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Ann Pearson in Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Ann Pearson on May 14, 2020, just two weeks shy of her 85th birthday.

Ann was very involved with the McGill Centre for Lifelong Learning, both as a member of their Committee and in giving numerous lectures. Up until recently, Ann, a member of the Westmount Historical Association, was photographing the guest speakers on their behalf.

After joining the Montreal Camera Club in 2005, it didn’t take long for Ann to jump in and volunteer on our Executive Committee. For the last 7 years as Program Chair and 1st Vice-President, Ann provided us with exceptional programming. Her years of connections in the fields of art, photography, and education enabled Ann to invite fascinating speakers, and to provide challenging workshops for our members. As an educator, she loved to teach the spirit and creativity of photography with her numerous Essay Presentations given over the years.

Ann revamped the MCC Opening Night presentations. For fun and creativity, she also created “What Did You Do Last Summer” and “Holiday Cards”. Ann also introduced “Open Mic” night which was very well received by our members. In addition, Ann moderated judging sessions at her home and later created a guideline for our recent CAPA judging tutorials. She very much enjoyed the Club’s outings with members.

For the Club’s 125th Anniversary, Ann was instrumental in organizing the MCC exhibit at the McClure Gallery and the Gallery at Victoria Hall, as well as holding her own individual exhibits. All of these exhibitions provided great exposure for MCC. Her energy, interests, and enthusiasm were unparalleled.

Ann’s photographic works leaned towards the abstract, displaying a mastery of form and colour. Ann made her experience and advice available to any who sought her out. Her passing isa huge loss for the MCC. She will be greatly missed.

Cindy Canavan MCC President

Frances Cable MCC Communications


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