Competition Winners – 2024 Atlantic Zone – Club Competition

Competition Winners – 2024 Atlantic Zone – Club Competition

Gold, Silver & Bronze – Intermediate/Advanced Medal Winners

Intermediate/Advanced Honourable Awards

Gold, Silver & Bronze – Novice Medal Winners

Novice Honourable Awards

Medal Winners

Gold Medal – Intermediate/Advanced – Valerie Knight’s image “Sunset Swim” (Camera 35 St. Johns)

Silver Medal – Intermediate/Advanced – Joe Chase’s image “No Room” (Camera 35 St. Johns)

Bronze Medal – Intermediate/Advanced – Jason Chetwynd’s image “Nesting Delivery” (NBMFRC Photo Club)

Gold Medal – Novice – Lisa Bokelmann’s image “A Mouth Vole” (Camera 35 St Johns)

Silver Medal – Novice – Katherine Andrews’ image “A Beautiful Pace to Reflect (NBMFRC Photo Club)

Bronze Medal – Novice – Jennifer McCabe’s image “Storm on the Horizon


Honourable Mention Awards

Intermediate/Advanced – Rejean Pitre’s image “Wentworth Falls” (Photo Fredericton)

Intermediate/Advanced – Mona Francis’ image “Trusting the Light” (Moncton Focus Camera Club)

Intermediate/Advanced – Andre Leblanc’s image “Abandon Fishing Home” (Moncton Focus Camera Club)

Intermediate/Advanced – Glen Nichols’ image “Hellebore Dreaming” (Moncton Focus Camera Club)

Intermediate/Advanced – Teri Mueller’s image “Wentworth Winter Waterfall” (Moncton Focus Camera Club)

Intermediate/Advanced – Darrel Pyke’s image “By Any Other Name” (NBMFRC Photo Club)

Intermediate/Advanced – Gabriele Ehnes-Lilly’s image “Time to build a Test” (NBMFRC Photo Club)

Novice – David Brophy’s image “Winter Migration” (Camera 35 St Johns)

Novice – TA Loeffler’s image “Cleared for Landing” (Camera 35 St Johns)

Novice – Rachel LeBouthillier’s image “Mirror Mirror on the Waharf…” (NBMFRC Photo Club)


Following a period of 2 weeks after the competition’s closing date, you can access the final competition report by logging into the CAPA website and navigating to the ‘Competition Reports’ under the ‘Competitions’ dropdown menu.