Central Alberta Photographic Society

We are trying to survive our lock down by trying out new techniques and programs to better our photography.  Thanks to our club’s collaboration with other clubs within CAPA we have been enjoying other interesting presenters.  We hope that if the opportunity arises to hire a presenter/photographer that is well known in the photography field, other clubs may be interested in sharing the cost and the experience.

Other clubs have also been attending our own talented photographers as they present on subjects they are passionate and knowledgeable about.  Carmen Therriault taught us the safety concerns, equipment needed, perfect spots to look for Methane Bubbles and proper settings to capture different times a day at Abraham Lake, Alberta.  This is a well known and spectacular spot to find and photograph this cool phenomenon.  Carmen was asked to hold another evening showcasing her presentation as there were a lot of people who missed it and requested to have it shown again.

We have a few other members in our club signed up to do a presentation in the near future:

Feb. 24, 2021     Michelle Marie – A peek inside the workflow of a Professional Senior Portrait Photographer

March 10, 2021   Kaityln and Duncan Heaton – Introduction into Night Photography with a possible field trip.

One of our future presenters Darlene Hildebrant will be using the Luminar Program to show members how we can take a boring photo and change it in seconds to something more dramatic and appealing.  She sent us a link to download the free 7 day trial so we can all experience the program and also understand how it works prior to her presentation.  We will post this new date on our club calendar as unfortunately she had to reschedule..

We had our Winter Competition online and it was a big success.  We always look forward to our Banquets at competition time but we made do as best we could with the restrictions there was in place.  Here are a couple of photos to give you a little taste of what Red Deer had to offer.

President’s Choice Category “Coming together”. Take my Hand – Sandy Chinsk
Human Study: On the Streets – Sandy Chinsk