Competition Winners – 2022 Ontario Zone – Individual

Merit Award Winners 

2nd Merit Award NAT The Chinese Canadian Photography Society Of Toronto Peter Chi Ho Lau Winter Of Fire
1st Merit Award NAT RA Photo Club Guy Fortin Princess In Tears
3rd Merit Award NAT Jiahua Elite Photography Association Ying Shi Golden Hour
1st Merit Award URB Jiahua Elite Photography Association Jean Wang Marilyn Monroe Tower
2nd Merit Award URB Richmond Hill Camera Club Lance Gitter Bay & University, Toronto, At Sunset
3rd Merit Award URB  Theresa Bryson Downtown Sweeper

 Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Winners 

GOLD MEDAL Jean Wang 50 Point Of Lake Ontario
GOLD MEDAL Jean Wang Marilyn Monroe Tower
SILVER MEDAL Guy Fortin Princess In Tears
SILVER MEDAL Guy Fortin Voices
BRONZE MEDAL Pat Zuest A New Start At Lake Ontario Shoreline
BRONZE MEDAL Pat Zuest A Perfect Sunrise Silhouette Of Toronto From The Gap

Honourable Mention Award 

HONOUR AWARD Andre Secours Reflections
HONOUR AWARD Andre Secours Tree Line
HONOUR AWARD Lance Gitter Bay & University, Toronto, At Sunset
HONOUR AWARD Lance Gitter Canola Field In Bloom
HONOUR AWARD Mary Chambers Cormorant Island On Opeongo Lake
HONOUR AWARD Mary Chambers Frosty Early Morn
HONOUR AWARED - Pia O'Leary - Before The Storm
HONOUR AWARD - Pia O'Leary - Casting Light On Union Station
HONOUR AWARD Theresa Bryson Downtown Sweeper
HONOUR AWARD Theresa Bryson Lake Erie   Late Winter
HONOUR AWARD Ying Shi Golden Hour
HONOUR AWARD Ying Shi Winter In Toronto

Merit Award Winners 

1st Merit Natural Landscape /1er Mérite Paysage Naturel – Guy Fortin’s image “Princess in tears”

2nd Merit Natural Landscape  / 2ème Mérite Paysage Naturel – Peter Chi Ho Lau’s image “Winter Of Fire”

3rd Merit – Natural Landscape  / 3ème Mérite Paysage Naturel – Ying Shi’s image “Golden hour”

1st Merit Urban Landscape / 1er Mérite Paysage Urbain – Jean Wang’s image “Marilyn Monroe Tower”

2nd Merit Urban Landscape / 2e Mérite Paysage urbain – Lance Gitter’s image “Bay & University, Toronto, at sunset”

3rd Merit Urban Landscape /3e Mérite Paysage urbain – Theresa Bryson’s image “Downtown Sweeper”

Medal Winners 

Gold Medal /Médaille d’or – Jean Wang

Silver Medal / Médaille d’argent – Guy Fortin

Bronze Medal / Médaille de bronze – Pat Zuest

Honourable Mention Award

Andre Secours

Lance Gitter

Mary Chambers

Pia O’Leary

Theresa Bryson

Ying Shi

Congratulations to the winners. 

The competition report is now posted in the Competition Reports option of the Competitions dropdown menu.   To view the report, you must first log into the CAPA website.