CAPA AV Presentation

  • TUESDAY APRIL 30TH 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
  • Banquet Room at the Edithvale Community Centre, 131 Finch Avenue West, North York

Please join us on Tuesday April 30th for a viewing of this year’s best audio video shows from both the CAPA Individual and CAPA Club competitions as selected and presented by Lance Gitter.

Basis of the Competition:

The CAPA audio visual competition submissions can consist of a multimedia presentation composed of photography, video, animation, music and commentary or a combination thereof.
The emphasis of the presentation will be the blending of these components into a cohesive storyline. The transition between the images should flow harmoniously with the appropriate colour or tone complementing the selected theme and images.

Special Note:

CAPA Individual members and members of CAPA member clubs are welcome to attend.

Our meeting takes place in the Banquet Room at the Edithvale Community Centre, 131 Finch Avenue West, North York (1 kilometer west of Yonge).
For further information on our club, go to

Ann Alimi receives FCAPA

Gareth Jones (Toronto Camera Club’s CAPA Coordinator) presenting Ann Alimi with a Fellowship Honour (FCAPA). This award was presented to Ann for her many years of supporting CAPA and promoting photography in southwestern Ontario as well as being an accomplished photographer.

Ann Alimi (FCAPA)
Ann Alimi is presented with a Fellowship Honour award (FCAPA)

Focus Camera Club Individual Gold

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Maurice Melanson
Maurice Melanson wins gold

Focus Camera Club

is proud to announce Gold Medal and Merit Awards winner on the Open Theme – Thème Libre – Individuals Competition 2019

Take a look Open Theme-Theme libre web page.

Maurice Melanson,

« My photography journey began when my sister bought me a small point and shoot Olympus camera for Christmas over 30 years ago. I have always loved photography and I always had my camera with me. Sometimes I would get a lucky shot… Finally about 7 years ago I decided I wanted to learn more about photography, and made a decision to start taking night classes and began investing in new camera gear. I started to take my photography a lot more seriously and worked hard at it. Photography is really a passion for me and I feel very fortunate to have met people who have inspired and encouraged me to do what I love… »

Competition Winners & Awards
Gold Medal – Maurice Melanson
Gold Medal Maurice Melanson “Drop Three Times”
Gold Medal Maurice Melanson “No Risk No Reward”
Gold Medal Maurice Melanson “Misty Fire”

Merit Awards 3rd Place – Maurice Melanson’s image “Ice Age”
Congratulations to all the Maurice.

L’ACAP veut offrir à ses membres des services en français et en anglais. Avec cet objectif en tête, nous travaillons au meilleur de nos capacités à traduire en français les principales pages du site. Cela représente un important défi et prendra un certain temps à réaliser. Merci de votre patience.
It is CAPA’s intention to offer services to its members in both English and French. With this in mind, we are working to the best of our abilities on French translations of the website’s main pages. This is a demanding task and will require some time to achieve. We appreciate your patience.

Focus Camera Club est fier d’annoncer que le gagnant de la médaille d’or et le gagnant d’un prix d’un mérite pour le Thème Libre – du concours individuel 2019 est un de nos membres.
Jetez un coup d’oeil à la page web de CAPA pour Open Theme – Thème libre libre.
Maurice Melanson,

« Mon voyage en photographie a débuté quand ma sœur m’a donné pour Noël il y a plus de 30 ans un petit appareil photo Olympus de type ‘’Point and Shoot ‘’. J’ai toujours aimé la photographie et j’ai toujours eu mon appareil photo avec moi. Parfois, j’ai un coup de chance lors de la prise de vue… Enfin, il y a 7 ans, j’ai décidé que je voulais en connaitre plus sur la photographie, et a pris la décision de de prendre des cours du soir et a commencé à investir dans de nouveaux équipements photographiques. J’ai commencé à prendre ma photographie beaucoup plus sérieusement et ai travaillé dur pour m’améliorer. La photographie est vraiment une passion pour moi et je me sens très chanceux d’avoir rencontré des gens qui m’ont inspiré et m’ont encouragé à faire ce que j’aime… »

Gagnants du Concours & récompenses

Médaille d’or – Maurice Melanson
Médaille d’or Maurice Melanson “Drop Three Times”
Médaille d’or Maurice Melanson “No Risk No Reward”
Médaille d’or Maurice Melanson “Misty Fire”

Prix du mérite 3ème place – l’image de Maurice Melanson «Ice Age»

Félicitations à tous de la part Maurice.

