Wildlife Photographer of the Year discount

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Discount

until March 31, 2019

Striking wildlife, breathtaking landscapes and the remarkable beauty of our natural world are captured in Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
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Le Photographe naturaliste de l’année

jusqu’au 31 mars 2019

L’exposition Le Photographe naturaliste de l’année révèle la beauté saisissante de la nature, de la faune et de la flore de notre monde.
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Royal Ontario Museum Contest

Photography Contest

Contest closes February 15, 2019

The ROM invites you to share your captivating images of the natural world for a chance to win some amazing prizes including a 14-Day Experience Borneo tour for two courtesy of G Adventures, a Digital SLR camera courtesy of Henry’s Camera, and more!

Share your wildlife image from your unlocked Twitter or Instagram account and include @ROMtoronto & #ROMwpyON (or #ROMwpyJR for ages 13-17). For more information visit www.rom.on.ca/contest

Le concours de photos

usqu’au 15 février 2019

Le ROM vous invite à partager vos plus remarquables photos naturalistes. Vous pourriez gagner des prix exceptionnels, dont un voyage de 14 jours à Bornéo pour deux personnes offert par G Adventures, un appareil photo reflex numérique offert par Henry’s Camera et bien plus!

Partagez votre photo à partir de votre compte Twitter ou Instagram public et ajoutez @ROMtoronto et #ROMwpyON (ou #ROMwpyJR si vous avez entre 13 et 17 ans). Pour plus d’information, visitez www.rom.on.ca/concours.

ProFusion Expo 2018

ProFusion is a photo & video event taking place in Toronto this month. The location is at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Hall A, North Building from
Tuesday November 13th, 11am to 7pm – Wednesday November 14th, 10am to 5pm.

You can register for free tickets on their website.

CAPA awards Sheena Wilkie and Jim Hatch

Jim Hatch was presented with the Associateship Award (ACAPA) on October 24, 2018 at the Langley Camera Club. He was nominated for this by the Langley Camera Club for his contribution to their camera club and for the many CAPA competition awards received. Most notable awards were his winning the gold medal for both the 2016 and 2017 CAPA Annual Photo Challenge Competitions.

Sheena Wilkie was presented an Honorary Membership. Over the 10-15 years, she continued her tireless efforts to promote digital photograph across Canada by:

  1. being a respected and highly sought after Certified CAPA judge by many camera clubs;
  2. promoted digital photography through 10 years of her training courses;
  3. being a member of the CAPA Board of Directors for many years and held the position of Vice President;
  4. 10 years as the editor-in-chief for the Canadian Camera magazine;
  5. wrote many articles the noted magazine;
  6. member of the organization committee for the 2015 CAPA Conference held at the University of British Columbia;
  7. key member of the 2016-2017 CAPA Website Renewal project
  8. filled the new CAPA webmaster role for 2017.

We salute the dedication and achievements of these two individuals. They serve as examples to many photographers across Canada.

Sheldon Boles – FCAPA
CAPA Director of Competitions

Sheena Wilkie is awarded a CAPA Honorary Membership
Sheen Wilkie (left) is awarded a CAPA Honorary Membership by Sheldon Boles
Canadian Association for Photographic Art Award
Sheldon Boles (right) presents Jim Hatch with an CAPA Associateship

Toronto Salon

The Toronto Camera Club is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the International Salon of Photography. There are special awards being offered, starting this year. The closing date is November 9th, 2018.


email: salon@torontocameraclub.com

Information about the Toronto Salon of Photography
Toronto 125th International Salon of Photography

CAPA Conference in Calgary

Capture it Raw!

The CCC2019 website is up and ready for registration! Go to www.ccc2019.ca to see who our speakers are and what they’ll be presenting at the conference. Follow the social media and website links on the speaker pages to learn a bit more about them and see some awesome images. We believe we’ve assembled a wonderful and varied group of photographers who you will learn from and be inspired by at CCC2019. More information

CAPA members can get their $50 discount code by logging in and checking for the code under the Members tab. Please note this code is for CAPA members only.

