Competition Winners – 2021 Creative – Club

Merit Award Winners /Gagnants des prix de mérite

1st Merit Abstract Ron Cooley Loving Cup
2nd Merit Abstract Randy Valentine Butterfly
3rd Merit Abstract Sylvia Rourke A Lattice Wall At Mumbai Airport
1st Merit Altered Realty Dana Wamsley Family Sized Cocoa
2nd Merit Award Altered Reality - Yves Keroack - Mr Squash
3rd Merit Altered Reality Maryann Griffin Climate Matters
1st Merit Creative Keith Walker Spiralysis Bramante
2nd Merit Creative Marion Buccella Growing Family
3rd Merit Creative Linda Rosen Should I Jump

 Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Winners / Médaillés d’or, d’argent et de bronze

Gold Medal - James Cuthbert - Adrift
Gold Medal - Linda Rosen - Should I Jump
Gold Medal - Maryann Griffin - Climate Matters
Gold Medal - Stanley Shoolman - Waiting For The Train
Gold Medal- Shiree Jetha - From Grape To Glass
Bronze Medal Judy Boufford Gerbera & Reflection
Bronze Medal - Claudia Povilauskas - Spiked
Bronze Medal - Doug Doede - Planetarium
Bronze Medal - Elzbieta Piskorz - In Orbit
Bronze Medal - Kathryn Martin - You Should Look The Other Way
Bronze Medal - Victor Turczynski - Tough Guy
Silver Medal - Arne Lean - Into The Light
Silver Medal - Frankie Chan - Gateway To Heaven
Silver Medal - Julie Brocca - Tis The Season For Magical Moments
Silver Medal - Katie Mak - Fruit Assortment
Silver Medal - Luuba Citrin - Lunch Break
Silver Medal - Marie Algieri-Goldgrub - Smoke Art The Knight
Gold Medal - Jean Liao - Atlas Holding The World

Honour Awards / Prix d’honneur

Honour Award - Albert Kurtz - Hope
Honour Award - Aneta Zimnicki - Into Narnia
Honour Award - Bert Pierre - Cityscape
Honour Award - Carole Duhaime - Confinement Avenue
Honour Award - Charlotte Hedman - Trust Your Dreams
Honour Award - Christine Kobielski - In The Wall
Honour Award - Cindy Cavanan - The Future Past
Honour Award - Gordon Cornwall - Fire Season
Honour Award - Jennifer Lamb - Autumn
Honour Award - Jocelyn Ubaldino - Vatican Oculus
Honour Award - Karen Cunningham - Soda Fountain Squirrels
Honour Award - Kathy McDevitt - A Walk On A Mystical Stormy Night
Honour Award - Kathy Ward Dancing - Forks
Honour Award - Len Grinke - Destroyed Habitat
Honour Award - Leonie Holmes - Cone Flower Heart
Honour Award - Linda Jones - The Lure Of The Winding Road
Honour Award - Louise Janic - Monarch Butterfly
Honour Award - Michel Gagnon - The Red Maiden
Honour Award - Norah Corbet - We Three
Honour Award - Philllip Shapiro - Beauty Still Shines Behind A Weave
Honour Award - Rick McKenzie - A Time Travellers Warning
Honour Award - Sharon Eyolfson - Celestial Orbs
Honour Award - Sonja Klapper - I See You
Honour Award - Sylvia Rourke - A Lattice Wall At Mumbai Airport

Merit Award Winners / Gagnants des prix de mérite

1st Merit – Abstract – Ron Cooley’s image “Loving Cup” (Saskatoon Camera Club)

2nd Merit – Abstract – Randy Valentine’s image “Butterfly” (Grand River Imaging and Photographic Society)

3rd Merit – Abstract – Sylvia Rourke’s image “A Lattice Wall at Mumbai Airport” (Montreal Camera Club)

1st Merit – Altered Reality – Dana Wamsley’s image “Family-Sized Cocoa” (Grand River Imaging and Photographic Society)

2nd Merit – Altered Reality – Yves Keroack’s image “Mr Sqash” (Club Photo Impression)

3rd Merit – Altered Reality – Maryann Griffin’s image “Climate Matters (Toronto Camera Club)

1st Merit – Creative – Keith Walker’s image “Spiralysis Bramante” (Foothills Camera Club)

2nd Merit – Creative – Maarion Buccella’s image “Growing Family” (London Camera Club)

3rd Merit – Creative – Linda Rosen’s image “Should I Jump” (Toronto Camera Club)

Medal Winners / Gagnants des médailles

Gold Medal – Toronto Camera Club

Silver Medal – Richmond Hill Camera Club

Bronze Medal – Trillium Photographic Club

Honour Awards / Prix d’honneur

Montreal Camera Club

Etobicoke Camera Club

Hamilton Camera Club

North Shore Photographic Society

Congratulations to the winners. Félicitations aux gagnants.