Feb. 2021 Competition News

2021 Creative Competition

The final competition report has been approved for this competition and all entrants have received a copy of this report. You can view the winning images here –

Club images – https://capacanada.ca/competition-winners-2021-creative-club/

Individual images – https://capacanada.ca/competition-winners-2021-creative-individual/

I have received many suggestions that the Creative and Fine Art competitions are very similar and we should consider combining them. Based on these suggestions, our 2022 Fine Art Competition will contain components of both the 2021 Creative and 2021 Fine Art specifications and themes.

Details about this new competition will be posted on the CAPA website on or shortly before April 1, 2021.

All photographers are reminded that they MUST read and comply with the respective competition details prior to submitting an image. It is from these details that the judges are directed to evaluate and score images. Failing to comply with the competition details may result in a lower score than expected.

If you have questions on whether your image qualifies for this competition, please email with your image attached. Forward your email to competitions@capacanada.ca

2021 Curves & Lines Competition

This competition is now been opened up for the uploading of images and competition closes on March 30, 2021.

Prior to doing so, please review the competition details prior to submitting your images. The Details are identical to last year’s competition. Check out the competition detail webpage here – https://capacanada.ca/2021-lines-and-curves-lignes-et-courbes/

If you have questions on whether your image qualifies for this competition, please email with your image attached. Forward your email to competitions@capacanada.ca

2021 Concours créativité

Le rapport final a été approuvé et tous les participants en ont reçu une copie.
Vous pouvez visualiser les images gagnantes sur ces liens:

Images des club – https://capacanada.ca/competition-winners-2021-creative-club/

Images des membres individuels – https://capacanada.ca/competition-winners-2021-creative-individual/

J’ai reçu de nombreuses suggestions de fusionner les deux concours Créativité et Beaux arts car ils sont très semblables. Sur cette base, notre concours Les beaux arts 2022 comportera des éléments des thèmes et des spécifications provenant du concours Créativité 2021 et du concours Les Beaux arts de 2021.

Les détails de ce nouveau concours seront publiés sur le site Web de l’ACAP le ou peu après le 1 avril 2021.

Tous les photographes doivent lire et se conformer aux détails respectifs d’un concours avant de soumettre une image. C’est sur la base de ces détails que les juges sont tenus d’évaluer et juger les images. Un manquement au respect de ces règles entrainera un pointage moindre que celui attendu.

Si vous avez des questions pour savoir si votre image se qualifie pour ce concours, alors veuillez envoyer un courriel avec l’image en pièce jointe à :

2021 Concours Courbes & Lignes

Ce concours est actuellement ouvert au téléchargement des images et fermera le 30 mars 2021.

Avant de soumettre une image, vérifiez les détails du concours. Les détails sont identiques à ceux du concours de l’an passé. Les détails sont disponibles sur cette page Web : – https://capacanada.ca/2021-lines-and-curves-lignes-et-courbes/

Si vous avez des questions pour savoir si votre image se qualifie pour ce concours, alors veuillez envoyer un courriel avec l’image en pièce jointe à :

CAPA Annual General Meeting 2021

Annual General Meeting 2021

Call for Expressions of Interest

CAPA is preparing for the 2021 AGM to be held the summer of 2021, date and location to be confirmed. For 2021 the CAPA Executive positions will be up for election and nominations are open for all positions listed below. Most notably we are adding the position of 2nd Vice-President and Director of Communications. Our current Treasurer will be retiring.

President: The president is the Chief executive Officer and stays tuned to the needs of the Association and its membership as well as the public interest in photography.

Vice-President: Shall direct the General Services of CAPA and stay attuned to the Association’s administrative needs for all major programs not assigned to other divisions.

Vice-President: Assists in the overall duties of the executive and specially provides the interface to the Canadian Camera Conference preparation.

Secretary: Shall prepare an Agenda for all Board meetings and AGM.  The Secretary shall collect, and Assemble Directors reports and distribute them with the Agenda to all Board members two weeks in advance. The Secretary shall maintain all communications records and other items as required.

Treasurer:  Performs duties required by the laws of Canada under which this Association is incorporated; sign cheques on behalf of this Association, when required; supervise the preparation of an annual budget and oversight of all financial activities.

Director of Communications:  The Director of Communications overall responsibility will be to ensure coordination, promotion and consistency of information through all of CAPA’s communication channels, including the Website, Facebook Page, Magazine, Newsletter and Email Communications with CAPA constituents.

If you have an interest in serving on the CAPA Board in any of these positions, contact:

Larry Breitkreutz, FCAPA, Hon. FCAPA
Chair, CAPA Nominating Committee

Assemblée générale annuelle 2021

Appel à manifestation d’intérêt

L’ACAP se prépare pour l’AGA 2021 qui se tiendra à l’été 2021, date et lieu à confirmer. Pour 2021, les postes de direction de l’ACAP seront éligibles et les candidatures sont ouvertes pour tous les postes énumérés ci-dessous. Plus particulièrement, nous ajoutons le poste de 2e vice-président et directeur des communications. Notre trésorier actuel prendra sa retraite.

Président: Le président est le chef de la direction et reste à l’écoute des besoins de l’Association et de ses membres ainsi que de l’intérêt public pour la photographie.