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Fraser Valley Invitational

Langley Camera Club

19th Annual

Fraser Valley Invitational
A Themed Digital Photography Competition


Saturday, May 4, 2019 Clayton Heights Secondary School
7:30 pm / Doors open 6:30 7003 188 Street, Surrey, BC

Advance purchase: $18 / At the door: $20 PayPal at

CAPA Medals ~ Door Prizes ~ LCC Member Print Display ~ Refreshments

Fraser Valley Invitational A Themed Digital Photography Competition CIRCLES

Fraser Valley Invitational A Themed Digital Photography Competition CIRCLES by the Langley Camera club

Fraser Valley Invitational A Themed Digital Photography Competition CIRCLES by the Langley Camera club

Shuswap Photo Arts Club: Chris Harris

Shuswap Photo Arts Club
Chris Harris presents Cariboo Chilcotin: A Story of Resiliency and Beauty

The Shuswap Photo Arts Club presents Chris Harris

Cariboo Chilcotin: A story of Resiliency and Beauty

Saturday, April 13, 2019
Fifth Avenue Senior Center, Salmon Arm
2:00 pm

Admission by Donation

Burnaby Photographic Society Festival: Transition

The burnaby Photographic Society presents a capture photography festival: Transition.

Capture Photography Festival
Burnaby Photographic Society: Transition

Dates: April 11-May 4

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 11 at 7pm

Artist Talk: Featuring Grant Withers Saturday April 13th at 2-3pm

6584 Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby, BC
Tuesday to Saturday 12-4pm
Fee parking and admission

Foothills Camera Club Inclusio

Inclusio, a fully accessible residence in Calgary and home to 45 adult residents with limited mobility, opened in April 2018 with cutting-edge technology and a spectacular view.

But the residence needed “art” to grace its bare walls and create a feeling of home for the residents.

The need to “warm the walls of Inclusio” was brought to the attention of the Foothills Camera Club in April 2018 by Keith and Kathleen Nicholson through family friend and club member Cathy Lockerby. The Nicholson’s son, Jason, is an Inclusio resident.

The “Images for Inclusio” project was quickly adopted by the Foothills club, which two years earlier had provided images for Calgary’s homeless shelters.

In February 2019, 54 images were donated by 34 Foothills Camera Club members and 10 members hung the photographs that now brighten the public spaces of the residence.

“I’m proud to be associated with our Foothills Camera Club, which for the last few years has donated framed photographs back into the community to enrich the lives of others,” says club past president Bill Cubitt.

Look for more information about this donation in the next Canadian Camera Magazine

Foothills Camera Club donations

Images for Inclusio from the Foothills Camera Club

Images for Inclusio from the Foothills Camera Club

Images for Inclusio from the Foothills Camera Club

Images for Inclusio from the Foothills Camera Club

Focus Camera Club celebrates 50

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Focus Camera Club celebrate its 50th anniversary

History: 50 years ago…

Very few of us know when, where, who, and how The Focus Camera Club started. We shall start with an article by Robert Saulnier, published in “The Focal Point” in 2003. In this article Vanier LeBlanc, an Eaton’s employee, was credited as one of the main “founding fathers” of the Focus camera club.

Through interviewing Mr. LeBlanc’s widow, Robert discovered that in the early 1950’s, a group of photographers lead by her husband, wishing to share experiences and ideas, started meeting in Reid’s Photography’s basement on Main street. The group had neither name nor formal structure at first. With Roland Maurice MD and Rhéal Bourgeois as his accomplices, the Club had finally taken shape by the early 1970’s. At that time, under the insightful guidance and hard work of Brian Townsend, photography courses and workshops were offered and field trips organized. The club grew and consequently, executives were elected, a constitution developed and committees were formed. From Reid’s Photography basement, the group started meeting at the George-L.-Dumont Hospital and, according to Clarence Nowlan, after loosing this meeting place moved to the City Hospital before finally settling in to its present home at the Université de Moncton, in the Rémi Rossignol science building in 1984.

