Competition Winners – Spring Open – Individual

GOLD Missy Mandel - Barred Owl
GOLD Missy Mandel - Boreal Chickadee On Tamarack
GOLD Missy Mandel - Chickadee On Cones
GOLD Missy Mandel - Fox And Pine Tree
SILVER Robert Parker - Arctic Wolf
SILVER Robert Parker - Belted Kingfisher Display
SILVER Robert Parker - Great Grey Owl.
SILVER Robert Parker - Timber Wolf
BRONZE Lance Gitter - Preening Flamingo
BRONZE Lance Gitter - Red Eyed Tree Frog
BRONZE Lance Gitter - Sunset At Great Sand Dunes NP
BRONZE Lance Gitter - Watching Warily
MERIT 1 Missy Mandel - Fox And Pine Tree
MERIT 2 Missy Mandel - Chickadee On Cones
MERIT 3 Julie Brocca - Keyhole In The Sky

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal – Missy Mandel

Silver Medal – Robert Parker

Bronze Medal – Lance Gitter

Honourable Mention:

  • Judy Griffin
  • Rachel Schneiderman
  • Kelly Pape
  • Amy Wildeman
  • Angeline Haslett
  • Lloyd Dykstra
  • Sandra Hawkins

Merit Awards:

  • Missy Mandel
  • Missy Mandel
  • Julie Brocca

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the hosting club Jiahua Elite Photography Association.

Photograph (right to left) CAPA Rep. Lynda Miller presenting the 2017 Digital Open Honourable Mention Ribbon to Kelly Paps.