Competition Winners – 2022 Curves & Lines – Individual

Merit Award Winners 

1st Merit Award CCU Abbotsford Photo Arts Club Philip Dyer Almost Touching
1st Merit Award CLI  Louie Luo Fish Eye View
1st Merit Award MON  Janice Meyers Early Morning Bike Ride, Bath England
2nd Merit Award -Toronto Camera Club - Gareth Jones - Under The Bridge The Waves Crashed
2nd Merit Award CLI Foothills Camera Club Dan Sigouin Iconic Structure
2nd Merit Award MON  Louie Luo Museum
3rd Merit Award CCU Jiahua Elite Photography Association Yun Wang Flying Over Little Magadi
3rd Merit Award CLI RA Photo Club Manfred Mueller Typology   Lines Of Eggs
3rd Merit Award MON London Camera Club Pia O'Leary Slices Of Salerno Sun

 Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Winners

GOLD MEDAL Louie Luo Fish Eye View
GOLD MEDAL Louie Luo Moving Up
GOLD MEDAL Louie Luo Museum
GOLD MEDAL Louie Luo Winter Stable
SILVER MEDAL Michael Winsor A Rainbow In The Storm
SILVER MEDAL Michael Winsor Highway Of Colour
SILVER MEDAL Michael Winsor Light Beam To The Stars
SILVER MEDAL Michael Winsor New York Trailway
BRONZE MEDAL - Gareth Jones Light Painting Experiments
BRONZE MEDAL Gareth Jones Robot King
BRONZE MEDAL Gareth Jones - Gold Building Downtown Toronto
BRONZE MEDAL - Gareth Jones Under The Bridge The Waves Crashed

Honour Awards

HONOUR AWARD James Xiang Golden Curves And Shadows
HONOUR AWARD James Xiang Photo Companion Under The Sun
HONOUR AWARD James Xiang Tranquility By The Sea
HONOUR AWARD James Xiang Tree Of Life Full Of Veins
HONOUR AWARD Philip Wong Balconies
HONOUR AWARD Philip Wong Impression Of A Lilac Bud
HONOUR AWARD Philip Wong Toronto Pam Am Centre Wall Panels
HONOUR AWARD Philip Wong Two Eyes   Lower Antelope Canyon
HONOUR AWARD Jasmine Suo A Lonely Tree In Snow Waves
HONOUR AWARD Jasmine Suo Angel'S Wings
HONOUR AWARD Jasmine Suo Keep The Balance!
HONOUR AWARD Jasmine Suo Winter'S Delight
HONOUR AWARD Rosemarie Culver Flower Fan
HONOUR AWARD - Rosemarie Culver - Ring Around And Around
HONOUR AWARD - Rosemarie Culver - Tower of Imagination
HONOUR AWARD - Rosemarie Culver - Wheel Of Fortune
HONOUR AWARD Sylvia Rourke Intertwined   In Camera
HONOUR AWARD Sylvia Rourke Pipe Dream   In Camera
HONOUR AWARD Sylvia Rourke Spaceship
HONOUR AWARD Sylvia Rourke Tri Colour
HONOUR AWARD Cathie Aalders Taylor Ancient Treasures
HONOUR AWARD Cathie Aalders Taylor Cellphone Break
HONOUR AWARD Cathie Aalders Taylor Climbing The Dunes
HONOUR AWARD Cathie Aalders Taylor Shanghai Elevator And Hotel Lobby
HONOUR AWARD Pia O'Leary Functional Art At The Ago
HONOUR AWARD Pia O'Leary Graceful Gravity
HONOUR AWARD Pia O'Leary Slices Of Salerno Sun
HONOUR AWARD - Pia O'Leary - The Ultimate Meccano Project
HONOUR AWARD Bob Skelton Arizona Hopi Museum
HONOUR AWARD Bob Skelton Himalayan Curves And A Circle
HONOUR AWARD Bob Skelton Moon On A Dune
HONOUR AWARD Bob Skelton Verona Bell Tower
HONOUR AWARD Manfred Mueller Eggsactly
HONOUR AWARD Manfred Mueller Mostly Curves 1
HONOUR AWARD Manfred Mueller Red Chopsticks On White Porcelain
HONOUR AWARD Manfred Mueller Typology   Lines Of Eggs
HONOUR AWARD Danielle Charron Deux Bulles Et Un Splash
HONOUR AWARD Danielle Charron Fourchettes Psychédéliques
HONOUR AWARD Danielle Charron Illusion D'Optique
HONOUR AWARD Danielle Charron Z Pour Zigzag
HONOUR AWARD Lorna Scott A Motion Of Color
HONOUR AWARD Lorna Scott Delicate Dogwood
HONOUR AWARD Lorna Scott On Fire
HONOUR AWARD Lorna Scott The Phoenix
HONOUR AWARD Rejean Pitre Curves Of Darkness
HONOUR AWARD Rejean Pitre Domination
HONOUR AWARD Rejean Pitre Illusion
HONOUR AWARD Rejean Pitre Walking The Line
HONOUR AWARD Bill Locke Anti Devil Screen
HONOUR AWARD Bill Locke Eternity
HONOUR AWARD Bill Locke Green Door
HONOUR AWARD Bill Locke Wild Windows
HONOUR AWARD Norman Dougan Defining Lines In Twilight
HONOUR AWARD Norman Dougan Defining Lines Of Nature
HONOUR AWARD Norman Dougan Nature'S Lines Of Decoration
HONOUR AWARD Norman Dougan Seductive Lines Of The Dancer
HONOUR AWARD Steve Donnelly A Pipe Dream
HONOUR AWARD Steve Donnelly An Amazing Design
HONOUR AWARD Steve Donnelly Vanishing Point
HONOUR AWARD Steve Donnelly What Am I Looking At?

Merit Award Winners

1st Merit – Curves – Philip Dyer’s image “Almost Touching”

2nd Merit – Curves – Gareth Jones’ image “Under the Bridge the Waves Crashed”

3rd Merit – Curves – Yun Wang’s image “Flying Over Little Magadi”

1st Merit – Lines – Louie Luo’s image “Fish Eye View”

2nd Merit – Lines – Dan Sigouin’s image “Iconic Structure”

3rd Merit – Lines – Manfred Mueller’s image “Typology – Lines of Eggs”

1st Merit – Monochrome – Janice Meyers’ image “Early Morning Bike Ride, Bath England “

2nd Merit – Monochrome – Louie Luo’s image “Museum”

3rd Merit – Monochrome – Pia O’Leary’s image “Slices of Salerno Sun”

Medal Winners

Gold Medal – Louie Luo (Ontario Zone)

Silver Medal – Michael Windsor (Atlantic Zone)

Bronze Medal – Gareth Jones (Ontario Zone)

Honour Awards

James Ziang (Pacific Zone)

Philip Wong (Ontario Zone)

Jasmine Suo (Ontario Zone)

Rosemarie Culver (Ontario Zone)

Sylvia Rourke (Quebec Z0ne)

Cathie Aalders-Tayler (Prairie Zone)

Pia O’Leary (Ontario Zone)

Bob Skelton (Pacific Zone)

Manfred Mueller (Ontario Zone)

Danielle Charron (Quebec Zone)

Lorna Scott (Pacific Zone)

Rejean Pitre (Atlantic Zone)

Bill Locke (Pacific Zone)

Norman Dougan (Pacific Zone)

Steve Donnelly (Ontario Zone)

Congratulations to the winners.

The competition report is now posted in the Competition Reports option of the Competitions dropdown menu.   To view the report, you must first log into the CAPA website.