Looking back at the past 50 years, the club had numerous highlights and achievements. Among them, was the hosting of the Canada Camera Conference (CAPA) in August 1997. With the aid of Stephan Reebs’s notes, we confirmed that it was held on the Université de Moncton campus and that the conference executive consisted of 14 Focus members. Numerous field trips and workshops were organized for the 150 conference participants such as, an introduction to infrared photography, visits to Shamper’s Bluff, Campobello, Hopewell Cape, and Cape Enragé to name a few. According to the CAPA president, all in attendance enjoyed the true maritime “joie de vivre” and hospitality, Focus professionalism and expertise, and the meals.

From its 67 members in 2003, with an average of 25 members attending regular meetings, the Focus club’s membership grew to 160 on this 50th anniversary year with meeting attendance reaching up to 100 active photographers.

Looking ahead, there are still many exciting challenges facing the club, we wish all its members a happy 50th and remind each and everyone that participation is the key to a successful and positive experience…

To celebrate a special exhibit took place at the Moncton Public Library for the mount of Marsh.

Special thanks to the following whose notes form the basis for this brief history:
Rhéal Bourgeois, Clarence Nowlan, Stéphan Reebs, Robert Saulnier : The Focal Point ; vol 1 issue 3, Octobre 2003, “Focus Camera Club marks 30 years in Moncton!”
It is CAPA’s intention to offer services to its members in both English and French. With this in mind, we are working to the best of our abilities on French translations of the website’s main pages. This is a demanding task and will require some time to achieve. We appreciate your patience.
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Le ‘’Focus Camera Club’’ célèbre son 50e anniversaire

Histoire: il y a 50 ans…

Très peu d’entre nous connaissent quand, où, qui, et comment le ‘’Focus Camera Club’’ a débuté. Nous commencerons par un article de Robert Saulnier, publié dans ” The Focus Point” en 2003. Dans cet article, Vanier LeBlanc, un employé d’Eaton, a été crédité comme l’un des principaux « pères fondateurs » du Focus Camera Club.

En questionnant la veuve de M. LeBlanc, Robert a découvert que, au début des années 1950, un groupe de photographes conduit par son mari, désireux de partager des expériences et des idées, a commencé à se réunir sur la rue Main, dans le sous-sol du photographe Reid. Au début, le groupe n’avait ni nom et ni une structure formelle. Avec Roland Maurice MD et Rhéal Bourgeois comme complices, le club a finalement pris forme au début des années 1970. À cette époque, sous la direction perspicace et le travail acharné de Brian Townsend, des cours de photographie et des ateliers ont été offerts incluant des excursions organisées. Le Club a grandi et par conséquent, des administrateurs furent élus, une charte fut développée et des comités furent formés. Du sous-sol du photographe Reid, le groupe a commencé à se réunir à l’hôpital George-L.-Dumont et, d’après Clarence Nowlan, obligé de quitter ce lieu de rencontre, le Club a déménagé à l’Hôpital Municipal avant de s’installer à son domicile actuel à l’Université de Moncton, dans le bâtiment scientifique Rémi Rossignol en 1984.

En examinant notre histoire au cours des 50 dernières années, le Club a eu de nombreux faits saillants et réalisations. Parmi ceux-ci, fut d’être l’hôte de la Conférence Canadienne de la photographie de l’ACAP (Canadian Camera Conférence) en août 1997. À l’aide des notes de Stephan Reebs, nous savons qu’elle a eu lieu sur le campus de l’Université de Moncton et que la direction de la Conférence était composé de 14 membres du club Focus. De nombreuses excursions et ateliers ont été organisés pour les 150 participants à la Conférence, comme une introduction à la photographie infrarouge, des visites, pour n’en nommer que quelques-unes, Shamper’s Bluff, Campobello, Hopewell Cape et Cap Enragé. Selon le Président de la l’ACAP, tous les participants ont bénéficié de la véritable « joie de vivre » maritime, de la gastronomie, de l’hospitalité, du professionnalisme et de l’expertise du Focus Camera Club.

De ses 67 membres en 2003, avec une moyenne de 25 membres participants aux réunions, l’effectif du Club focus s’est accru à 160 membres en ce 50e anniversaire avec une participation aux réunions atteignant jusqu’à 100 photographes actifs.

En regardant vers l’avenir, le Club perçoit de nombreux défis passionnants, nous souhaitons à tous ses membres un Joyeux 50e et rappelle à chacun de ses membres que la participation est la clé d’une expérience réussie et positive…

Pour célébrer son anniversaire, une exposition spéciale a eu lieu à la bibliothèque publique de Moncton durant le mois de mars.

