Current Competitions

OC CAPA Winters Night At The Battery Carol Ann Ryan
MO CAPA The Twelve Lives Of The Little Silver Spoon Jocelyne Feizo
NT CAPA Adorable Baby Bear Relaxing In The Tree Margaret Krzepkowski
OP CAPA Reflection Richard Li
OP CAPA Tough Guy Victor Turczynski

2022-23 Competitions

Individual and Club

Oct 1, 2022 Pacific Zone (Only Zone Members)
Oct 15, 2022 Nature
Nov 15, 2022 Fall Monochrome
Jan 15, 2023 Ontario Zone (Only Zone Members)
Jan 30, 2023 Artistic
Feb 15, 2023 Photo Journalism
Mar 1, 2023 Fall/Winter 
Mar 15, 2023 Audio Visual Presentation
Mar 30, 2023 Atlantic Zone (Only Zone Members)
Mar 30, 2023 Prairie Zone (Only Zone Members)
Apr 15, 2023 Canada: My Country
May 4, 2023 Annual Photo Challenge (Portrait) (Individuals Only)