CAPA awards

Mary Chambers-LCC Gold Medal Individual, Fall Nature
Lance Gitter CAPA PJ Gold Presented By TDPC CAPA Rep Diana Noriel
TCC Manu Malkani Fine Art Bronze
GerryAlger 5
Claire LeBlanc Stella Presidente 2052   Copy

Special Recognition Medals – Available To CAPA Member Camera Clubs

  • Club Services Medal – for Individual – CAPA has developed this award for the exclusive use by any CAPA member camera club.

The CAPA club may recognize one of its club members for outstanding contributions to any field of photography or distinctive services performed for the camera club in the promotion of the art of photography through service, education, exhibition or publication.

The recipient must be a club member in good standing for the past three years.

  •  Excellence In Photography Medal – Individual – This club award will be used to recognize a photographer who demonstrates excellence in photography.  Examples of excellence in photography are as follows:
    1. in the past 12 months – the photographer has received three or more winning medals in regional or national or international photo competitions; or
    2. the photographer’s images have been on display at a national or international exhibition which highlights excellence in photography; or
    3. best-photo-in-the-show” for an intern-club or regional competition being hosted by a CAPA member camera club

These two medals are available in either unilingual English or French.

  • CAPA Competitions Medals – CAPA Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals as well as Merit Award Certificates and Honourable Mention Ribbons are awarded to photographers in our national, zone and conference competitions.

Gold Medal – CAPA’s Gold Medal may be awarded as 1st Place, Best Entry, Best of Show, Highest Aggregate, and/or Best Contemporary.

Silver Medal – CAPA’s Silver Medal may be awarded 2nd place together with the CAPA Gold (1st Place) and CAPA Bronze (3rd Place) Medal.

Bronze Medal –  CAPA’s Bronze Medal may be awarded 3rd place together with the CAPA Gold (1st Place) and CAPA Silver (2nd Place) Medal.

Merit Award Certificate (best-photo-in-the-show) will be awarded to the three highest scored images in the competitions – 1st Merit, 2nd Merit and 3rd Merit.

Honourable Mention Ribbons – CAPA’s Honourable Mention Ribbons are awarded for the 4th highest aggregate score and subsequent entrants provided that the total does not exceed 8 to 10% of entrants

No ties are permitted for medals and merit awards.  When ties occur then the Judging Panel will break these ties.

Competition Medals & Ribbons – Available To CAPA Member Camera Clubs & Affiliated Organizations

CAPA member camera clubs and recognized institutions can purchase our medals and ribbons for an international, regional or camera club competition.

To proceed with the purchase, the appropriate application or order form must be completed:

Application Form –  Club Services Medal and Excellence in Photography Medal (download Microsoft Word document)

Medal Order Form – CAPA competition medals and ribbons Form (download Microsoft Word document)

Organizers of a photo exhibition or salon wishing CAPA recognition and the ability to order our medals/ribbons must comply with our CAPA Exhibition Standards document.  CAPA member camera clubs are not required to complete the steps outlined in the Exhibition Standards document.

To proceed with an order for CAPA medals and ribbons, the camera club or recognized institution agrees that their:

a. competition will use a judging panel consisting of at least three judges; and

b. order for medals and ribbons is submitted two months prior to the date required

 Forward the completed form(s) and email them to:

Sheldon Boles, Exhibition Standards Chair
16941 Friesian Drive
Surrey, BC V3S 8P2

Examples of CAPA Medals

CAPA Gold Medal

CAPA Gold Medal

CAPA Silver Medal

CAPA Silver Medal

CAPA Bronze Medal

CAPA Bronze Medal