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Canadian Camera Magazine

Canadian Camera (ISSN1206-3401) is CAPA’s quarterly magazine. Our 40-plus page publication is a quality glossy magazine containing original work by CAPA members. The magazine is published both in both print and digitally and is mailed to our member’s four times a year. It is one of the benefits of membership in CAPA.

Canadian Camera’s articles, feature excellent photography, and articles written by our members. Each issue features a major theme as well as highlighting Canada’s photography clubs, with competitions and club news. We love to showcase the photography of our members, as well as sharing their skills and knowledge with other CAPA members.

Canadian Camera is published four times per year and is approximately 40 pages in length. Over 1,400 issues are distributed through the membership of 1,200 individual members, 100 plus affiliate member photography clubs, and their 5,000 members across Canada. Canadian Camera magazine reaches deeply into the network of Canadian photographers.  Ralph Bridgland is the Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Camera, Joe VanVeenen is the graphic designer, and Kevin McMillan is the advertising manager. The magazine is printed by the Lowe-Martin Group.

Canadian Camera is distributed automatically to CAPA members. Individual copies are available for $9.95 plus postage by contacting

 Attention CAPA Members:

We need submissions for upcoming issues. Canadian Camera is your magazine! We welcome your story ideas, news items, portfolios and reviews. CAPA members may visit the Members only area to view the latest issue online.

We do reserve the right to accept or reject material as we see fit. And we reserve the unrestricted right to edit, crop and comment editorially on all submitted material. We make every effort to achieve a balance of views, subject matter and geographical representation of our members.

How to Send Material:

Please write your story idea as a paragraph or outline of what you would like to write an article about and send it with several low-res photos to;

  • Photos must be JPG format;
  • If photos are scanned CMYK is preferable to RGB;
  • Photos must have descriptive filenames and include the photographer’s name, e.g. Susan_ Brown_barn_swallow.jpg;
  • Please include your phone number and e-mail address.
When to Send it:

When to Send It:

You may submit a story idea any time but for time sensitive material our submissions deadlines are:

  • Fall Issue July 10th
  • Winter Issue October 10
  • Spring January 10th
  • Summer April 10
Where to Send It:

Where to Send It:

Ralph Bridgland, Editor-in-Chief, E-mail: