HONOUR AWARD-Flora Rao-Red Tailed Hawk
  • HONOUR AWARD-Rick Mckenzie-In The Light
  • HONOUR AWARD-Rick Mckenzie-The Painter
  • HONOUR AWARD-Rick Mckenzie-Standing Tall
  • HONOUR AWARD-Lori Jantz-Battle Erupts
  • HONOUR AWARD-Lori Jantz-Cow Girl Confidence
  • HONOUR AWARD-Lori Jantz-Reflection Of Roses
  • HONOUR AWARD-Louie Luo-Falling
  • HONOUR AWARD-Louie Luo-Going Down The Stairs
  • HONOUR AWARD-Louie Luo-Standing Out
  • HONOUR AWARD-Kathryn Mcgarvey-Into The Vortex
  • HONOUR AWARD-Kathryn Mcgarvey-Life In A Slinky
  • HONOUR AWARD-Kathryn Mcgarvey-Ultra-Modern Valencia
  • HONOUR AWARD-Kayla Stevenson-A Life Well Lived
  • HONOUR AWARD-Kayla Stevenson-Almost An Optical Illusion
  • HONOUR AWARD-Kayla Stevenson-Focussed Craftsman
  • HONOUR AWARD-Manfred Mueller-Abandoned Train – Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia
  • HONOUR AWARD-Manfred Mueller-Hadeye Woman And Child – Ethiopia
  • HONOUR AWARD-Manfred Mueller-Reflection & Refraction – Water, Glass & Air
  • HONOUR AWARD-Zhenhuan Zhou-Transformers
  • HONOUR AWARD-Zhenhuan Zhou-Tree Trimmer
  • HONOUR AWARD-Zhenhuan Zhou-Winter Wonderland
  • HONOUR AWARD-Catalin Sandu-Convergence
  • HONOUR AWARD-Catalin Sandu-Dance Face-Off
  • HONOUR AWARD-Catalin Sandu-Wu University, Wien
  • HONOUR AWARD-Daniel Benn-Humanity
  • HONOUR AWARD-Daniel Benn-Winged Titanic Musuem
  • HONOUR AWARD-Daniel Benn-Sunrise Over Death Valley’S Black Mountains
  • HONOUR AWARD-Daniel Rondeau-Asinelli Staircase
  • HONOUR AWARD-Daniel Rondeau-In The Medieval Quarters
  • HONOUR AWARD-Daniel Rondeau-Portico Shade
  • HONOUR AWARD-Michael Winsor-Caught In The Act
  • HONOUR AWARD-Michael Winsor-Foggy Shores
  • HONOUR AWARD-Michael Winsor-Humpback Whale Breach
  • HONOUR AWARD-Rob Jemmett-Abandoned House
  • HONOUR AWARD-Rob Jemmett-Infrared Tree Separating Light And Dark
  • HONOUR AWARD-Rob Jemmett-Marilyn Monroe Buildings
  • HONOUR AWARD-Dan Sigouin-Calgary
  • HONOUR AWARD-Dan Sigouin-Moab Lake
  • HONOUR AWARD-Dan Sigouin-Orderville Gulch
  • HONOUR AWARD-Elizabeth Noftall-Putting On A Show
  • HONOUR AWARD-Elizabeth Noftall-Roskilde Chapel
  • HONOUR AWARD-Elizabeth Noftall-Speed Racer
  • HONOUR AWARD-Jasmine Suo-Night View Of Abraham Lake
  • HONOUR AWARD-Jasmine Suo-Solo Dance
  • HONOUR AWARD-Jasmine Suo-Short-Eared Owl
  • HONOUR AWARD-Susan Olsen-Getting Ready For The Show
  • HONOUR AWARD-Susan Olsen-Modern Ballerina
  • HONOUR AWARD-Susan Olsen-Tutu
  • HONOUR AWARD-Tharaka Mapalagama-Feel The Vibes Of Nature
  • HONOUR AWARD-Tharaka Mapalagama-I Need You
  • HONOUR AWARD-Tharaka Mapalagama-Rhythms
  • HONOUR AWARD-Trevor Reeves-Mansard Roof Log House
  • HONOUR AWARD-Trevor Reeves-Okanagan River Autumn Fog
  • HONOUR AWARD-Trevor Reeves-Yellow Salsify
  • HONOUR AWARD-Ying Jiang-Corridor In U O T
  • HONOUR AWARD-Ying Jiang-Humber College
  • HONOUR AWARD-Ying Jiang-Nypd At Work

Congratulations to the winners.

The competition report is now posted in the Competition Reports option of the Competitions dropdown menu.   To view the report, you must first log into the CAPA website.