Competition Winners – 2018 Fine Art – Beaux Arts – Club

1st Place Merit - Mufty Mathewson's image "Redress On Crown Land"
2nd Place Merit - Geoff Dunn's image "A Melange Of Colours"
3rd Place Merit - Theresa Bryson's image "Dance Of The Galaxies"
Gold Medal - Ann Pearson's image "Shadows And Sculpture"
Gold Medal - Claude Belanger's image "Angrignon Station Arches"
Gold Medal - Ellie McCrea's image "Yellow Day Lily"
Gold Medal - Kathy McDevitt's image "Tranquility"
Gold Medal - Rachel Bilodeau's image "Fantasy Winter Tree"
Gold Medal - Lorraine Deslauriers' image "Moab Memories"
Bronze Medal -  Bill Trout's image "Twilight Take Hold"
Bronze Medal - Bruce Smith's image "Solidtude"
Bronze Medal MuftyMathewson REdressOnCrownLand
Bronze Medal - Quincey Deters' "Fall Colours"
Bronze Medal - Robert Simpson's image "In The Groove"
Bronze Medal - Vincent Morban's image "The Classic"
Silver Medal Claudia Schwab Trees In Fog
Silver Medal Colin Klassen Steering Into The Storm
Silver Medal Erica Jang White Salt Beach Turkey
Silver Medal Raphael Yoon Under The Bridge
Silver Medal Rene Watteel The Madam
Silver Medal - Urs Boxler's image " Two Bikes"

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal – Montreal Camera Club 

Silver Medal – Lions Gate Camera Club

Bronze Medal – Images Alberta Camera Club

Honourable Mention:

Merit Awards:

    • 1st Place – Mufty Mathewson’s image “Redress On Crown Land”
    • 2nd Place – Geoff Dunn’s image “A Melange of Colours”
    • 3rd Place – Theresa Bryson’s image “Dances of the Galaxies”

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Derek Hayes & CAPA members who hosted this competition.

Silver Medal for Fine Art 2018
On November 28, 2018, Lynne Kelman (President of the Crescent Beach Photography Club) was presented with the Fine Art ‘Club’ Competition’s Honourable Mention Ribbon by Sheldon Boles – CAPA Director of Competitions. For this competition, the club received the 4th highest score in this competition. The six club members who contributed their images were: Derek Hayes, Lynne Kelman, Mike Strong, Ronald Kelman, Roy Abbot and Wayne Farrow.
Fine Art CAPA Competition / ACAP
Presentation done December 10, 2018 Fine Art club entry for October 30, 2018 competition
Presenter Marlene Hornstein
Left to right: Marlene Hornstein presenter , Claude Belanger, Lorraine Deslauriers, Rachel Bilodeau, Ellie McCrea, Ann Pearson, Kathy McDevitt.