Un remerciement particulier, pour les informations qui ont constituées la base de cette brève histoire:
Rhéal Bourgeois, Clarence Nowlan, Stéphane Reebs, Robert Saulnier: The Focal Point; vol 1 Numéro 3, octobre 2003, “Focus Camera Club marque 30 ans à Moncton!”
L’ACAP veut offrir à ses membres des services en français et en anglais. Avec cet objectif en tête, nous travaillons au meilleur de nos capacités à traduire en français les principales pages du site. Cela représente un important défi et prendra un certain temps à réaliser. Merci de votre patience.

Distinguished Service Award for Fred Chapman

CAPA will be presenting a posthumous Distinguished Service Award to Fred at the gathering on May 18. The award is secondary to the primary goal of giving appropriate recognition to a great photographer and inspiring teacher and leader.

May 17,1923 – April 16, 2018

Friend, Artist, Teacher, Craftsman
Lover of Nature

Fred’s first love was the outdoors. Nature with its inherent patterns, colours and mysteries were his earliest inspirations. Throughout his life, he expressed this love in his images, shared his enthusiasm with others, and contributed to the development of photography in Canada.

In 1970, Fred organized the Burnaby Camera Club – now Burnaby Photographic Society. He was a member of the Burnaby Arts Council, the Photographic Council of BC, the fledgling NAPA now CAPA and a long time member of Western Photographic Circle. Fred was Pacific Zone Director for NAPA thru the 80’s and was instrumental in instigating field trips, workshops, and print shows across BC, culminating with a multi year run of the “BC PHOTOGRAPHERS” annual show at Robson Square. Fred toured BC with his two projector instructional slide sets and co-led the NAPA Camera Canada College 86. Well into his 80s, he co-founded the BPS Photo Friday group.

Fred started with B&W printing and moved on to Cibachrome colour printing. At 84 he got his first digital camera and computer. PhotoShop opened a new world of opportunities. Fred exhibited his work at Burnaby, Surrey and Richmond galleries as well as farther afield.

Fred made people laugh, he made people think, and he made people care. From his first young protege in 1973 to the last years of his long life, learning, teaching and mentoring were always more important than a box full of ribbons.

This modified quote from Pericles seems to sum up Fred’s enduring influence:

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments
(or recorded in silver, cibachrome and ink jet)
But what is woven into the lives of others”

On May 18 2019 in Burnaby, BC from 12:30 to 3:30 pm. Program starts at 1:00 pm
Please RSVP by April 20 with number of attendees to:
Reply early, we may have to limit guests.
Whether you are able to join us or not, if you have a memory of Fred that you would like to share, please email us by May 4.

Fred Chapman
Fred Chapman in Memoriam by Ata Safar

Le Club Photo de Boucherville se distingue en monochrome

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Le Club Photo de Boucherville s’est mérité la médaille de bronze pour sa participation au concours monochrome 2019 de l’ACAP. Grâce à l’excellence des six photos soumises, chacune l’oeuvre d’un membre différent de ce club, le Club photo de Boucherville s’est retrouvé sur le podium des lauréats de cette compétition organisée par l’ACAP et dont la date de tombée était le 30 janvier dernier. De plus, une photo soumise par un membre du club, Hélène Voyer, a été adjugée la première place pour le mérite en architecture. Les distinctions de mérite sont discernées aux trois meilleures photos individuelles dans chaque thème, qu’elles aient été soumises dans le volet club ou individuel.

L’ACAP veut offrir à ses membres des services en français et en anglais. Avec cet objectif en tête, nous travaillons au meilleur de nos capacités à traduire en français les principales pages du site. Cela représente un important défi et prendra un certain temps à réaliser. Merci de votre patience.

The Club Photo de Boucherville earns itself honours in CAPA’s monochrome Competition

The Club photo de Boucherville, was awarded a bronze medal for its participation in CAPA’s 2019 Monochrome competition. Thanks to the excellence of the six photos submitted by the club, each one the work of a different club member, the Club photo de Boucherville was awarded a position on the winners’ podium at the outcome of this competition ending on 30 January of this year. Moreover, a photograph submitted by one the club’s members, Hélène Voyer, was honoured with the first place Merit Award in architecture. Merit awards are attributed to the best three individual photos in each theme, whether they be part of a club or an individual participation.

