Competition Winners – 2024 Prairie Zone – Club Competition

Competition Winners – 2024 Prairie Zone – Club Competition

Gold, Silver & Bronze – Intermediate/Advanced Medal Winners

Intermediate/Advanced Honourable Awards

Gold, Silver & Bronze – Novice Medal Winners

Novice Honourable Awards

Medal Winners

Gold Medal – Intermediate/Advanced – Colleen Sayer’s image “Cornhusk Creation” (Images Alberta Camera Club)

Silver Medal – Intermediate/Advanced – Linda Treleaven’s image “The Milky Way”

Bronze Medal – Intermediate/Advanced – Andrea Belcher’s image “The Good Old Days” (Foothills Camera Club)

Gold Medal – Novice – Kristin Duff’s image “Raven in the Rain Jasper” (Foothills Camera Club)

Silver Medal – Novice – Barry Alloway’s image “Focused – Great Grey Owl” (Images Alberta Camera Club”

Bronze Medal – Novice – Dan Ostryznik’s image “Banff Sunset” (Foothills Camera Club)


Honourable Mention Awards

Intermediate/Advanced – Traci Beattie’s image “Hoots There” (Foothills Camera Club)

Novice – Barrie Hunt’s image “Midnight Cowgirl” (Foothills Camera Club)

Novice – Lea Dalmeida’s image “An Evening In Hudson Bay” (Regina Photo Club)

Novice – Jane Hiebert’s  image “Around The Prairies” (Saskatoon Camera Club)

Novice – Argo Basu’s image “Flying…Flying High” (Images Alberta Camera Club)

Novice – Bruce Smith’s image “Autumn After the Fire” (Images Alberta Camera Club)

Novice – Hugo Farid’s image “Sunset Takeoff” (Images Alberta Camera Club)

Novice – David Bellerive’s image “Snow Glide” (Regina Photo Club)


Following a period of 2 weeks after the competition’s closing date, you can access the final competition report by logging into the CAPA website and navigating to the ‘Competition Reports’ under the ‘Competitions’ dropdown menu.