Competition Winners – 2018 Close-Up – Club

Gold Medal - Jack Bennett's image "Antherium Lily Flower"
Gold Medal - Lorne Rose's image "Waterdrop"
Gold Medal - Lance Gitter's image "Peace Lily (spathiphyllum)"
Gold Medal - Rachel Schneiderman's image "Bee On Sunflower"
Gold Medal - Theresa Moore's image "Tulip With Waterdrop"
Gold Medal - Pat Zuest's image "Shiatake Mushroom"
Silver Medal - Deborah Gottdenker's image "Past Its Prime"
Silver Medal - Lance Gitter's image "Crystal Like Snowflake"
Silver Medal - Fern Gitter's image "Amaryllis"
Silver Medal - Julie Brocca's image "Sun Shower"
Silver Medal - Helena Chu's image "Colorful Splash"
Silver Medal - John Kot's image "Decaying Leaf"
Bronze Medal - Anthony Bower's image "Beautiful Dance"
Bronze Medal - Hamid Ebrahimi's image "Oil And Water"
Bronze Medal - Marion Shikaze's image "eady For Takeoff"
Bronze Medal - Miroslaw Kuras's image "Sowthistle Head"
Bronze Medal - Marli Wakeling's image "New Generation"
Bronze Medal - Randall Peterman's image "A Raindrop Jewel"
1st Place Merit Award Rachel Schneiderman Bee On Sunflower
2nd Place Merit Award - Jack Bennett's image "Antherium Lily Flower"
3rd Place Merit Award - Roy Chaplin's image "Snowflake"

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal- Toronto Digital Photography Club

Silver Medal – Richmond Hill Camera Club

Bronze Medal – Burnaby Photographic Society

Honourable Mention:

Merit Awards:

  • 1st Place – Rachel Schneiderman (Toronto Digital Photography Club)
  • 2nd Place – Jack Bennett (Toronto Digital Photography Club)
  • 3rd Place – Roy Chaplin (Chilliwack Camera Club)

Congratulations to the winners and this competition was hosted by the Jiahua Elite Photography Club.