Competition Winners – Fall Nature – Individual

GOLD Missy Mandel - Common Loon And Chick
GOLD Missy Mandel - Hoary Redpoll On Frozen Dogwood
GOLD Missy Mandel - Piping Plover With 3 Chicks
GOLD Missy Mandel - Red Necked Grebe Family
SILVER Francis King - Golden Hooded Tanager In Rain
SILVER Francis King - Grizzly Got Fresh Salmon
SILVER Francis King - Polar Bear Family Running To Safety 1
SILVER Francis King - Zero In On The Catch
BRONZE Robert Parker - Claiming Territory
BRONZE Robert Parker - Bird Eating Snake
BRONZE Robert Parker - Lone Wolf
BRONZE Robert Parker - The Catch
HM 1 Marlene Hornstein - Aruban Whiptail Lizard Devouring Cactus Flower
HM 1 Marlene Hornstein - Profile Of Buff Bellied Hummingbird
HM 1 Marlene Hornstein - Southern Lapwing Displaying Carpal Spurs
HM 1 Marlene Hornstein - Venezuelan Troupial Singing On Cactus
HM 2 Bert Sharp - Lazuli Bunting
HM 2 Bert Sharp - Loon
HM 2 Bert Sharp - Pygmy Owl
HM 2 Bert Sharp - The Prisoner
HM 3 Murray O'Neill - Danger In The Fog
HM 3 Murray O'Neill - Raven Mating Behaviour
HM 3 Murray O'Neill - Sibling Squabble
HM 3 Murray O'Neill - Tiny Dancer
MERIT 1 Mary Chambers - Cocoi Heron
MERIT 2 Mimi Lo - Bald Eagle Over Pond
MERIT 3 Ann Alimi - Eurasian Eagle Owl Perching
BOTANY Norman Dougan - Milkweed Flowers.jpg

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal – Missy Mandel

Silver Medal – Francis King

Bronze Medal – Robert Parker

Honourable Mention:

  • Marlene Hornstein
  • Bert Sharp
  • Murray O’Neill

Merit Awards:

  • Mary Chambers
  • Mimi Lo
  • Ann Alimi

Botany Award:

  • Norman Dougan

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the hosting club Chilliwack Camera Club.

Photograph of Missy Mandel receiving the Nature Fall 2016 Competition’s gold medal.
Photograph of Francis King after being presented with th e 2016 Nature Fall Individual Silver Medal.