June 2021 Prairie Zone News

June 2021 Prairie Zone News

In recent years, the Foothills Camera Club has challenged its members to give back to our local community in the way of an annual photography-related project.  In the 2020/2021 season, FCC chose to donate framed prints to a transitional housing program named Emma House.  Below is an excerpt of how Emma House is described on their web site:

 “Emma House is a safe and supportive transitional housing program for expectant mothers ages 12+ who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness within Calgary and surrounding area.  We are dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness among pregnant women/youth and to equip our residents with the resources to build sustainable futures for themselves and their new babies.”

 The members of FCC responded overwhelmingly with 72 images.  19 of those images were selected by Emma House, which were then printed and framed by FCC and delivered to Emma House.  Emma House will decorate the hallways and rooms with those prints to brighten and inspire residents after some ongoing renovations have been completed.  Below are just a few thumbnails of the images that were selected:

 Emma House responded with the below message to the FCC members in appreciation of the donation:


May 29, 2021

 Dear Foothills Camera Club Members:

 I wish to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude for your support of Emma House.

 We are so humbled you chose to share these beautiful pictures with the women and babies who come through our program to heal, learn, and grow. 

 This process, from the very beginning was one that was so thoughtful.  It was truly heartwarming that each of you wanted to learn about Emma House, its vision and mission, and to get a sense of the environment we were hoping to create here in our new location. 

 Every submission was beautiful!  We are so thankful for the time given to involve input into the selection of pictures for our common spaces and as well as each bedroom where our moms and babies begin their journey as young families.  It was such a fascinating process; just as there were so many creative photographs and perspectives, there were as many unique responses and expressions as they were viewed time and again. 

 We are extremely grateful, as well, for the careful sizing and framing process and all the time, effort, artistry, and attention that went into this project.  These pictures will grace our hallways and our rooms and will create an atmosphere of welcome, calm, family, wonder, peace, and home.

 While COVID-19 in our congregate setting has brought with it, stringent procedures including no on-site volunteers or in-house visitors, we look forward to times in the near future where we can gather together.  An older building, Emma House has had its share of leaks and flooding since our move last year, with two recent ones resulting in three areas on our main floor under restoration.  Our moms, babies and team are resilient and coping well (considering), and work has begun in these areas.  As this work involves wall, ceiling, and floor repair/replacement – we are waiting until this work is complete before we install these valuable artistic works so they will not be damaged by drywall dust and on-site workers, etc.

 We are planning a second “virtual” tour of Emma House, once these pictures find their permanent places and transform Emma House into HOME, and we are excited to share this with you soon.  Again, we cannot thank you enough for making such a difference in the lives and environment here at Emma House.  We are forever grateful.

In sincere appreciation,

 Deanna Branson

Executive Director, Emma House


You can learn more about Emma House from their web site at www.emmahouse.ca.

 If you want to learn more about the Foothills Camera Club or are interested in becoming a member, please visit www.fcc-yyc.ca.