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John Kalley awarded the MCAPA Honour

Please join us in congratulating John Kalley for achieving the MCAPA Honour. John is an active member of the Surrey Photography Club and has served as their Secretary for the past six years.  John frequently organizes model shoots for the club and is very involved in the local portrait photography community.

John Kalley Bio:

John’s adventures into photography started as a teenager when he made a photographic record of the places on the BC coast his family visited.  While an undergrad at UBC, he was employed in a cell biology lab where he made photographs for scientific publications and, as a graduate student, created electron micrographs and ultraviolet images which were published on every continent.  During his teaching career, he formed photo clubs and taught students how to take images, process various film types, make slides and produce prints.  Upon retirement, he picked up a camera again, but without any particular goal.  Thinking that portrait photography would be a good place to start, he registered for a course which Sheena Wilke was offering and, making contacts there, subsequently joined the Surrey Photography Club.  At the outset, seeing the splendid images of its members was intimidating…thoughts of entering competitions even more so.  But the encouragement and enthusiasm of soon to be friends brought inspiration along with new insights and so began his journey leading to involvement in CAPA competitions and the anticipation and serendipity of obtaining a great image whenever the camera was in hand.

John’s certificate and pin was recently presented to him by Carol Jackson, CAPA District Rep – Lower Mainland.

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