CCC 2019 Summary (.pdf)

Calgary: Capture It Raw
Canadian Camera Conference in Calgary, July 16-18. 2019

CAPA Award to Larry Breitkreutz

Larry Breitkreutz was awarded the Honorary Fellow CAPA Award for his dedicated support for CAPA over many years. In the past, he was the President of the Crescent Beach Photography Club, CAPA Zone Director for the Pacific Region and the national President of CAPA. In addition, he lead the organization committee for the 2015 CAPA Photo Expo held at the University of British Columbia. CAPA Director of Competitions Sheldon Boles presented Larry with the award on behalf of the CAPA Board of Directors. The presentation was made at the Crescent Beach Photography Club on September 19,2018.

CAPA Director of Competitions Sheldon Boles presents CAPA Vice President Larry Breitkreutz with a Honorary Fellow CAPA Award on behalf of the CAPA Board of Directors
Sheldon Boles (left) presents Larry Breitkreutz with an Honorary Fellow CAPA Award

Gold Medal for the Toronto Club (TDPC)

Jonathan Ward presented the Toronto Digital Photography Club (TDPC) with the Gold Medal for the CAPA  2018 Club Closeup Competition. The ladies receiving the medal were Luba Citrin (middle) and Diana Noriel (right) who are the club CAPA Competition Chairs.

Presentation of the Gold Medal to TDPC
TDPC wins Gold


FCAPA award goes to Lance Gitter
Lance Gitter (right) receives the FCAPA Award from Jonathan Ward

Lance Gitter recently received the Fellowship Award (FCAPA) at the Toronto Digital Photography Club on September 11th, 2018.

There were five members in the 2017/18 year approved by the Honours Committee for distinctions. Honours Awards are granted for photographic accomplishments; service to the Canadian Association for Photographic Art or equivalent international organizations and for their contribution to photography. Click here for more details about CAPA Honours and Awards.


2017/18 Powerpoint Presentations

David Bromley has completed the development of powerpoint presentations for all of the 2017 – 2018 winning competition images.

CAPA members and camera club can request a copy of these presentation by contact our CAPA Librarian – Henry Schnell via his email address of secretary@capacanada.ca

2018-2019 Competition Season

We have some updates for our CAPA Competitions:

Website and Bilingual Format for Competitions

Our CAPA’s online system is now in a bilingual form. We encourage you to check it out and let us know what enhancements are required.

Many thanks to Quebec Zone Director Alain Dubeau for providing us with the French translations and to our new CAPA webmaster Leah Gray for the new design of our webpages to incorporate a bilingual format.

Updated CAPA Eligibility Critera

Our CAPA Eligibility Criteria webpage serves as our ‘terms and conditions’ in participating in a CAPA competition.

We have updated our CAPA Eligibility Criteria webpage to include:

  1.  recent rule changes for the submission of images into the Four Nation
  2. compliance with the Canadian Copyright Act

You can review the updated here Eligibility Criteria here.

Under the Editing Criteria of each competition detail page, there is a reference to and a hyperlink to the Eligibility Criteria.

2018 – 2019 CAPA Competitions

For this competition cycle, we have refined some of our traditional competitions and added some new competitions:

  • 2018 Nature – updated the Editing Criteria’s Restricting Editing to be in compliance with the definition used by the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and The Royal Photographic Society (RPS)
  •  2018 Fine Art – expanded the Scope of Competition to include: “fine art photography does go beyond just capturing an image and cropping. Therefore, an image must not be submitted into this competition if it would have qualified for a CAPA competition with a Restricted Editing Criteria such as: Nature, Photo Journalism or Wildlife.”
  • New – 2019 Monochrome – contains five different themes: Human Individual/Groups; Landscape/Sea-scape/Sea-scape; Architecture (inside/outside); Flowers/Plants (wild or cultivated); Animal/Birds (wild or feral). Merit Awards will be awarded for each theme.
  • New – 2019 A Series Of 4 Photos – is a new style of competition which is gaining in popularity in Europe and in North America.
  • New – 2019 Portrait – is a competition which has been asked for by many photographers.
  • 2019 Canada: My Country – expanded to include 13 themes (10 provinces & 3 territories). The top images in each theme will receive Merit Award Certificates and the overall winner will receive CAPA medals.
    Top images from this competition will be considered for selection into the new 2020 Canadian Salon. Details about this salon will be announced in October 2019 by the CAPA President.
  • 2019 Annual Photo Challenge – theme is ‘reflections.’

