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CAPA Scholarship Winner 2022 – Tracey Farrington

Thank you so much. I will make you all proud.”

I plan to use the scholarship for the purpose of going to the University of
Gloucestershire (UK) to complete my Bachelors of Art in Fine Art. I will be attending in
September 2022 and graduating in June 2023. The monies would be used towards the
significant costs of tuition due to currency conversion and as an international student.

With an extensive background in photography, I have been an advocate and ally pushing the
boundaries of fine art within the photographic community. My position is that it belongs. I
continue to assist this evolving process. I am an agent of change within the evolving digital art
realm. Yet, I am teaching the historical photographic processes to the youth who have not
experienced film or other processes like cyanotype or wet plate. I think it is important for all to
understand where photography has come from as it evolves.

I will briefly touch on highlights of my CV ( I hold three fellowships
(F/CAPA, F/PPOC-BC, F/SWPP). I was the first female to represent Canada as the International
Photographic Judge for the World Cup. I have judged photographic exhibitions in UK, USA, and
Canada. I have taught judging clinics in the UK and Canada with emphasis on art and abstracts.
I have a Masters of Photographic Arts (MPA x4) and a Service in Photographic Arts (SPA)
through Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). I have been a mentor and portfolio
advisor within the photo and art community and volunteering photographic expertise to
schools and local clubs.

In the UK, I will be exploring various forms of photographic art with access to processes and
equipment unavailable in Canada. I am a conceptual artist, mainly photography-based. I am
looking forward to seeing where and what will develop in the upcoming year abroad.

I am experimenting with hybrid photography. This includes making three-dimensional weaves
of liminal-space photographs during breath practice. This liminal space is captured in the
moment the photograph is taken. The weave of the photographic strips adds a visual
expression of time, ritual and mediative practises within the spiritual paradigm.

The six-image portfolio is eclectic in nature covering a number of years. 

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