Competition Winners – 2022 Annual Photo Challenge

 Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Winners

Gold Medal Kathy Heykoop Egg Shadow
Silver Medal Micheline Brulé Lumière De Liberté
Bronze Medal Louie Luo Downtown Toronto

Honour Awards

Honour Award Stella DEntremont Vibration
Honour Award Jean Wang Backlighting And Shadows
Honour Award William Bickle Grizzly Prowling
Honour Award Dan Sigouin Complicated Woodworking
Honour Award Steven Zhou Ice On Fire
Honour Award Peter To Rocky Road For Her
Honour Award Jean Wang Window Lighting And Shadows
Honour Award Oliver Dolinsky Smile
Honour Award Ying Shi Emerald Lake
Honour Award - Arnaldo Ronca - Tuscan Sunset
Honour Award Kathy Heykoop Kitchen Window
Honour Award Francine Raymond Façade Montréalaise
Honour Award  - Gareth Jones - Fire Pod

Medal Winners

  • Gold Medal – Kathy Heykoop’s image “Egg Shadow”
  • Silver Medal – Micheline Brulé’s image “Lumiére de libertè”
  • Bronze Medal – Louie Luo’s image “Downtown Toronto”

Honour Awards

  • Stella d’Entremont’s image “Vibration”
  • Jean Wang’s image “Backlighting and Shadows”
  • William Bickle’s image “Grizzly Prowling”
  • Dan Sigouin’s image “Complicated Woodworking”
  • Steven Zhou’s image “Ice on Fire 2”
  • Peter To’s image “A Rocky Road Ahead For Her”
  • Francine Raymond’s image “Façade Montrélaise”
  • Jean Wang’s image “Window Light and Shadows”
  • Oliver Dolinsky’s image “Smile”
  • Ying Shi’s image “Emerald Lake”
  • Arnaldo Ronca’s image “Tuscan Sunset”
  • Kathy Heykoop’s image “Kitchen Window”
  • Gareth Jones’ image “Fire Pod”

Congratulations to the winners.

The competition report is now posted in the Competition Reports option of the Competitions dropdown menu.   To view the report, you must first log into the CAPA website.