Canada: My Country

SILVER - Frederic Hore - Celebrating Canada Day
BRONZE - Ted Akin - Sky Celebrations
HONOUR - Michael Winsor - Ferryland Iceberg
HONOUR - Angeline Haslett - Following Cultural Paths
Bronze Randy Lowden Barn Swallow

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2018 Photo Challenge

Award Honour Elizabeth Hak The Mandrill
Award Honour Inge Riis McDonald Farrier Visit
Award Honour Patricia Zuest grizzly bear sow catching salmon in chilcotin river
Medal Gold Robert Parker The Hunt is on.
Medal Sliver ann alimi DANCE PASSION

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Judy Berthman - Yellow Lady's Slipper
003 Bronze JudyBerthman Hover Fly
Macro 2
Macro 3
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Black and White

Bert Sharp - Sizing Me Up
Hamid Ebrahimi - Fading Memories
Bruce Carmody - The Sky's The Limit
Peter Koelbleitner - Desolate
Janet Slater - Working Hands Taking A Break

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Audio Visual Presentation

Judy Griffin - Light on the Hedges
David Hobbs - Bird Watching
Robert Parker - Amongst the Dried Ferns
David Wingate - Baths at Real Alcazar
Ellie Schartner - Dancing Alone

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Spring Open Theme

2-8-2017 6-51-45 PM
2-8-2017 6-50-56 PM
2-8-2017 6-49-48 PM
2-8-2017 6-53-33 PM
2-8-2017 6-52-50 PM

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Creative Altered Reality

WINNER 5 1 CAPA Elizabeth Hak Big Horned Blue Bird
WINNER 6 4 CAPA Elizabeth Hak Misty Morning Bath
WINNER 3 4 CAPA Lorna Scott Up In Smoke
WINNER 8 2 CAPA Elizabeth Hak Beauty in Colour
WINNER 7 3 CAPA Elizabeth Hak A Tree in the Hawk

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Photo Journalism

Roberta Dixon - Rahul
Hugh McKervill - Portrait Artist At Work
Robert Burns - While We Wait
David Friederich - A Word Of Advice From The QB
Nick Ruxandu - Jimmy

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003-Bronze-Judy Berthman-Pink
002-Silver-Rod Trider-Umbrellas in the Snow
002-Silver-CBPC_Leo Le Couteur_Pine Treeh Arch
001-Gold-LCC1-MicheleBroadfoot-Lights in the Night
001-Gold-Ellie Schartner_Dancing in the Square

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GOLD_JEPA_Cheng Chang_Its Mine
SILVER_TPC_Pat Wintemute_Golden Eagle
HonMen2_Bert Sharp_Pygmy Owl
HonMen2_Bert Sharp_Lazuli Bunting
Gold_Missy Mandel_Hoary redpoll on frozen dogwood

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Fine Art

BRONZE_ECC_David Hobbs_Bird Watching
BRONZE_CAPA_Robert Parker_Amongst the Dried Ferns
SILVER_LGCC_David Wingate_Baths at Real Alcazar
SILVER_CAPA_Ellie Schartner_Dancing Alone

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