Competition Winners – Fall Print – Club

GOLD LCC1 Janet Slater - WorkingHandsTakingABreak
GOLD LCC1  Jim Hatch - Life As A Fishboat
GOLD LCC1  Joy Gerow - On Duty At Pt Wilson
GOLD LCC1 Lorna Scott - The Tradesman
GOLD LCC1  Mel Baly - Fancy Dancer
GOLD LCC1  Michele Broadfoot - Lights In The Night
SILVER CBPC Derek Hayes - Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi
SILVER CBPC Leo Le Couteur - Pine Tree Arch
SILVER CBPC Hafeez Mian - Hemingwayesque
SILVER CBPC Lynn Kelman - The Splash Of Red
SILVER CBPC Mike Strong - Lost Tourists
SILVER CBPC Ron Kelman - Country Chapel
BRONZE LCC Bill Boswell - Antelope Canyon
BRONZE LCC Bruce Laing - Beautiful Sunrise, Playa Dorada
BRONZE LCC Don Rycroft - Milky Way With Meteorite
BRONZE LCC Marion Buccella - A Quiet Venetian Canal
BRONZE LCC Mary Chambers - Lone Elephant
BRONZE LCC Steve Donnelly - Misty Morn In Algonquin
MERIT 1 LCC1 Janet Slater Working Hands Taking A Break
MERIT 2 CBPC Ron Kelman - Country Chapel
MERIT 3 LCC Bruce Laing - Beautiful Sunrise, Playa Dorada

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal – Langley Camera Club

Silver Medal – Crescent Beach Photography Club

Bronze Medal – London Camera Club

Honourable Mention:

Merit Awards:

  • Janet Slater
  • Ron Kelman
  • Bruce Laing

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the hosting club Manitoba Camera Club.