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Toronto Camera Club – Free Summertime2024 Zoom Meetings

Hi everyone,

Via Zoom, the Toronto Camera Club invites everyone to join in any or all of our 6 FREE Summertime Zoom Meetings!

The Meetings consist of attendees showing/talking (if they wish) about their submitted images that align with the Meetings’ Themes. Images to be shown must be submitted to the host at no less than 2 days prior to the Meeting.

Please note: This is not a competition although submitters are welcome to ask for comments about their images.


  •  June 19 – Theme: What is it? A closeup/macro image of anything you like but with some mystery about it so that attendees can guess what it is, plus an image of the actual object/item/thing. Maximum 3 images + their reveal images
  • July 3 – Theme: Black and White. Anything that takes your fancy. Maximum 3 images
  •  July 17 – Theme: Made of Glass. Anything that’s made primarily of glass. Maximum 3 images
  • July 31 – Theme: Lines in Architecture. Maximum 3 images
  •  Aug. 14 – Theme: Minimalist images. Maximum 3 images
  •  Aug. 28 – Theme: Bingo Night. Images from recognizable locations around the Globe. The submitted images will be randomized and then all attendees will play a game of photo Bingo. Maximum 3 images


The Zoom Meetings are all Wednesday evenings, starting at 7:30pm:

So, come on and join us whenever you can.


The Zoom link is:

Meeting ID: 842 7900 2270
Passcode: 819093




Gareth Jones, TCC CAPA Rep.

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