Boucherville bronze - monochrome
Sur cette photo se retrouvent cinq des six membres qui ont mérité au Club photo de Boucherville de remporter le certificat de bronze. De gauche à droite, MARIE MARCOUX (lauréate du certificat de bronze), ANNE MARION (lauréate du certificat de bronze), LUC DUBOIS (président du Club photo de Boucherville), HÉLÈNE VOYER (lauréate du certificat de bronze et première place pour le mérite en architecture), ALAIN DUBEAU, directeur de la zone Québec, BENOIT DESJARDINS (lauréat du certificat de bronze) and YVES TASCHEREAU (lauréat du certificat de bronze). DONAT LEMAY (également lauréat du certificat de bronze) est absent de la photo.
On this photo are five of the six members who earned the Bronze certificate for the Club photo de Boucherville. From left to right, MARIE MARCOUX (Bronze certificate winner), ANNE MARION (Bronze certificate winner), LUC DUBOIS (President of the Club photo de Boucherville), HÉLÈNE VOYER (Bronze certificate winner and 1st Place Merit award in architecture), ALAIN DUBEAU, Québec Zone Director, BENOIT DESJARDINS (Bronze certificate winner) and YVES TASCHEREAU (Bronze certificate winner). DONAT LEMAY (also Bronze certificate winner) was absent when the picture was taken.
It is CAPA’s intention to offer services to its members in both English and French. With this in mind, we are working to the best of our abilities on French translations of the website’s main pages. This is a demanding task and will require some time to achieve. We appreciate your patience.


Shutterbugz in BC

Celebrating Local Photographers on the Sunshine Coast

For the 5th consecutive year, the Sunshine Coast Shutterbugz Camera Club will participate in the “Celebrating Local Photographers” event held at the Sunnycrest Mall in Upper Gibsons, BC in early June. Organised by the Photographic Department of the local London Drugs store on the lower Sunshine Coast, this event has grown in participation over the last few years. Typically, the Sunshine Coast Shutterbugz club would show between forty-five and fifty photos of different sizes, all mounted on foamcore board courtesy of London Drugs.

Open to public viewing over a four-day weekend, this display of local photographic work will occupy a section of un-leased retail space that is secured overnight. A roster of club members is established so that someone is always available to answer questions about any of the photos or about the club itself. This is also a win-win opportunity for London Drugs as they use the floor space to display patio furniture for sale, or for visitors to sit on while they view the display. Any of the local photographers may also offer their photos for sale to the public.

Janet Slater

District Representative

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Shutterbugz
Sunshine Coast Shutterbugz
The Sunshine Coast Shuttebugz  recently entered the Pacific Zone Print Challenge (a CAPA recognized print show) as their first-time entry into a high-level competition.
Read about their news in the Coast Reporter.

The Built World Show at Surrey Art Gallery

The Surrey Photography Club together with Surrey Art Gallery is pleased to announce a juried exhibition of photographs featuring architecture and other constructed, man-made spaces that are located south of the Fraser River e.g. Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Delta, White Rock etc.

Artists in the Vancouver Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley are invited to submit up to 3 photographs for judging. All photographic genres will be accepted; as monochrome, altered reality, abstract, etc. The main subject of the photo is to be derived from, or depict, a constructed man-made space that is (or was) located south of the Fraser River and north of the US Border.

The Surrey Art Gallery will display a number of pieces from the competition April 27th to August 17th 2019. Awards will go to the show’s top three winners and to some honourable mentions.

For more information, click here.

2019 Pacific Print Challenge Results

The Pacific Zone Print Challenge has come and gone for another year.

The prints were set up in randomized order around the well-lit room. One of our judges (Bob Ito) was unable to come from Vancouver because of the weather. Ismail Farahani stepped in to judge for us. Ruby Jaggernath arrived from Abbotsford. The judges had plenty of time to view the prints before scoring began in the light box.

2019 Pacific Print Gold Medal winner
Suzanne Huot, The Gift

16 Clubs participated in the competition, some with 4, 6, 7 prints, the remainder with 10 prints. Several out of town clubs participated: Vernon, Sunshine Coast, Prince George, Victoria.

Saturday, the prints were arranged on tables in club order. Guests began to arrive after 12:15 with plenty of time to view the prints and socialize. About 1:15 we began viewing the projected prints and announcing the scores. We had two breaks with refreshments followed by the Awards Ceremony. 75 attended this event, including our Darkroom Group who really enjoys hosting the competition each year.

