Competition Winners – Fall Nature – Individual

GOLD Missy Mandel - Common Loon And Chick
GOLD Missy Mandel - Hoary Redpoll On Frozen Dogwood
GOLD Missy Mandel - Piping Plover With 3 Chicks
GOLD Missy Mandel - Red Necked Grebe Family
SILVER Francis King - Golden Hooded Tanager In Rain
SILVER Francis King - Grizzly Got Fresh Salmon
SILVER Francis King - Polar Bear Family Running To Safety 1
SILVER Francis King - Zero In On The Catch
BRONZE Robert Parker - Claiming Territory
BRONZE Robert Parker - Bird Eating Snake
BRONZE Robert Parker - Lone Wolf
BRONZE Robert Parker - The Catch
HM 1 Marlene Hornstein - Aruban Whiptail Lizard Devouring Cactus Flower
HM 1 Marlene Hornstein - Profile Of Buff Bellied Hummingbird
HM 1 Marlene Hornstein - Southern Lapwing Displaying Carpal Spurs
HM 1 Marlene Hornstein - Venezuelan Troupial Singing On Cactus
HM 2 Bert Sharp - Lazuli Bunting
HM 2 Bert Sharp - Loon
HM 2 Bert Sharp - Pygmy Owl
HM 2 Bert Sharp - The Prisoner
HM 3 Murray O'Neill - Danger In The Fog
HM 3 Murray O'Neill - Raven Mating Behaviour
HM 3 Murray O'Neill - Sibling Squabble
HM 3 Murray O'Neill - Tiny Dancer
MERIT 1 Mary Chambers - Cocoi Heron
MERIT 2 Mimi Lo - Bald Eagle Over Pond
MERIT 3 Ann Alimi - Eurasian Eagle Owl Perching
BOTANY Norman Dougan - Milkweed Flowers.jpg

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal – Missy Mandel

Silver Medal – Francis King

Bronze Medal – Robert Parker

Honourable Mention:

  • Marlene Hornstein
  • Bert Sharp
  • Murray O’Neill

Merit Awards:

  • Mary Chambers
  • Mimi Lo
  • Ann Alimi

Botany Award:

  • Norman Dougan

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the hosting club Chilliwack Camera Club.