How To Upload Images To A CAPA Competition

BRONZE_ECC_David Hobbs_Bird Watching
BRONZE_CAPA_Robert Parker_Amongst the Dried Ferns
SILVER_LGCC_David Wingate_Baths at Real Alcazar
SILVER_CAPA_Ellie Schartner_Dancing Alone


After you have logged into our CAPA website, it is a simple process of uploading images for a specific competition.



NOTE: By logging into the CAPA website, our system will identify you as either a CAPA member or a Camera Club representative.  As such, you will be presented with webpages specific for your CAPA account. 



Select COMPETITION SUBMISSIONS from the COMPETITION MENU on our home page as shown below.



NOTE: If you do not see the Competition Submissions in the drop down menu then you are not logged into the CAPA website.  Please login and try again.



Once the COMPETITION SUBMISSIONS is selected, you will be presented with a submenu as shown below.

Select the competition that you want to upload images to and the appropriate Enter Competition webpage will be presented to you.  


The Enter Competition webpage will present either – two columns (for CAPA Members) or five columns (for Camera Clubs).  Each of these columns are shown below. 


Figure 1 – Columns that will be presented to CAPA members for uploading of images for a competition.


Figure 2 – Columns presented to a Camera Club representative for uploading of images for a competition.


In the Title column, you will enter the name of the image being submitted.



NOTE: DO NOT enter the name of the photographer in the title field and DO NOT include single or double quotes.  The title name will be included when the image is presented on theday-of-judgingwhereas the name of the photographer will not be projected to the judges.



Examples of a valid title are as follows:

The Wild Rose

Canada Day

Winning Circle Of Friends

Morning Wonder


In the Image File column, you will select Choose File and it will present your computer’s directory.  From this directory, you will select the image(s) to upload for the competition.  


For Camera Clubs, you will enter the first name and last name of the club member whose image is being submitted for the competition.


The Botany box is only presented and included for Nature and Wildlife competitions.



IMPORTANT DETAILS – Image filename being uploaded can ONLY contain letters, digits, spaces, periods(.), underscores(_) or dashes (-).  No other punctuation is permitted in this filename OR the name of its folder.



Acceptable filenames are as follows:




David Smith-Morning Wonder.jpg


Image dimensions must be horizontal size: 1400 pixels and Maximum vertical size: 1050 pixel.



Note: One of the dimensions must be exactly the maximum allowed size and neither dimension may exceed the maximum pixels for that dimension.



Maximum filesize: 1.8 MB



Note: Our online system will check for the above parameters (file size and dimensions) and if they are not met then your image submission will not be accepted and you will receive a message explaining which parameters are not acceptable.



After finishing the uploading of images, press the Submit button which is located at the bottom of the columns.  


Wait for confirmation that your images have been uploaded successfully.  The message you will be presented with is “Currently stored on the server.”


Special Note: You cannot upload camera club images and your individual CAPA member images on the same login.  You MUST logout and re-login with your CAPA username/password.  

If you try do enter both the camera club images and your CAPA members images then you will receive an error message that your images cannot be uploaded.  Solution is to logout and log back in with your CAPA member username/password.

You can logout of the CAPA website if no other images are going to be uploaded to a different competition.

If other images are to be entered in a different competition, you must return to the CAPA homepage and select the appropriate competition from the COMPETITION SUBMISSIONS submenu.  Then repeat the process outlined above.


If you have any questions or concerns about our CAPA competitions, please do not hesitate in email our Director of Competitions at