Winning Clubs:

The winning clubs were Lions Gate Camera Club and Chung Ai Photo Society, both with 235.5 points and tied for Gold. Victoria Camera Club came in third (Bronze) with 234.5 points.

Photographer Medals:

3rd, Bronze, Hamer Tribe Girl, Urs Fricker, Chung Ai Photo Society
2nd Silver, Light Maker. Bob Hansen, Burnaby Photo Society
1st, Gold, The Gift, Suzanne Huot, Victoria Camera Club

Owen Sound event: Don Komarechka

Teacher / Author / Artist / Podcast Host
Macro Photography Photographer Extraordinaire

Everything from pollen to snowflakes, insects to water droplets and so much more. It’s a great talk about a photographic genre that plays by a different rule book. Some tips and techniques are very simple and others are extremely technical, giving something of value to everyone of all experience levels.

Don Komarechka will be at the First Christian Reformed Church (201 4th Ave W., Owen Sound, ON) on April 9th, 2019 at 7pm. The cost is $10 at the door. Contact or 519-372-6501 for more information.

Don Komarechka poster
Owen Sound Camera Club event: Don Komarechka



Victoria Camera Club Print Show

Victoria Camera Club Print Show
Victoria Camera Club
2019 Print Show April 19 – May 5th

You’re invited to see a juried collection of photographic prints made by members of the VCC. Our 2019 Print Show will be held at the Victoria Arts Council’s gallery, 1800 Store Street, Victoria, B.C.

Opening reception, April 20 from 2PM to 4PM. Running daily from April 19 through May 5, noon to 6PM. Closed Mondays.

Tell your friends. Share on social media. Let’s make this an event!

CONTACT Photography Festival


Toronto’s preeminent month-long festival in May presents an outstanding roster of established and emerging Canadian, American, and international lens-based artists
Carrie Mae Weems Untitled, 2017. Courtesy the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York
Carrie Mae Weems Untitled, 2017.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada… Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival today announced that renowned American artist Carrie Mae Weems will headline the 23rd edition of the city-wide event spanning the month of May 2019. Weems’ exhibition in five parts, sited at distinct locations across the city, represents the artist’s first solo exhibition in Canada.

In addition to Weems, a selection of North American and international lens-based artists will present a diversity of projects in museums, galleries, and public spaces across Toronto. The preliminary list of artists includes Taysir Batniji, Moyra Davey, Weronika Gesicka, Mike Hoolboom and Jorge Lozano, Ayana V. Jackson, Sanaz Mazinani, Meryl McMaster, Nadia Myre, Louie Palu, Sputnik Photo Collective, Michael Tsegaye, and Carmen Winant.

Critically acclaimed and recently chosen by T: The New York Times Style Magazine as one of the “The Greats” in the creative sector in 2018, Weems is among the most acclaimed photographers and multi-media artists of her generation. Her work explores the human experience by revealing different aspects of society and the role of systemic power, both historically and today. Since Weems began her practice in the late 1970’s, she has examined and expanded visual narratives of gender, family, racism, class, and identity, and investigated themes of social inequity and injustice, environmental degradation, conflict, and violence. Although addressing a wide array of issues, her overarching commitment is to help us better understand our present moment by examining our collective past. Often produced in series, her work is exhibited and collected by major museums and galleries around the globe.

Artistic Director Bonnie Rubenstein said, “CONTACT has chosen to place a spotlight on Carrie Mae Weems in 2019 to highlight the significant depth, breadth, and power of her oeuvre; her importance as a groundbreaking artist of the 20th and 21st centuries; and her work’s ongoing critical relevance.”

Weems’ work will be presented in two gallery exhibitions during CONTACT 2019, including a new iteration of her recent multi-layered project Heave (2018), at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto. The installation incorporates photography, video, text, spoken word, music, projection along with design and architectural strategies to probe the devastating effects of violence in our lives.

Additionally, the CONTACT Gallery will display a series of Weems’ photographic works and present three major public art installations in downtown locations including the exterior of the TIFF Bell Lightbox, the headquarters of the Toronto International Film Festival.

