Audio Visual Presentation

Judy Griffin - Light on the Hedges
David Hobbs - Bird Watching
Robert Parker - Amongst the Dried Ferns
David Wingate - Baths at Real Alcazar
Ellie Schartner - Dancing Alone

Scope of Competition

Our audio visual (AV) competition submissions can consist of a multimedia presentation composed of photography, video, animation, music and commentary or a combination thereof.

The emphasis of the presentation will be the blending of these components into a cohesive storyline. The transition between the images should flow harmoniously with the appropriate colour or tone complementing the selected theme and images.

Photo Essay Theme – can be any subject but the presentation must follow a theme such as a memorable event, recent trip or holiday, interviewing an interesting individual or highlighting a topic of interest.


Editing Criteria

Open Editing – All different in-camera, on-camera and post-processing techniques can be used. This includes combining multiple images and elements in a final presentation . However, all components of the presentation must have been created or captured by the Entrant with the exception of the music.

AV presentation MUST contain three elements:

i) title page (title of presentation but no mention of the entrant’s name);

ii) multiple slides and text if required; and

iii) A black blank 3 to 4 second slide at the beginning of the presentation and one at the end of the show. (This will allow the Competition Committee presenter to cue the show without it starting before everyone is ready).

AV presentation submission:

i) must NOT exceed 7 minutes;

ii) filename must be named as – PHOTOGRAPHER-NAME OF PRESENTATION;

iii) file must be saved as a MP4 or MPEG-4 formatted file;

iv) can contain video and/or timelapse but must NOT exceed 20% of the total runtime of the presentation; and

vi) must include a separate “AUDIO VISUAL COMPETITION ENTRY FORM (Download Microsoft Word Form HERE)

 A wide range of AV applications are available to create an AV presentation:

Microsoft PowerPoint (Mac & Windows computers);

Photoshop CS6 and above (Mac & Windows computers);

Photoshop Elements (Mac & Windows computers);

Photoshop Lightroom (Mac & Windows computers);

ProShow Gold 9 from Photodex (only Windows computers);

ProShow Design from Photodex (only Windows computers);

Fotomagico (only Mac computers);

Vegas Pro (Mac & Windows computers);

Picture-To-Exe (only Windows computers);

Final Cut Pro (only Mac computers).


Judging Criteria

Judges will review and assign a total score out of a maximum of 100 points based on the following categories and associated maximum points:

i) Photography/time lapse/video (artistry, quality of images, appropriateness of image theme)  – 40 points;

ii) General Interest (impact & maintenance of interest, clarity of intent or concept and overall planning of story) – 30 points; and

iii) Presentation/Production (sequencing, pacing and flow of images & ideas, development of theme, sound/music compatibility to theme) – 30 points.


Competition Processes

Closing Date of Competition – March 31, 2018 at midnight Pacific Standard Time. 

Open To – All paid-up CAPA members and camera clubs associated to CAPA.

Two Parallel Competitions – CAPA Audio Visual ‘Individual’ Competition for only CAPA member and CAPA Audio Visual ‘Club’ Competition for all camera clubs.  CAPA individual members are limited to one AV submission whereas a camera club can submit 2 AV submissions.

Eligibility Criteria –Prior to submitting any photo in a CAPA competition, all entrants must first read the CAPA Eligibility Criteria relating to images submissions. – READ ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA HERE

How To Enter Competition – Prior to the closing time and date of the competition, the Entrant will electronically transfer the completed Audio Visual Competition Entry Form and a copy of the Audio Visual presentation to the Competition Coordinator.  WETRANSFER or DROPBOX are acceptable methods of electronic transfer.  For other transfer methods, please check with the Competition Coordinator.

Hosting Competition: Toronto Camera Club

Competition Coordinator – Ann Alimi –

Selection Of Winning Photos – After the closing date of the Competition, three judges will examine all photos and assign their scores based on: the scope of the competition; editing criteria and judging criteria.    CAPA medals, Merit Award Ribbons and Honourable Mention Ribbons will be awarded based the highest aggregate scores.

Distribution of CAPA Awards And/Or Commercial Prizes – will be coordinated by the CAPA Director of Competitions.


Access To Competition Results

The competition results are usually available 2 to 4 weeks after the closing date of the competition. CAPA Director of Competitions will advise all entrants of the competition results shortly after they are received by the Competition Coordinator.

Posting To Website – To view the winning images – select WINNERS-Individual or WINNERS-Club under the COMPETITIONS main menu.   Final competition report is restricted and can only be accessed by logging into the CAPA website.   View these reports by selecting COMPETITION REPORTS under the COMPETITIONS main menu.

NOTE: If you cannot see the COMPETITIONS REPORTS then you are not logged into the website. 


Competition Prizes Provided By Photodex 

Individual CAPA Competition

CAPA Gold Medal CAPA Silver Medal CAPA Bronze Medal


ProShow Producer 9 – Professional Video Slideshow – value $249.95 USD

Camera Club Competition

CAPA Gold Medal CAPA Silver Medal CAPA Bronze Medal

ProShow Producer 9 – Professional Video Slideshow – value $249.95 USD