Burnaby Annual Showcase

This year the Burnaby Photographic Society celebrates 24 years of presenting to the public our high-quality slide shows put to music. Our 24th Annual Showcase will take you around the world with an evening of slide shows set to music on 25 January 2020 and a dramatic print display during the previous week. Showcase will sweep you off to exotic places and cultures, and bring you up close to wildlife, fine art, and visual surprises. Tickets come with a chance to win valuable door prizes. Also, the free print display in the Shadbolt Centre’s lobby will run all week from Monday, 20 January through Saturday, 25 January 2020.

To see what Showcase is all about, here is a short video of our January 2019 Showcase event: https://vimeo.com/316134569 .

Slide shows set to music:

  • Saturday, 25 January 2020, 7:00 PM, at
  • James Cowan Theatre in the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, 6450 Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby.
  • For tickets ($20), contact Brian Maskell at either showcase@bpsphoto.ca or phone 604-318-9369. You can also visit bpsphoto.ca

Gabriola Photography Club

Gabriola photography Club presenter Sharron Palmer-Hunt
photo by Sharron Palmer-Hunt

The Gabriola Photography Club has been in existence for over 12 years and meets at the Rollo Senior Centre from 10 am-noon, the first and 3rd Wednesday’s of every month (excluding July and August). At the meetings both members and guests present various photographic related topics with outsiders welcome to attend. Photos related to the topic are displayed and details discussed. Our latest presentation given by Sharron Palmer-Hunt, was on whales and dolphins, including how they are negatively impacted by the environment, with special emphasis given to our endangered southern Orca population.

Members also share photo taking outings with other local photo club members and have a pub social gathering once per month. Twice a year the Club puts on an exhibition at the Rollo Senior Centre. Our next exhibition is on Sunday November 17th from 10am-4pm. Everyone welcome.

Throughout the year we have individual members displaying their work downstairs at the Gabriola Medical Centre, at 695 Church Street. Diane Green is currently displaying photographs until October 15th followed by Steve Struthers until November 18th. Our photographs are also often displayed in other local establishments on the island and at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo.

Sharron Palmer-Hunt has recently been chosen as the district CAPA representative for 3 island clubs in the Pacific region, including Gabriola, Harbour City and Cowichan Valley. We are looking forward to getting together with district group members and sharing fun ideas.

Gabriola Photography Club exhibition
Gabriola Photography Club Exhibition (photo by Joan Owen)

Seminar by Don Komarechka

Vision Beyond Seeing

Vision Beyond Seeing is a photography seminar that aims to weave science and art together and help photographers of every skill level understand the limitations of both our cameras and our own vision, and then step beyond those limits.

  • All CAPA members are welcome
  • Nov. 9, 2019
  • Club Italia (2525 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • $65 (before Oct. 26th)
  • www.nfrcc.org
Vision Beyond Seeing by Don Komarechka
Seminar by Don Komarechka

Nouvelles Zone du Québec – octobre

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Prix Focus

N’oubliez pas d’inscrire à votre agenda le gala du Prix Focus du Musée National de la Photographie Desjardins qui aura lieu le 26 octobre prochain à Drummondville. Ce sera l’occasion de fêter le talent des photographes québécois par la remise du prix Focus. La cérémonie débutera à 19 h 30 et sera animée par Jean-René Dufort. Pour vous procurer vos billets ou obtenir de l’information, consultez le site du musée à https://www.museedelaphoto.info

Salon Mon pays – My Country

Les préparatifs vont bon train pour la tenue du salon Mon pays – My Country qui ouvrira ses portes en janvier 2020. Les trente-neuf photos représentant les dix provinces et trois territoires du Canada ont été choisies et pourront être admirées lors de cette exposition au Musée national de la photographie Desjardins à Drummondville. D’autres annonces suivront pour vous tenir au courant de cet évènement important de diffusion de la photographie canadienne.

Cours de jugement de l’ACAP en français.

Voici un rappel de la tenue du premier cours de jugement photographique en français qui sera donné le samedi 30 novembre 2019. Organisé par le club de photo L’Oeil qui voit, le cours aura lieu aux locaux du club au 2060, rue Holmes, local A2-A3, Saint-Hubert Québec J4T 1R8.