Taysir Batniji, No. 51, 2001. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Sfeir-Semler, Hamburg/Beirut
Taysir Batniji, No. 51, 2001

CONTACT executive director Darcy Killeen said, “We are delighted to welcome Carrie Mae Weems—one of the most influential artists of our times—to our city and to the 2019 Festival. We are also pleased to offer a preview of the exciting line-up of participating artists coming to Toronto next May. We look forward to working with them, many of whom will create site-specific works for our primary exhibitions and public installations. The CONTACT team is also thrilled to welcome back many of our long-standing partners and sponsors who continue to support one of the world’s top photography festivals.”

Preview of CONTACT 2019 artists

  • Taysir Batniji (born in Gaza, based in France and Palestine) will have work featured at Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art revealing the social, cultural, and political realities of Palestine, the challenges of migration, and the state of being “in between.”
  • Moyra Davey, Detail from Subway Writers, 2011/2014.
    Moyra Davey, Detail from Subway Writers, 2011/2014.

    Moyra Davey (Canadian, based in New York), winner of the 2018 Scotiabank Photography Award, will be featured in a two-part retrospective exhibition at Ryerson Image Centre. Davey explores notions of intimacy and unseen, ordinary, and often overlooked moments.

  • Weronika Gesicka (Polish) will present a site-specific art installation in Osgoode Subway Station (part of the Toronto Transit Commission network). Her work is about memory and its mechanisms.
  • Mike Hoolboom (Canadian) and Jorge Lozano (Colombian, based in Toronto) will create a multi-screen video installation at A Space Gallery. Both artists use cinema of collage to create unlikely juxtapositions and challenge viewers.
  • Ayana V. Jackson (American) will present works from her series Dear Sarah (2016) and Intimate Justice in the Stolen Moment (2017) in the historic Campbell House Museum. Jackson’s work examines the photographic construction of race and gender.
  • Sanaz Mazinani (Iranian-Canadian, based in San Francisco and Toronto) will create a site-specific installation at the Aga Kahn Museum. Working primarily in photography and large-scale public art and installations, her research focuses on the study of digital image propagation and its impact on representation and perception.
  • Meryl McMaster (Canadian) will present As Immense as the Sky, an exhibition at Ryerson Image Centre featuring a series of self-portraits showing performative scenes in site-specific landscapes, where the artist examines contact areas of both her Plains Cree Indigenous and European ancestors.
  • Nadia Myre (Indigenous and Québecois, based in Montreal) will present her first major solo exhibition in Toronto at Textile Museum of Canada comprising large-scale photographs, video, custom wallpaper, and new textile sculptures. She reclaims Indigenous traditions and narratives through a visual language that communicates her longstanding investment in political critique and personal well-being.
  • Louie Palu (Canadian, U.S. based) will exhibit a project created for National Geographic at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, documenting the legacies of the Cold War and the increased military presence in the North American Arctic today. The series examines the growing geopolitical tensions in the region, climate change, and Inuit communities in one of the planet’s most extreme places.
  • Sputnik Photo Collective (Central and Eastern European, based in Poland), will create a site-specific installation at Brookfield Place. The collective uses the individual experiences of its members as a starting point for an analysis of socio-political processes and socio-cultural phenomena in the former Soviet republics.
  • Michael Tsegaye, Future Memories II, 2009
    Michael Tsegaye, Future Memories II, 2009

    Michael Tsegaye (Ethiopian) will present two bodies of work from his ongoing series Future Memories at BAND Gallery. Future Memories is an exploration of the metamorphosis and redevelopment occurring in Addis Ababa threatening the city’s identity and collective memory.

  • Carmen Winant (American) will create billboard images to be shown in Toronto and across Canada. Winant is a writer and visual artist who explores representations of women through collage, mixed media, and installation.

About Scotiabank CONTACT Photography FestivalScotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

CONTACT fosters and celebrates the art and profession of photography with its annual Festival in May and year-round programming in the CONTACT Gallery in Toronto. CONTACT presents lens-based works by acclaimed and emerging artists, documentary photographers, and photojournalists from Canada and around the world. The curated program of primary exhibitions (collaborations with major museums, galleries, and artist-run centers), and public installations (site-specific public art projects), are the core of the Festival. These are cultivated through partnerships, commissions, and new discoveries, framing the cultural, social, and political events of our times. The featured and open exhibitions present a range of works by local and international artists at leading galleries and alternative spaces across the city. CONTACT also includes a wide range of events including a book fair, lectures, talks, panels, workshops, and symposia during the Festival and hosts exhibitions and programs at its Gallery throughout the year.

