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2023 Four Nations Competition Results

This annual inter-photo society event brings together four prestigious photography societies: the Australian Photographic Society, the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA), the Photographic Society of New Zealand, and the Photographic Society of South Africa. Each society submits 80 top images for the competition.

This year, CAPA hosted the competition, and the panel of judges consisted of three esteemed members from the Photographic Society of America (see details below). The overall winning society in this competition was the Australian Photographic Society, demonstrating their exceptional talent.

CAPA secured the second position in the competition, followed by South Africa and New Zealand.

Numerous outstanding images were submitted for consideration in this competition. The judges carefully evaluated the entries and selected four top images for each of the four categories: colour, monochrome, nature, and our country. These selected images received the Gold Award, and three other images in each category received Honourable Mentions.

It is worth noting that in a typical CAPA competition, the awards would have been distributed as gold, silver, bronze, and Honourable Mention.

Gold Award Winners

Color category – Three Whites – Hans Kawitzki – Australian Photographic Society

Monochrome category – Lamberth Bridge – Maria Mazo – Australian Photography Society

Nature category – A Good Hunt – Ivan Glasser – Australian Photographic Society

Our Country category – Yidarki Player – Brad Le Brocque – Australian Photographic Society

Honourable Mention Award Winners

Color category – Man With Eagle – Vicky Gou Mei Zhou – Australian Photographic Society
Color category – Flying Fox – Trung Cang Nguyen – Australian Photographic Society
Color category – Winter’s Icy Cloak – Karen von Knobloch – Canadian Association for Photographic Art

Monochrome category – Ultra Modern Alencia – Kathryn McGravey – Canadian Association for Photographic Art
Monochrome category – Little Man – Simone Osborne – Australian Photographic Society
Monochrome category – Omo Patrol – Pia Jessen – Australian Photographic Society

Nature category – Bald Eagle Grabbing Herring – Anthony Bucci – Canadian Association for Photographic Art
Nature category – Pelican With Some Tasty Treats – William Shields – Australian Photographic Society
Nature category – Feast – Phillip Chang – Canadian Association for Photographic Art

Our Country category – Give Me Red – Sandipan Chaudhuri – Australian Photographic Society
Our Country category – Cristal Morning – Ben Liu – Canadian Association for Photographic Art
Our Country category – Speedy Turn – Mak Kam Ming – Canadian Association for Photographic Art

According to the guidelines and rules of the Four Nations organization, it is prohibited to distribute scores from other societies. However, we have prepared a final report that contains a comprehensive list of all CAPA photographer submissions for each category, along with their corresponding total scores.

To access our CAPA version of the final report, please follow these steps:

Visit the CAPA website.
Log in to your account using your credentials.
Navigate to the Competitions dropdown menu.
Select the Competition Report option from the menu.

Once you follow these steps, you should be able to view the final report, which includes the details of CAPA photographer submissions and their respective total scores. Please note that this information is specific to the CAPA competition and does not include scores from other societies.

For more details about the annual inter-society competition, check out our webpage.

Gold Award Winners

Honourable Mention Award Winners

Photographic Society of America Judges

Jan Lightfoot

Jan has been actively involved in judging camera clubs in Northern California since 2014. Her expertise and discerning eye has made her a sought-after judge for numerous PSA-recognized International Exhibitions and regional juried shows. Notably, she served as the esteemed Chair Person for the North American International Exhibition from 2016 to 2022. During her tenure, Jan oversaw multiple divisions, including Open Color, Open Creative, Open Monochrome, Nature and Wildlife. She continues to judge for clubs and venues throughout the United States.


Nan has been an active and respected judge of images in the Southern California area since 2007. In 2010, she expanded her judging expertise to include PSA-recognized international Exhibitions and since then, she has provided her expertise to evaluate over 100 exhibitions across various PSA Divisions. Her area of expertise encompass Open, Color, Open Monochrome, Nature, Photojournalism, Photo Travel and Small Print. Nan’s judging included exhibitions in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Cyprus, India, Poland, Sri Lanka and the USA.

Tom Savage, APSA, MPSA2

Tom has been a dedicated photographer and active member of the Photographic Society of America for the past 40 years. During this time, he has gained recognition as an accomplished photographer across various genres, including monochrome, nature, photojournalism, sports, and wildlife. Notably, his exceptional work has been showcased at the prestigious Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC.

In addition to his photography pursuits, Tom has made significant contributions to the Photographic Society of America. He has held several important positions within the organization, including serving as the Director of Nature Division, Director of Exhibition Standards, and as a member of the PSA’s Board of Directors. Tom’s expertise and commitment have led him to judge 45 club competitions in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Furthermore, he has also served as a judge for seven international exhibitions.

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