Competition Winners – 2019 Individual – Lines and Curves / Lignes et courbes

Gold Medal Danielle LaPointe Musical Contours
Gold Medal Danielle LaPointe Facades Of Draped Curvatures
Bronze Medal Fortunato Rizza Ferris Wheel
Bronze Medal Fortunato Rizza Tendril
Silver Medal Louie Luo Stairs
Silver Medal Louie Luo Modern City
Silver Medal Louie Luo Looking Up
Bronze Medal Fortunato Rizza Spearhead
Silver Medal Louie Luo Wavy Trail
Gold Medal Danielle LaPointe Serreria Bridge Valencia Spain
Gold Medal Danielle LaPointe Guitar Curves And Lines
Bronze Medal Fortunato Rizza Opera House Sails At Sunset

Competitions Winners & Awards

  • Gold Medal – Yun Wang
  • Silver Medal – Gareth Jones
  • Bronze Medal – He Zhao

Honourable Mention:

  • Lois Burton
  • John Kalley
  • Isabel Kelly
  • Liliane Audet
  • Ruth Ball
  • A. Hafeez Mian
  • Bruce Raby
  • Ron Harper
  • Francine Raymond
  • Ottmar Philipp
  • Pat Zuest
  • Pia O’Leary
  • Rhonda Starr
  • Teresa Walker
  • Vincent Morban
  • Alain Dubeau
  • Cheryl Wilson Bramble
  • Jacquie Matechuk
  • Kathryn McGarvey
  • Sylvia Rourke
  • Thomas Fulton

Merit Awardtrillum photographic Club

  • 1st Place Merit – Colour Theme – He Zhao’s image “Chicago Flamingo Scuplture”
  • 2nd Place Merit -Colour Theme – Ruth Ball’s image “Annals of Music”
  • 3rd Place Merit – Colour Theme – Yun Wang’s image “Flamingo Flying Into A Whirlpool”
  • 1st Place Merit – Monochrome – Liliane Audet’s image “Violin Lesson”
  • 2nd Place Merit – Monochrome – Byron Robb’s image “Studio Bell Staircase #2”
  • 3rd Place Merit – Monochrome – Francine Raymond’s image “Praise The Lord”

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the host – CAPA Director of Competitions.

Byron Robb
Byron Robb 2nd place Merit Monochrome
Robert Royer (CAPA DR) presents Ruth Ball with the 2nd Place Colour Merit Award and an HM
Jonathan Ward (CAPA DR) presents the Silver Medal for the 2019 Curves & Lines ‘Individual’ Competition to Gareth Jones from the Toronto Camera Club