Pour vous inscrire ou pour obtenir plus d’informations consulter :

Québec Zone News – October

Focus Award

Don’t miss out on the Focus Prize Gala of the Musée national de la photographie Desjardins which will take place on 26 October in Drummondville. The event will showcase the best of Québec’s photographic talent with the announcement of the Focus prize. The ceremony will begin at 7:30 PM and will be hosted by television personality Jean-René Dufort. For tickets and information, consult the Museum’s website at https://www.museedelaphoto.info

Salon Mon pays – My Country

Planning is well advanced for the organization of the Salon Mon pays – My Country which will open in January 2020. All thirty nine photographs representing Canada’s ten provinces and three territories have been selected and will be on display at this exhibition to be held at the Musée national de la photographie Desjardins in Drummondville. More information will be available in the coming weeks to keep you informed of this important event publicizing Canada’s photographic talent.

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Freeman Patterson in Moncton

Freeman Patterson will be at the Moncton Wesleyan Celebration Centre on November 14, 2019.

Tickets are available at Focus Camera Club meetings starting September 26th, 2019. Non-members can purchase tickets via eventbrite.ca starting Oct. 1st, 2019

Freeman Patterson in Moncton (sponsored by the Focus Camera Club)

Sharron Palmer-Hunt DR Pacific Zone

Sharron Palmer is the new District Representative for Mid-Vancouver Island, BC.

Pacific Zone District Representative for Mid-Vancouver Island
Sharron Palmer

Sharron Palmer-Hunt has been a photographer for 30 years. Her photo career started with a Bowen Island photography business primarily working with community team sports, weddings and family portraits. Over the past 10 years she has expanded her photo interests to include local nature and wildlife. She currently lives on Gabriola Island, B.C.

Sharron attained a certified freelance photographer certificate from the Photography Institute in Vancouver, BC and has taken a photo journalistic certificate course in Costa Rica from Photography without Borders. She has taken numerous on line photo courses and uses Lightroom and Photoshop for post processing. Sharron was the founder of the Bowen island Photography Club which she presided over for 3 years and currently serves as the president of the Gabriola Photography Club. Sharron is looking forward to representing and sharing ideas with CAPA members in the central Vancouver Island district.

Ronald Mullins, DR Pacific Zone

Ronald is the past District Representative for Central Interior British Columbia. Ron stepped down due to an unexpected family event.

Ron Mullins

Ronald Mullins, Imagineer

Melding… The Art and Science of Photography and Aviation

Born in Ontario’s Ottawa Valley, and not unlike many teenagers, Ron was unsure what his career vocation should be. Thanks to the manager at a newly minted TV station he got his first job and it wasn’t long before his aptitude for framing a shot surfaced. Now, after a career as a cinematographer and television director that has spanned over five decades, he is still most content with a camera in hand.
As far back as memory will allow, he has also been fascinated by aircraft. He recalls, as a young lad, stopping and looking skyward as that distinctive roar of the radial engine signaled a formation of bright yellow Harvards passing overhead.

Over the years this fascination with aircraft has been combined with his passion for photographic composition. Studying the expertise of internationally recognized aviation photographers Ron continually strives to meld the art and science of aviation with photography.

It is a distinct honour to be selected as the CAPA District Representative for the Central Interior District of British Columbia. Ron looks forward to meeting photographers of all abilities while promoting the many benefits and activities of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art.

Ron resides with his family in West Kelowna, British Columbia. To see a sampling of Ron’s photography you are invited to visit www.ronaldmullinskreativ.smugmug.com

Photomotion 2019

The Pacific Digital Photography Club is presenting our 16th annual audio visual presentation, ‘PHOTOMOTION’, which showcases members’ award winning photography.

PHOTOMOTION is a professional multimedia event consisting of presentations with special effects covering a wide range of photographic themes.

Approximately twenty juried shows, each 3 to 4 minutes in length, will be shown at the Inlet Theatre in Port Moody on Saturday November 16th, 2019.

We anticipate approximately 320 people will attend this event, either at the 2pm afternoon or the 7pm evening showing.

Photomotion in Port Moody

Zone Director Lynda Miller

I am a Prairie gal who came to the Okanagan area nearly 20 years ago. Shortly after settling into life here, I discovered photography at a workshop called OPAW.

I realized there were other people who connected with a photo club and my journey has continued.

Over the years I become more involved in photography by taking photo workshops and studying books on editing, as well as volunteering for positions in our local photo club (COPS). I also help non-profit organizations by photographing events and putting my computer knowledge to use preparing designs for heritage organization and signs.

I joined CAPA when I recognized where it sat as an organization that promoted photography throughout Canada. It brought together clubs and individuals from across Canada and other places. The first CCC I attended was in Nanaimo, quite a few years ago. What a feat for one club to produce, and it was done with the guidance and support of CAPA. There was so much I learned at that one weekend. I became the District Representative for the Central Interior for about 8 years before taking on the Zone Director position for the Pacific Zone.