With the exception of our A Series Of 4 Photos, all our competitions will be run as ‘remote-judging’ and all images will be previewed to ensure only images that meet the Scope of the Competition are presented on the ‘day-of-judging.’

Two to three months prior to the ‘closing-date’ of a competition, each competition will be opened up to permit the uploading of images.

Closing Comments

If you have any questions or concerns relating to our competitions, please email me at competitions@capapcanada.ca

Sheldon Boles, FCAPA
Director of Competitions

New Photo Forum

Now for open to all Individual CAPA Members. CAPA now has a new Theme Discussion Group on Line.

Under the Members Tab – scroll down to the “Photo Forum Tab” to find the theme and all instructions as to how to look at, submit and comment on photographs.

This is not a competition – just a way for members to submit up to 3 images on a theme and then all members who are also submitting can give comments on the image.

This is intended to be fun and a learning experience – no medals – no certificates or awards of any kind – just the fun of photography and a discussion with fellow photographers. We invite all new members and members who would enjoy the thrill of shooting a specific subject and submitting it for discussion by other members. Do not worry if you are experienced or not – this is for fun. You may want to try different techniques and need feedback as to whether or not these techniques add to your image. There is no need to be embarrassed or worry about whether or not your image will qualify – this is for fun and learning!

Our new Theme for this September to December is “WE WELCOME FALL”. If you have questions or comments, please email carolcoleman@shaw.ca.

Volunteers for Competition Chairs

Seeking Volunteers

We have updated our CAPA Competition Standards to streamline our processes and incorporated the new role for a Competition Chair Person for each competition.

A Chair Person will oversee and work with a Competition Host to ensure the smooth running of a competition by:

  • providing Competition Host with appropriate documentation
  • answering any question that may arise
  • assisting in the selection of the most appropriate judges
  • assisting in determining if a submitted image meets the Scope of Competition
  • recommending to the Director of Competitions that a specific image be disqualified and the rationale for doing so
  • advising the competition entrants of the competition results
  • reviewing the competition results to ensure accuracy and completeness prior to sending it to the Director of Competitions for review/approval

If you are interested in becoming one of our Competition mentors, please email our Director of Competitions at competitions@capacanada.ca for more details.

CAPA Honorary Members

The following CAPA members have been awarded Honorary Membership in CAPA

Allen Bargen
Michael Breakey
Larry Breitkreutz
Jack Bright (deceased)
Rosemarie Culver
Val Davison
Joyce DeMeester
Joh Friedrich
Karl Glockemann
Michael Grandmaison
Bruce Gunion
David Haggarty
Bill Inglis
Leona Isaak
M.R. Ito
Jaques Mailloux
Mufty Mathewson
Frankie Ng
Jack Normandale
Freeman Patterson
J. G. Roberts
Pierre Rochon
Charles Stahl
Len Suchan
Myrna J. Sweet
Thomas A. Walters
Sheena Wilkie

CAPA Members in Red River Exhibition

CAPA Individual and Club Members Lead the way at the recent 57th Annual Red River Exhibition Photo Salon

Congratulations to all winners!

Winning image from the Red River Exhibition
Polar Bear by Steve Donnelly

Special Kudos go to:

Wilf Schubert of the Manitoba Camera Club of Winnipeg, for capturing the CAPA Gold medal for High Aggregate score of his images in all three categories.

Steve Donnelly of the London Camera Club was awarded Best of Show for his image “Polar Bear”.
For a complete showing of winners go to the attached Link for a Gallery of winners.


– Don Berthman CAPA MB. DR

CAPA Honours 2017-2018

These individual CAPA members list have been approved by the Honours Committee for distinctions. Honours Awards are granted for photographic accomplishments; service to the Canadian Association for Photographic Art or equivalent international organizations and for their contribution to photography. Click here for more details about CAPA Honours and Awards.