Vice-président: Dirige les services généraux de l’ACAP et reste à l’écoute des besoins administratifs de l’Association pour tous les grands programmes non affectés à d’autres divisions

2e vice-président: Assiste dans les tâches générales de l’exécutif et fournit spécialement l’interface pour la préparation de la Conférence canadienne de la caméra.

Secrétaire: doit préparer un ordre du jour pour toutes les réunions du conseil et l’AGA. Le secrétaire recueillera et assemblera les rapports des administrateurs et les distribuera avec l’ordre du jour à tous les membres du conseil deux semaines à l’avance. Le secrétaire doit conserver tous les enregistrements de communications et autres éléments selon les besoins.

Trésorier: exerce les fonctions requises par les lois du Canada en vertu desquelles l’Association est constituée; signer des chèques au nom de cette association, au besoin; superviser la préparation d’un budget annuel et superviser toutes les activités financières.

Directeur des communications: La responsabilité globale du directeur des communications sera d’assurer la coordination, la promotion et la cohérence de l’information à travers tous les canaux de communication de l’ACAP, y compris le site Web, la page Facebook, le magazine, le bulletin d’information et les communications par courriel avec les membres de l’ACAP.

Si vous souhaitez siéger au conseil d’administration de l’ACAM à l’un de ces postes, contactez:

Larry Breitkreutz, FCAPA, l’hon. FCAPA
Président, Comité des candidatures de l’ACAP

Central Alberta Photographic Society

We are trying to survive our lock down by trying out new techniques and programs to better our photography.  Thanks to our club’s collaboration with other clubs within CAPA we have been enjoying other interesting presenters.  We hope that if the opportunity arises to hire a presenter/photographer that is well known in the photography field, other clubs may be interested in sharing the cost and the experience.

Other clubs have also been attending our own talented photographers as they present on subjects they are passionate and knowledgeable about.  Carmen Therriault taught us the safety concerns, equipment needed, perfect spots to look for Methane Bubbles and proper settings to capture different times a day at Abraham Lake, Alberta.  This is a well known and spectacular spot to find and photograph this cool phenomenon.  Carmen was asked to hold another evening showcasing her presentation as there were a lot of people who missed it and requested to have it shown again.

We have a few other members in our club signed up to do a presentation in the near future:

Feb. 24, 2021     Michelle Marie – A peek inside the workflow of a Professional Senior Portrait Photographer

March 10, 2021   Kaityln and Duncan Heaton – Introduction into Night Photography with a possible field trip.

One of our future presenters Darlene Hildebrant will be using the Luminar Program to show members how we can take a boring photo and change it in seconds to something more dramatic and appealing.  She sent us a link to download the free 7 day trial so we can all experience the program and also understand how it works prior to her presentation.  We will post this new date on our club calendar as unfortunately she had to reschedule..

We had our Winter Competition online and it was a big success.  We always look forward to our Banquets at competition time but we made do as best we could with the restrictions there was in place.  Here are a couple of photos to give you a little taste of what Red Deer had to offer.

President’s Choice Category “Coming together”. Take my Hand – Sandy Chinsk
Human Study: On the Streets – Sandy Chinsk

Call for Nominations – Ina Gilbert Visual Arts Award 2021

The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto Foundation

On behalf of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto Foundation, I am inviting you to submit nominations for the Ina Gilbert Visual Arts Award 2021.  The Arts Committee of the Art and Letters Club of Toronto will be managing the submissions process for the Foundation.  All nominations or enquiries should be sent to Felicity Somerset, Chair of the Art Committee at felicity.somerset@rogers.com.

Located in the historic St. George’s Hall in downtown Toronto, the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto brings together writers, architects, musicians, visual artists, actors, and others working in, or who simply have a love for, the arts. The Club maintains a vibrant schedule of events and has a rich history as well as remarkable archives with artifacts dating back over a century.

The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto Foundation’s purpose is to advance education by providing scholarships, bursaries and awards to Canadian residents for demonstrated excellence in the arts.

Ina Gilbert is a Canadian artist whose unique abstract paintings, modular art, prints and digital art have been exhibited in galleries in Toronto, Montreal and Mulmur Township since 1960. In honour of Ina’s contribution to visual arts in Canada, and in collaboration with her husband, Jack Gilbert, the Arts and Letters Club Foundation of Toronto has created the Ina Gilbert Visual Arts Award.

“The award will be juried and will be open for nominations annually for a period of five years, 2021 to 2025. One cash award of $500, will be presented each year and is open to any Canadian resident with demonstrated excellence in the visual arts. Demonstrated use of the visual arts media employed by Ina will be taken into account in selecting the annual award winner. In addition to the cash award, each annual award winner receives a one year complimentary membership in The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto (an age determined membership value of up to $1,385, no cash value).

Previous Ina Gilbert Award winners are ineligible for the award.
Nomination instructions are detailed in the Ina Gilbert Visual Arts Award Guidelines.

The 2021 deadline for nominations for this award is Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

Should you have questions, please contact Felicity Somerset at felicity.somerset@rogers.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

Felicity Somerset
Chair, Art Committee
Arts and Letters Club of Toronto