My passion still starts with my camera and I have discovered flowers, landscapes, still life photography and more. Recently while attending a workshop with Chris Harris and Dennis Ducklow, I discovered the excitement of using my camera to create Multiple Exposure images and Abstract photography! This is an exciting time of exploring and experimenting. I hope my enthusiasm is contagious and will be passed on to my DR’s and zone members.

The Pacific Zone is large, distances between communities often huge. There is an 8 hour drive for one of our Northern District representative. Some of our Districts are only one club. I am confident that working as a Zone we will continue to grow and promote the art of photography to everyone.

Atlantic Zone News

Atlantic Zone will have a regional competition this year as a pilot project.

It will be an individual competition that welcomes CAPA Individual/Family members AND the members of the CAPA CLUB members to participate.

The theme of the competition is Open. Each entrant can submit up to 2 images. The submission deadline is April 20, 2020. Details will be followed in January, 2020.

Please contact Michiko Nishijima, the Atlantic Zone Director at atlantic@capacanada.ca for questions.

Nouvelles Zone du Québec

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Prix Focus

Un ou une membre de la zone du Québec de l’ACAP recevra un Prix Focus lors du gala du Prix Focus du Musée National de la Photographie Desjardins le 26 octobre.

Les personnes en nomination sont :

Ilina Block, Montreal Camera Club
Lorraine Deslauriers, Montreal Camera Club, District Rep Montreal
Jocelyne Feizo, Club photo impression
Marg Foley, Lakeshore Camera Club,
Yves Keroack, Club photo impression
Benoit Larochelle, Club photo évasion.

Félicitation à tous.

Atelier Noir et blanc

Si des membres individuels ou des membres d’un club de l’ACAP seraient intéressés par cet atelier, communiquer avec Alain Dubeau à l’adresse quebec@capacanada.ca. Le premier atelier aura lieu le 26 octobre et pourrait être redonné soit en français ou en anglais.

Pour plus de détails sur l’atelier, consulter :

Cours de jugement de l’ACAP en français

Organisé par le Club de photo l’oeil qui voit de Saint-Hubert, ce cours sera donné le samedi 30 novembre 2019 à un maximum de 40 personnes et se remplira rapidement. Le stationnement est disponible sur place. Le lunch sera la responsabilité des participants. Il y a plusieurs endroits pour manger aux alentours mais on peut aussi apporter son lunch, ce qui donnera plus de temps pour des discussions. Le manuel de jugement complet de l’ACAP sera fourni. Tout ce qu’il faut, c’est un stylo et un esprit ouvert.

Pour plus d’information consulter :

La société de promotion de la photographie du Québec (SPPQ)

Conférence dans la série Matinée-rencontre de la SPPQ, donnée par Heidi Hollinger le 15 septembre 2019.

Pour plus de détails consulter :

Exposition de Photographie

Exposition des photos d’Antoine Desilets jusqu’au 27 septembre au :

400 Rue Hériot
Drummondville, Québec J2B 1B3
Pour plus d’informations, consultez :

Zone du Québec

La Zone du Québec dénombre présentement 124 membres individuels, 11 clubs et un musée membre.

La Zone est divisée pour le moment en trois districts avec un représentant ou une représentante pour chaque district.


Club photo de Boucherville
Club photo évasion, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville
Club photo l’oeil qui voit, Saint-Hubert
Les Photo capteurs, Granby

Représentante, Francine Raymond


Club photo impression,
Montreal Camera Club
Lakeshore Camera Club

Représentante, Lorraine Deslauriers

Capitale nationale, Chaudière, Appalaches et Centre du Québec

Club photographie amateur des sources, Asbestos
Club photo dimension inc, Québec
Club photo drummond, Drummondville
Club photo horizon, Victoriaville

Représentant, Pierre Vezina

Il serait souhaitable que chaque membre vérifie l’exactitude de l’information dans la base de données de l’Association afin d’y apporter, si nécessaire, les corrections requises.

Québec Zone News

Focus Award

A member of the Quebec Zone who is a member of CAPA will receive a Focus Award at the Musée National de la Photographie Desjardins gala on October 26th.

The nominees are:

Ilina Block, Montreal Camera Club
Lorraine Deslauriers, Montreal Camera Club, District Rep Montreal
Jocelyne Feizo, Club photo impression
Marg Foley, Lakeshore Camera Club,
Yves Keroack, Club photo impression
Benoit Larochelle, Club photo évasion.

Congratulations to all.

Black and White Workshop

If individual members or members of a CAPA club would be interested in this workshop, contact Alain Dubeau at quebec@capacanada.ca. The first workshop will take place on October 26th and could be given again in French or in English.

