CAPA awards Sheena Wilkie and Jim Hatch

Jim Hatch was presented with the Associateship Award (ACAPA) on October 24, 2018 at the Langley Camera Club. He was nominated for this by the Langley Camera Club for his contribution to their camera club and for the many CAPA competition awards received. Most notable awards were his winning the gold medal for both the 2016 and 2017 CAPA Annual Photo Challenge Competitions.

Sheena Wilkie was presented an Honorary Membership. Over the 10-15 years, she continued her tireless efforts to promote digital photograph across Canada by:

  1. being a respected and highly sought after Certified CAPA judge by many camera clubs;
  2. promoted digital photography through 10 years of her training courses;
  3. being a member of the CAPA Board of Directors for many years and held the position of Vice President;
  4. 10 years as the editor-in-chief for the Canadian Camera magazine;
  5. wrote many articles the noted magazine;
  6. member of the organization committee for the 2015 CAPA Conference held at the University of British Columbia;
  7. key member of the 2016-2017 CAPA Website Renewal project
  8. filled the new CAPA webmaster role for 2017.

We salute the dedication and achievements of these two individuals. They serve as examples to many photographers across Canada.

Sheldon Boles – FCAPA
CAPA Director of Competitions

Sheena Wilkie is awarded a CAPA Honorary Membership
Sheen Wilkie (left) is awarded a CAPA Honorary Membership by Sheldon Boles
Canadian Association for Photographic Art Award
Sheldon Boles (right) presents Jim Hatch with an CAPA Associateship