Competition Winners – 2023 Nature – Individual Competition

Competition Winners – 2023 Nature - Individual Competition

Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Winners

Merit Awards

Honourable Awards

Medal Winners

Gold Medal – Cajo Brando

Silver Medal – Scott Simons

Bronze Medal – Marlene Hornstein


Merit Awards

1st Place Merit Award – Botanical – David Gillespie’s image “Reaching For The Rain”
2nd Place Merit Award – Botanical – Colleen Walden’s image “Fall Fungi”
3rd Place Merit Award – Botanical – Chery Wilson Bramble’s image “Pretty Poison”

1st Place Merit Award – Insect – Cajo Brando’s image “Red Iguana”
2nd Place Merit Award – Insect – Scott Simons’ image “Saddlebags”
3rd Place Merit Award – Insect – Heather Loewenhardt’s image “Praying Mantis”

1st Place Merit Award – Landscape – Dan Sigouin’s image “Milky way over Mt Victoria”
2nd Place Merit Award – Landscape – Grace Borun’s image “Flooded Aspens at Abraham Lake”
3rd Place Merit Award – Landscape – Lesleyanne Ryan’s image “The Crown”

1st Place Merit Award – Nature – Alicia Barrett’s image “Kiss Da Face Off Dat’
2nd Place Merit Award – Nature – Earl Hirt’s image “Whale Tail Flail”
3rd Place Merit Award – Nature – Nicholas Delany’s image “Grizzly Chase 3”

1st Place Merit Award – Wildlife – Gabriela Surerus’ image “A Spirit Bear Knowns as Strawberry”
2nd Place Merit Award – Wildlife – Lynn Fergusson’s image “Reddish Egret – Catch of the Day”
3rd Place Merit Award – Wildlife – Cajo Brando’s image “Pellas’ Long-Tongued Bat”


Honourable Mention Awards

Bob Friesen
Gabriela Surerus
Heather Loewenhardt
Andrew Pugh
David Gillespie
Lynn Fergusson
Dan Sigouin
Ed Bramble
Catalin Sandu
Christy Grinton (Martin)
Chuck Fowler
Stella d’Entremont
Barb Larson
Colleen Walden
David Evans
Geoff Dunn
Grace Borun
Nicholas Delany
Nicole Diewold
John King
Kevin McCormick
Michael Winsor
Pat Zuest
Ying Jiang


Following a period of 2 weeks after the competition’s closing date, you can access the final competition report by logging into the CAPA website and navigating to the ‘Competition Reports’ under the ‘Competitions’ dropdown menu.