For more details on the workshop, see:

Photographic exhibition

Exhibition of Antoine Desilets’ photos until 27 September at the

National Museum of Photography

400 Rue Hériot
Drummondville, Québec J2B 1B3
For more information, consult:

Quebec Zone

The Quebec Zone currently has 124 individual members and 11 member clubs as well as one member museum.

The Zone is currently divided into three districts with a representative for each district.


Club photo de Boucherville
Club photo évasion, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville
Club photo l’oeil qui voit, Saint-Hubert
Les Photo capteurs, Granby

Representative, Francine Raymond


Club photo impression,
Montreal Camera Club
Lakeshore Camera Club

Representative, Lorraine Deslauriers

Capitale nationale, Chaudière, Appalaches et Centre du Québec

Club photographie amateur des sources, Asbestos
Club photo dimension inc, Québec
Club photo drummond, Drummondville
Club photo horizon, Victoriaville

Représentant, Pierre Vezina

It is requested that each member check the accuracy of the information in the Association’s database in order to make, as required, the necessary corrections.

cliquez ici pour le français

Lion’s Gate Celebration of Nature

The Lion’s Gate Camera Club invites all BC and Yukon Camera Clubs to participate in their fourteenth annual digital competition. Registration is by Oct. 1, 2019 and the submission deadline is November 1st., 2019.

See the results from 2018 here.

Lion's Gate Celebration of Nature
Lion’s Gate Club Competition

Kamloops Photo Exhibition of Baltzly (1871)

Interior Monologue Benjamin Baltzle and the Geological Survey of BC

A terrible title for an Exciting Exhibit!

Interior Monologues running till next November at the Kamloops Museum & Archives is a fascinating photo exhibit juxtaposing images taken in 1871 by Benjamin Baltzly as part of a Geological Survey of BC (The government was looking for a railway route through the Interior) with images taken in 2019 by KPAC FaceBook friend, Cory Hope. Cory had the help of KPAC’s Lindley Roff who used Google Earth and other resources to pinpoint the GPS locations of the same camera views. There are wonderful enlargements and original photos from the McCord Museum in Quebec along with archival material from the Kamloops Museum. This is a World Class exhibit. Don’t miss it!

Baltzly, along with a team from the Geological Survey of Canada, was tasked to prospect and document a
route through the interior plateau that would be suitable for the new railway that would connect BC to the rest of Canada.

Kamloops Museum & Archives
207 Seymour St. | 250-828-3576
Museum hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9:30AM – 4:30PM ~ Admission $3 per Adult/ $1 per Child

. . . .The expedition was fraught with bad planning and difficulties from the start. They did not leave Montreal until June 26; they missed their steamboat connection in San Francisco causing them to seek alternative transport by local steamer and stage coach. They were further delayed for fifteen days after arrival in Victoria because of the difficulty in locating and purchasing a camping outfit. On reaching Yale at the mouth of the Fraser River Canyon, approximately 120
miles from New Westminster on July 27, they could not find transport of any sort and were obliged to walk along the Cariboo Road up the Fraser River Canyon. Another two weeks were lost in Kamloops due to the difficulty in finding horses and men to hire for the trip into the wilderness of the North Thompson River, the real objective of the exploration party.

Source: “William Notman: the Stamp of a Studio,”
Toronto: Art Gallery of Ontario and Coach House Press, 1985, p. 53-56.

Benjamine Baltzly Exhibition (youtube)

Freeman Patterson Letters

Freeman Patterson, a CAPA life member, posts periodical letters on his website.

In the recent letter, Freeman talks about flowers and gardens including Kingsbrae Garden in St, Andrews, NB. It is a great place to visit in the summer. You can view the previous letters and sign up for the subscription here. http://www.freemanpatterson.com/newsletters.htm


Capture of a Lifetime

Capture of a Lifetime

Michael Winsor, a CAPA member in Saint John’s, NL, is featured on the Newfoundland Photo Tours website. Amazing story, video, and images for this year’s iceberg. Please check it out at


Michael Winsor recently was recognized for an iceberg image taken in 2017. His image appeared on a Canadian stamp announced in January, 2019. Read the story here.

Canadian Stamp photograph by CAPA member photographer Michael Winsor
Michael Winsor’s photograph of an iceberg beside Rerryland, N.L.




