Competition Winners – 2024 Prairie Zone – Individual Competition

Competition Winners – 2024 Prairie Zone – Individual Competition

Gold, Silver & Bronze – Intermediate/Advanced Medal Winners

Intermediate/Advanced Honourable Awards

Gold, Silver & Bronze – Novice Medal Winners

Novice Honourable Awards

Medal Winners

Gold Medal – Intermediate/Advanced – Hans Arnold’s image “Migration Calls”

Silver Medal – Intermediate/Advanced – Diane McKinnon’s image “On High Alert”

Bronze Medal – Intermediate/Advanced – Traci Beattie’s image “Successful Hunt for Savannah Sparrow”

Gold Medal – Novice – Cathie Aalders-Taylor’s image “Night Reflections”

Silver Medal – Novice – Terri Ross’ image “Unusually Brilliant Aurora”

Bronze Medal – Novice – Alexander Jones’ image “Stairway to Heaven – Medicine Lake”


Honourable Mention Awards

Intermediate/Advanced – Cathleen Mewis’s image Icing Sugar Morning”

Intermediate/Advanced – Scotty Roxburgh’s image “Canada Geese Flying on a Cold Fogy Day”

Intermediate/Advanced – Colleen Sayer’s image “Rocky Mountain Jewel”

Intermediate/Advanced – Andrea Belcher’s image “Day is Done”

Intermediate/Advanced – Diane McKinnon’s image “Springtime Strut”

Intermediate/Advanced – Andrea Belcher’s image “Read Deer River”

Intermediate/Advanced – Robert Royer’s image “A Dying Art”

Novice – Bob Jackson’s image “Female Red-Winged Blackbird”

Novice – Bob Jackson’s image “Making a Tight Turn”

Novice – Terri Ross’ image “Two Wraps and a Hooey”

Novice – Alexander Jones’ image “Mountain Dreams – Icefields Parkway”

Novice – Tyrrell Amy’s image “A Question For You”


Following a period of 2 weeks after the competition’s closing date, you can access the final competition report by logging into the CAPA website and navigating to the ‘Competition Reports’ under the ‘Competitions’ dropdown menu.