March 2018

Our monthly Competition News is aimed at providing all CAPA members and camera clubs with timely information relating to our competitions.

For this month, we have included information below under the appropriate title.

2018 Black & White Competition

This closed on January 2018 and took considerable time to judge the close to 800 images submitted:

1 – Club category: 219 image from 38 clubs

2 – Individual category: 570 images from 149 CAPA members

Several new camera clubs entered images for the first time: Birdnet Camera Club (In China with 220,000 members), Prince George Photo Society and the Port Franks Camera Club.

For twenty-three CAPA members, this was their first time in participating in a CAPA competition.  

Despite the unexpected large number of submitted images, the Victoria Camera Club did an outstanding job in hosting this competition.  

Many thanks to the three CAPA judges: Michael Easton, Neil le Nobel and Rick Shapka for their assistance.

For the Club category, three camera clubs received CAPA medals:

1 – Gold Medal – Richmond Hill Camera Club

2 – Silver Medal – Images Alberta Camera Club

3 – Bronze Medal – Jiahua Elite Photography Association

You can check out their winning images on our Winners – Club webpage here.

CAPA members were also awarded CAPA medals for the individual category: 

1 – Gold Medal – David Laronde of North Vancouver, BC

2 – Silver Medal – Norman Dougan of Kamloops, BC

3 – Bronze Medal – Missy Mandel of Toronto, Ont

You can check out their winning images on our Winners – Individual webpage here.

Two images from this competition were disqualified for the following reasons:

1  – watermark on surface of the image

2 – entrant entered the same image in both the Club and Individual categories of this competition. 

Reminder For All Competitions

A question has been raised whether a stock image or an image on internet can be incorporated as an element in an image submitted for competition.

The answer is no.  Point #1 of our CAPA Competition Eligibility Criteria states:

1. the submitted image is their original work and must not contain the elements created by someone else;

The CAPA Eligibility Criteria for these two types of disqualifications are as follows:

8. they will NOT enter an identical or simultaneously the same images or one that is substantially the same in both the ‘individual‘ and ‘club‘ components of a CAPA competition;

9. the image will not contain any watermarks, name of the image or name of the photographer;

Each competition detail webpage contains a hyperlink to the CAPA Eligibility Criteria page.  It is important that each entrant review this webpage prior to submitting an images for the respective competition.

How To Upload Competitions Webpage

This webpage has been updated to reflect the current layout and processes in uploading an images to a CAPA competition.

A hyperlink to this document is contained in all CAPA competition pages. You can view this new document here.

Potential CAPA Competitions

For our 2018 – 2019 competition cycle (September to June), we have the following potential competitions:

2019 – Photo Challenge Altered Reality Audio Visual Presentation Capture The Perfect Flower Theme
Close-Up Fine Art Four Nations Monochrome
Nature Open Print Open Theme Photo Travel
Photo Journalism Portrait Story Telling With 4 Images Wildlife
The Director of Competitions will be the Competition Host for both the 2019 Photo Challenge and the Four Nations Competitions.
For the other competitions to proceed, we will need a Competition Host for each of the remaining competitions.   A Competition Host can be either a camera club or 1 or 2 CAPA members and will be assisted by the Director of Competitions.
Competitions can be conducted by either the traditional ‘live-judging‘ or our new ‘remote-judging‘ feature on our website. For the ‘remote-judging’ Competition Hosting, the processes have been streamlined and a step-by-step document will be provided. 
Camera Clubs or CAPA members who are curious or interested in hosting one of these competitions, they can contact the Director of Competitions by emailing Sheldon Boles at  
We will need to finalize the competitions being hosted by the end of March 2018.  By mid-April 2018, the Director of Competitions will be announcing which competitions will be proceeding in the 2018 – 2019 competition cycle. In so doing, photographers will be given advance notice to plan their photographic outings.

Audio Visual Presentation Competition Update

 For this competition, we have added the following details to this competition:

SPECIAL NOTE: For a club submission for this competition – at least two people MUST be involved in creating the audio visual presentation.

In addition, we have updated the entry form for this competition.  Check out the competition detail page here.

Forthcoming 2018 Competition

As a reminder, we have several forthcoming competitions in March and April:

Spring Open Competition – closes March 31, 2018

Audio Visual Presentation – closes March 31, 2018

Canada: My Country – closes April 18, 2018

Spring Close-up – closes April 30, 2018

 Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of CAPA competitions, please email our Director of Competitions at