CAPA’s Eligibility Criteria

By virtue of submitting an image into a CAPA Competition, the photographer asserts and agrees that:

  1. For the purposes of our competitions, a photographic image is defined “as being a captured image on a light-sensitive device (e.g. film camera, digital camera, smartphone, tablet, etc…) and recorded on film or in a digital format.”
  2. An artificial intelligence (AI) generated image is not deemed to be a photographic image because it was created from scratch by the AI system and contains no image captured by the entrant.  Therefore, this type of image will not be accepted into our competitions.
  3. Use of AI features contained within a post processing application (e.g. masking, sharpening, de-noise, enlarging, etc…) are permitted in our competitions.
  4. Images that have been created or modified using specific AI generative techniques – in-painting (where AI fills in generated elements not captured by the photographer) and/or out-painting (where the AI extends beyond the original boundaries using AI generated elements), whether with or without text prompts, are not permitted for submission into a CAPA competitions.
  5.  Potential winning images may be required to have supporting images (sky, texture, etc…which must have been captured by the submitting photographer) submitted on request by the Director of Competitions.
  6. All components of the submitted image are their original work and does not contain the elements created or captured by someone else; and as such they hold and will retain the copyright for the image. For example: it is okay to take inspiration from other photographers or artists.  However, if the inspiration contains the same colour, composition, element(s), perspective, angle, subject, and tone of the original then the inspiration is not deemed to be the original work of the photographer.  Another example – A photographer will NOT capture a screen image or photograph an image found on the internet and incorporate it in a composite image that is later submitted into a CAPA competition.
  7. All aspects of the post-processing for their submitted image were undertaken by themself with the exception of scanning of their negatives and printing of the image.
  8. Their submitted image does not violate or infringe upon any Canadian law or regulation nor any material that could be conceived as a Canadian criminal offence.
  9. CAPA and corporations that are providing prizes, neither or both are responsible for any claims or liabilities related to the outcome of a competition or the violation or infringement of any Canadian law or regulation.
  10. If the copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party are infringed then the photographer indemnifies and hold harmless CAPA and any associated sponsors against any claim for any losses arising as a result of such infringement.
  11. CAPA accepts no liability for any breach of copyright or trademark by myself as an entrant.
  12. CAPA is permitted to use and reproduce my copyright-protected image for non-commercial purposes such as: exhibitions, publications, promotions and for educational purposes.
  13. CAPA will seek my permission prior to including my image, if selected, in the annual international Four Nations competition and in the 2022 Canadian Salon.
  14. They will NOT enter an identical or substantially the same image in the same competition category or into both a Club submission and an Individual submission into the same Competition.
  15. they will NOT enter an identical or substantially the same image into a CAPA competition in which the image has previously received a CAPA Award. Images in a series with only slight variations will be considered substantially the same image. An image rotated, flipped, re-formatted or converted to monochrome will be deemed substantially the same image.
  16. the image will not contain any watermarks such as: name of the image or name of the photographer and/or the name of the camera club.
  17. Trademarks are permitted in an image. However, the trademark cannot be accepted if a “fair-minded-individual” is likely to mistakenly believe that the trademark owner sponsored a photograph.


By the act of submitting an image into a CAPA competition, the photographer also agrees that: 

  1. They will retain and make available the original un-retouched JPEG or the RAW file for a potential winning image.
  2. The Director of Competitions has the right to request and receive the original un-retouched JPEG or the RAW file for a potential winning image in a competition for the purposes of verifying competition compliance.
  3. Failure to provide the original un-retouched JPEG or the RAW file in a ‘restricted editing’ criteria competition will result in the image being withdrawn from the competition and the competition results will be re-sorted.
  4. CAPA reserves the right to withdraw their image before, during and shortly after the ‘day-of-judging’ if it has been found to have failed to meet the conditions of the competition.
  5. The decisions and scores provided by the Judging Panel are final and cannot be appealed.
  6. CAPA has the right, via a non-appealable decision of the CAPA Board of Directors, to suspend their membership in CAPA for any period of time if it so decides.
  7. No replacement image will be permitted after the commencement of the judging process.