Atlantic Zone 2020 Canada Salon


Among 39 images selected for 2020 Canada Salon are by those from Atlantic Zone:

  • Theme New Brunswick: Tracy Munson (Focus Camera Club), Maurice Melanson
  • Theme Nova Scotia: Viki Gaul (Photo Guild of Nova Scotia)
  • Theme Prince Edward Island: Isabelle Levesque (2 images)
  • Theme Newfoundland & Labrador: Darren Langdon (Camera 35), Michael Winsor

The selected images will be professionally printed and be put on display at the National Museum of Photography/Musée Populaire De La Photo in Drummondville Quebec between 7th January 2020 to 29th March 2020.

2nd Merit - New Brunswick image by Tracy Munson
Cliffside Camping by Tracy Munson

Harbour City Photo Exhibition Results

The results are in for the Harbour City Photography Exhibition held in Nanaimo, B.C.  May 27 – June 14th, 2019. This was endorsed by CAPA.

Black and White Category:

Judy Hancock Holland; 1st; On the Wings of a Dove
Rena Myles; 2nd; Leading Lines
Don Frood; 3rd; Vasco Da Gaman
Maggie Tilley; HM; Urban Bike Race

2019 Harbour City Photo Salon winner Judy Hancock Holland
On the Wings of a Dove by Judy Hancock Holland

Digital Art:

Rena Myles; 1st; Transcendence
Judy Hancock Holland; 2nd; Tulip No. 5
Jack Harynuk; 3rd; Mirrored March
Irene Peinhopf; HM; Fragmented

Transcendence by Rena Myles
Transcendence by Rena Myles


Bruce Moffat; 1st; Common Loon Close up on Maple Lake
Kate Ampersand; 2nd; Autumn Forest
Evan Guengerich; 3rd; Food Fight
Craig Letourneau; HM; Our Island Tree

Common Loon Close up on Maple Lake by Bruce Moffat


Sue Nurmi; 1st; Solitude
Leah Gray; 2nd; Wild Dance
John Young; 3rd; Mexican Fiesta
Michele Hillier; HM; Puno Dog, Peru 2018

Solitude by Sue Nurmi
Solitude by Sue Nurmi

Niagara Region DR Virginia Stranaghan

Appointment – DR for Niagara Region, Ontario Zone

Niagara District

We are pleased to announce that Virginia Stranaghan has again taken up the gauntlet of District Representative for the Niagara Region in the Ontario Zone.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Virginia lives in Lincoln, Ontario. From an early age she was encouraged to appreciate the world of art, and even during her profession as an I.T. Manager, prior to retiring in January 2016, she was commissioned to photograph engineering projects.

Virginia has held numerous positions in several camera clubs, including Competitions Chair, Treasurer, and Board Director with the Latow Photographers Guild; Webmaster for the Trillium Photographic Club; Website Assistant with the St. Catharines Photographic Club; and Program Chair, External Liaison, Secretary, Vice President and currently President of the Hamilton Camera Club, as well she is currently the Vice President of the Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Club.

She has also an extensive history with CAPA, including being the Niagara District Rep from 2007 – 2018, during which time she simultaneously held the position of CAPA’s Competitions Director. A CAPA certified judge since 2008, Virginia is also an OCCC (Ontario Council of Camera Clubs formerly GTCC) certified judge since 2009.

Virginia has attained various photographic recognitions over the years, including Juror’s Choice in the UNESCO Kaleidoscope Annual Photographic Awards 2011; Juror’s Choice in the AGB Juried Show (UN Year of the Forest); 2nd Place – Silver in CAPA’s 2013 AV Competition; 1st Place – Gold in the GTCCC Inter Club 2015; 1st Place in the NFRCC Annual Spring Seminar 2015 Competition; Honour Award in CAPA’s Nature Competition October 2018; and 1st Merit – Place & an Honour Award in CAPA’s Monochrome Competition January 2019.

Virginia states that “as a photographic artist the world around me is my inspiration and fuels my passion to capture my vision in a photograph; this drives me to continue to pursue and develop my skills and style.”

2019 Harbour City Salon

Harbour City Photography Club in Nanaimo is presenting a Photo Salon from May 27th to June 14. This is a juried exhibition showcasing nearly 100 Vancouver Island Photographers.

Location: The View Gallery, Building 330, Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo

Date: May 27 to June 14

More Information: http://hcpclub.ca/index.php/2019-photo-salon/

Photo Salon at the View Gallery in Nanaimo
Photo Salon, May 27 – June 14, 2019


Victoria News

Three Victoria Camera Club photographers were recently selected to represent Canada in Four Nations competition.

Capturing the beauty of the Island is something that comes naturally to the Victoria Camera Club’s members, but especially for Mike Wooding, Leah Gray and Daniel Rondeau, whose photos have been selected to represent Canada in the Four Nations Photography Competition.