Surrey Photography Club recognizes Natalie Coates

Surrey Photography Club recognizes Natalie Coates. Natalie has been a member of the SPC for 12 years. Soon after joining she became the President and was instrumental in bringing the CAPA judging course to Surrey. She wears many hats to keep our club ticking.

She is very active in promoting Competitions by being the Competitions Chair and advertises our Events over Social Media.

Natalie does so much for the Surrey Photography Club:

-Natalie helped form our website and continues with its maintenance
-She is dedicated enough to actively participate after moving to another municipality, across the river.
-She is optimistic, outgoing, friendly, supportive individual with inexhaustible energy, all while working at a full time demanding job.
-Natalie manages our Zoom account and hosts all of our meetings.

Natalie also took on our Grant Applications to the City when the past coordinator stepped down. It is because of these grants that we have been able to pay our speakers and invite guests free of charge which in turn has blessed us with new members.