Competition Winners – 2018 Canada: My Country – Canada: Mon Pays – Club

Gold Medal - Katherine Wong's image
Gold Medal - Daniel Tang's image
Gold Medal - Edwin Ho's image
Gold Medal - Edward Ho's image
Gold Medal - Katie Mak's image
Gold Medal - Robin Luo's image
Silver Medal - Allan Craig's image
Silver Medal - Emiliana Fleishman's image
Silver Medal - Marie Algieri Goldgrub's image
Silver Medal - Rhonda Starr's image
Silver Medal - Les Palenik's image
Silver Medal - Rob Kline's image
Bronze Medal - Andy Mielzynski's image
Bronze Medal - Jack Pasht's  image
Bronze Medal - Lance Gitter's image
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Bronze Medal - Roberto Veloso's image
Bronze Medal - Steve Saviolidis' image
1st Place Merit Award Rob Kline Little Bear  Big Fish
2nd Place Merit Award Katie Mak Taking A Ride
3rd Place Merit Award Andy Mielzynski Going For Gold

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal- The Chinese Canadian Photographic Society of Toronto

Silver Medal – Richmond Hill Camera Club

Bronze Medal – Toronto Digital Photography Club

Honourable Mention:

Merit Awards:

  • 1st Place – Rob Kline – “Little Bear, Big Fish” (Richmond Hill Camera Club)
  • 2nd Place – Katie Mak – “Taking A Ride” (The Chinese Canadian Photographic Society of Toronto)
  • 3rd Place – Andy Mielzynski – “Going For Gold” (Toronto Digital Photography Club)

Congratulations to the winners and this competition was hosted by the CAPA Director of Competitions.

Debbie Gottkender, a member of the RHCC’s CAPA selection team, awards club President Harvey Rogers, with the Silver Medal in the 2018 My Country Club Competition.
Gold Medal presentation to the Chinese Canadian Photographic Society – (left to right): Frankie Chan, Robin Luo, Edward Ho, Jonathan Ward (CAPA District Representative making the presentation) Katherine Wong, Katie Mak and Edwin Ho.

Bronze Medal presentation to Toronto Digital Photo Club. (L to R): CAPA rep Diana Noriel,
Club President Tony Scopazzi, CAPA rep Luba Citrin, photographers Lance Gitter & Roberto Veloso