Bio and Portfolio – Quebec Zone Director

Bio and Portfolio - Quebec Zone Director

I was born in the Laurentides, and now live in the Quebec region, and work full time in the field of IT within the healthcare network. I am looking forward to the challenge of devoting my free time to sharing my greatest passion.

I discovered photography at a very young age when my father showed me how to photograph the moon with a film camera, on a tripod. During my years of study in college, out of curiosity, I chose an introductory course in photography. I had the pleasure of discovering the basics of B&W photography and darkrooms.

Photography finally returned to the center of my interests in 2012. Digital this time. I have since learned and progressed, completely self-taught and have discovered a deep passion for images. Most particularly in nature, as I am also passionate about hiking, mountains, and remote places.

Today, I have a heart to share everything that surrounds photography. To bring people together around this same passion, regardless of their level. Photography is an art and I sincerely believe that everyone, experts as well as novices, have things to teach us.

Below are some of my works.