Competition Winners – 2018 Open Theme – Thème Libre – Individuals

Gold Medal Chickadees On Tamarack
Gold Medal Goldfinches Om Tamarack
Gold Medal Grizzly Portrait
Gold Medal Springtime Bluebird
Silver Medal MaryChambers   FinalGasp
Silver Medal MaryChambers   LifeOrDeathPlunge
Silver Medal MaryChambers   Sated
Bronze Medal Norm Dougan Big Tom
Bronze Medal Norm Dougan Curious  House Finch
Bronze Medal Norm Dougan In Flight
Bronze Medal Norm Dougan Whose Hungry
1st Place Merit Award MaryChambers   Twilight
2nd Place Merit Award Norm Dougan Whose Hungry
3rd Place Merit Award Goldfinches Om Tamarack
Silver Medal MaryChambers   Twilight

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal – Missy Mandel

Silver Medal – Mary Chambers

Bronze Medal – Norman Dougan

Honourable Mention

  • George Pierce
  • Robert Parker
  • Anita Hubbard
  • Isabel Kelly
  • Barbara Marszalek
  • Laura Ranallo
  • Ying Shi
  • Gary Zeng
  • He Zhao
  • Ian Crawford
  • Ottmar Philipp

Merit Awards:

  • 1st Place – Mary Chambers (London Camera Club) – “Twilight”
  • 2nd Place – Norman Dougan (Kamloops Camera Club) – “Whose Hungry”
  • 3rd Place – Missy Mandel (Toronto Digital Camera Club) – “Goldfinches On Tamarack”

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the competition host – Director of Competitions.

Photograph of Zone Director Lynda Miller presenting Norman Dougan with his Bronze medal for this competition.
Photograph of Robert Parker receiving his Honourable Mention Ribbon Bronze from CAPA District Representative Virginia Stranaghan.