February 2018

Our monthly Competition News is aimed at providing all CAPA members and camera clubs with timely information relating to our competitions.

For this month, we have included information below under the appropriate title. CAPA Clubs, don’t forget to complete the club survey recently sent out. We would like to hear from you.

Judging Criteria Updated

As of January 31, 2018, the CAPA judging criteria for all competitions has been expanded to include the following statement:

— image title that compliments or contributes to the vision or message being presented in the image.

An effective title will lure the viewer into the image and with an implied emphasis by the photographer.   If done appropriately, the images will standout from the rest of the images being judged and will be remembered.

Audio Visual Presentation Competition Update

 We have made some minor refinements to the Audio Visual Presentation Competition and these refinements are as follows:

SPECIAL NOTE – For a club submission for this competition – at least two people MUST be involved in creating the audio visual presentation.

A black 3 to 4 second slide at the beginning of the presentation and after one at the end of the show after the credits. (This will allow the Competition Committee presenter to cue the show without it starting before everyone is ready). The name of the entrant MUST NOT appear in the credits nor in any other area of the presentation.

2018 Annual Photo Challenge Competition

Canon Canada has re-affirmed it support to be a major prize donator for our 2018 Annual Photo Challenge Competition. 

Posted Final Competition Reports & Winning Images

The final reports for all our Fall 2017 competitions are now posted on our Competition Reports webpage. 

To view these results, a CAPA members or camera club representative must first login to our website with the appropriate username and password.  Once logged in, select the Competition Reports option found on the Competitions dropdown menu. 

If the Competition Reports option is not included then you are not logged in. 

Winning images for the Fall 2017 competitions are now included on the appropriate webpage:

Winners – Club  

– Winners – Individual

Forthcoming 2018 Competition

As a reminder, we have two forthcoming competitions in February and March:

Creative Altered Reality

Audio Visual Presentation

Spring Open