Competition Winners – 2022 Atlantic Zone – Individual

 Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Winners

GOLD MEDAL Camera 35 St. John's Michael Winsor The Atlantic Coast
SILVER MEDAL Alex Macphee Morning Glow
BRONZE MEDAL Camera35 Greg Bolger Legend Of Water Street

Honourable Mention Award

HONOURS Carol Ann Ryan Time For Dinner
HONOURS Elizabeth Noftall OceanFrenzy
An Amazing Specimen Of Natural Evolution
Nature   HONOUR Guy L Brun Nature The Absolute  Artist
HONOUR Lesleyanne Ryan Fire Storm
HONOUR Lisa Bokelmann Divine Moment
HONOURS Viki Gaul Lincoln Fully Charged 6207

Medal Winners

Gold Medal – Michael Winsor

Silver Medal – Alex MacPhee

Bronze Medal – Greg Bolger

Honourable Mention Award

Guy L Brun

Lesleyanne Ryan

Elizabeth Noftall

Vicki Gaul

Guy L Brun

Carol Ann Ryan

Lisa Bokelmann

Congratulations to the winners.

The competition report is now posted in the Competition Reports option of the Competitions dropdown menu.   To view the report, you must first log into the CAPA website.