CONTACT, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1997, is generously supported by Scotiabank, Scotia Wealth Management, Nikon Canada, Pattison Outdoor Advertising, Vistek, Toronto Image Works, The Gilder, Transcontinental PLM, 3M Canada, BIG Digital, Waddington’s Auctioneers and Appraisers, Four By Eight Signs, Beyond Digital Imaging, Steam Whistle Brewing, Art Toronto, The Gladstone Hotel, The Globe and Mail, NOW Magazine, CBC Toronto, and Canadian Art.

CONTACT gratefully acknowledges the support of Celebrate Ontario, Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Ontario Arts Council, The Government of Ontario, Partners in Art, Canada Council for the Arts, La Fondation Emmanuelle Gattuso, the Howard Webster Foundation, Mondriaan Fund, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Goethe-Institut, Tourism Toronto and all of their funders, donors, and programming partners.

Carrie Mae Weems at CONTACT Photo Festival

The Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival has announced that renowned American artist Carrie Mae Weems will headline the 23rd edition of the city-wide Toronto event May 1-31.

Weems’ exhibition in five parts will be sited at locations across the city and represents her first solo Canadian exhibition.

Her work will be presented in two gallery exhibitions at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto and at three major public downtown art installations, including the exterior of the Toronto International Film Festival headquarters.

n addition to Weems, a selection of North American and international photographic artists will present their projects in museums galleries and public spaces around Toronto.

Among the Canadian artists to be featured are Toronto natives Moyra Davey, Louie Palu and Mike Hoolboom, Ottawa resident Meryl McMaster and Montreal native Nadia Myre.

CONTACT fosters and celebrates the art and profession of photography with its annual May festival and year-round programming in the CONTACT Gallery in Toronto.

More information is available at

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

Ateliers thématiques

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Ateliers thématiques

La zone Québec de l’ACAP a récemment sondé l’intérêt de ses membres pour la participation à un atelier thématique, notamment sur la créativité photographique. Pour des raisons hors du contrôle des organisateurs, l’initiative n’a pu être menée à terme. L’exercice, par contre, a révélé un intérêt marqué pour ce genre d’activité parmi les membres de la zone. En effet, l’appel d’intérêt a généré plus de réponses positives que de places prévues à l’atelier. La direction de la zone retient donc l’idée d’un atelier
thématique et propose de relancer une telle initiative dans un avenir prochain.

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Thematic Workshops

CAPA’s Québec Zone recently asked its members for a show of interest for attending a thematic workshop, specifically, one dealing with creativity in photography. For reasons beyond the organizers’ control, the workshop could not be carried out as planned. The survey did reveal, however, a definite interest for this type of event on the part of members of the Zone. In fact, the call for participation generated more positive responses than the number of places allocated for the workshop. The zone
administration has therefore retained the idea of a thematic workshop and proposes to launch one such initiative in the near future.

Can Am Photo Expo 2019

The Can Am Photo Expo

is sponsored by the Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Clubs

The Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Clubs (NFRCC) were established to be a unique bi-national photographic organization whose members include both amateur and professional photographers. The NFRCC is made up of 18 individual camera and photography clubs, in Western NY, Pa and Southern Ontario Canada. Some of these clubs belong to the Canadian Association of Photographic Arts (CAPA) and/or the Photographic Society of America (PSA).

Can Am Photo Expo


The Can Am Photo Expo will be April 26-28, 2019. This is the premier Expo for Photography in Western New York and Southern Ontario, CA. The Expo will be held at the Buffalo Grand Hotel (formerly known as the Adams Mark Hotel) in downtown Buffalo. We have some exciting speakers this year, such as Hazel Meredith and Jesùs Rameriz. You can buy a Full convention pass which allows for full access to all programs (excluding Artistry level programs) and includes the Banquet Dinner, a continental Breakfast on Saturday, and Lunch on Saturday. You also have other choices for a Day Pass or a Three Class Pass. The flexibility is yours.

Register Here

Snow Board by Jesus Rameriz
Meredeth Images
Topaz Antiqued Peonies by Hazel Meredith

Pacific Zone Print Challenge

The prints are in, the Challenge is on. Don’t miss it!

Saturday 23 February 2019, 1pm — doors open at 12:30

1160 Lansdowne Drive, Coquitlam V3B 5V8
16 Photo Clubs — all competition prints on display
Awards Ceremony
$8. Per person to cover room rental and refreshments

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Pacific Zone Print Challenge