CAPA Club Services Award 2021

Due to Covid 19 our club continues to meet online, however we were able to hold one field trip  outdoors. In September, during the Macro field trip at the gardens of Maria and Laszlo Podor, the CAPA Club Services awards for 2021 were presented to Darryl Robertson and Laszlo Podor for their many years of dedicated service to PGNS and the critical role they played in last year’s transition to a program entirely online. 


A Member of the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia since 2007, Laszlo Podor has served as statistician from 2008-2011, vice-president from 2009-2011, president in 2011-2015, and is currently serving his third term (2020-2022) as President. During 2020-2021, he worked tirelessly to ensure a seamless transition to the online platform. In addition to setting up all the online WebEx meetings, he meets with each presenter to ensure their presentation will run smoothly and has setup the Eventbrite registrations for the meetings.  


Darryl Robertson joined the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia in 2011. He has been the Guild’s Webmaster since 2013. In the summer of 2019, he completely revamped the competition portion of the website to deal with the latest WordPress updates which had rendered the coding for the online competition uploads obsolete. During 2020-2021, due to the necessity to moving the Guild’s Program and Competition Judging completely online his workload has more than tripled and he was an integral part of making the 2020-2021 season a success. 

Laszlo Podor

Darryl Robertson