Fellowship Honour, FCAPA

Lance Gitter
CAPA Member

Henry Schnell
CAPA Secretary

Associate Fellowship Honour, AFCAPA

Jim Hatch
CAPA Member

Maple Leaf Honour, MCAPA

Janet Crawford
CAPA Member

Peter MacLean
CAPA Member

Quebec Zone new districts

Quebec Zone new districts

To meet the needs and the development of the Quebec Zone, the first three districts have been established. These are:

  • Capitale Nationale -Chaudière – Apalaches,
  • Montérégie and
  • Montreal.

I thank the three volunteers who have accepted the responsibilities of representatives for these three districts. Their support and contribution will help the development of the zone and provide better services to club members and individual members.

The Representatives of the three districts are:

  • Pierre Vézina , Capitale Nationale- Chaudière-Apalaches District,
  • Francine Raymond, Montérégie District and
  • Lorraine Deslauriers, Montréal District.

Alain Dubeau, Québec Zone Director

Nouveaux districts dans la Zone du Québec

Pour répondre  aux besoins et au développement de la zone du Québec,  trois premiers districts sont créés. Ceux-ci sont :

  • Capitale Nationale – Chaudière – Apalaches,
  • Montérégie et
  • Montréal.

Je remercie les trois bénévoles qui ont acceptés d’assumer les responsabilités de représentants pour ces trois districts. Leurs implications et contribution aideront au développement de la zone en offrant un meilleur service aux clubs membres et aux membres individuels.

Les représentants des trois districts sont :

  • Pierre Vézina , District Capitale Nationale- Chaudière-Apalaches,
  • Francine Raymond, District Montérégie et
  • Lorraine Deslauriers, District Montréal

Alain Dubeau, Directeur Zone du Québec


cliquez ici pour le français

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2019

CAPA’s AGM will be held on Wednesday, July 17, 2019, 5:15 PM MST at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), Room TBD, 1301-16th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta

Notice of Election of Executive

Term 2019-2021
*Current members standing for the Director positions are in red
President Rod Trider, FCAPA* Currently President
Vice President Henry Schnell, FCAPA* Currently Secretary
Treasurer Len Suchan, FCAPA* Currently Treasurer
Secretary Open for Nominations

Nominations close on June 1, 2019. All Board positions that must be filled after the nomination deadline date or between elections are filled by appointment by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.

Larry Breitkreutz, FCAPA, Hon. FCAPA
Chair, CAPA Nominating Committee

Avis de l’Assemblée générale annuelle 2019

L’Assemblée générale des membres (AGM) de l’ACAP aura lieu le mercredi 17 juillet 2019, 17:00 hres Heure des Rocheuses au Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), salle AED, 1301-16th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta

Avis d’élection de l’exécutif

Terme 2019-2021
*les membres actuels pour les postes de direction sont en rouge
Président Rod Trider, FCAPA* Présentement Président
Vice-Président Henry Schnell, FCAPA* Présentement Secrétaire
Trésorier Len Suchan, FCAPA* Présentement Trésorier
Secrétaire Ouvert aux nominations

Les mises en candidatures fermeront le 1er juin 2019. Tous les postes du Conseil d’Administration qui doivent être remplis après la date limite de nomination ou entre les élections seront remplis par nomination par le Président et approuvés par le Conseil d’administration.

Larry Breitkreutz, FCAPA, Hon. FCAPA
Président, Comité des Nominations de l’ACAP

click here for English


Notice of Annual General Meeting 2018

CAPA’s AGM will be held on Saturday, July 21, 2018, 10:00 AM CST in the auditorium of the Cliff Wright Library (Lakewood Civic Centre), 1635 McKercher Drive, Saskatoon, SK.

Nominees for the Annual General Meeting of Canadian Association for Photographic Art
Current members standing for the Director positions are in red

Nominations close on June 15, 2018. All Board positions that must be filled after the nomination deadline date or between elections are filled by appointment by the President and approved by the Board of Directors. Further information:

Larry Breitkreutz, FCAPA, Hon. FCAPA
Chair, CAPA Nominating Committee