Host a Judging Course

Host a Judging Course

Hosting a CAPA Judging course is only open to CAPA Clubs. If you are a Club considering this, thank you.

The normal class size is at least 30 people*, preferably 40 to make the course viable. Participants in our judging courses are those who want to take the first step in becoming a judge, and by those who want to improve their own photography by learning what judges look for in great photographs.

Your Photography Club (Host Club):

  • Appoints a liaison to work with CAPA to confirm willingness to host a course and agree on a suitable date.
  • Once confirmed, the host club fills in the online form providing details of the course so that the Web Manager can set up the course and online registration.
  • Is responsible for securing & paying for a suitable room for the event, and promoting it locally, though CAPA will also promote the date to all close area clubs.
  • Distributes the $50 discount code and registration instructions to Host Club members.
  • Host Club members are only eligible for one discount.
  • CAPA members who are also Host Club members must use either the normal CAPA member rate or the Host Club discount code but cannot use both.
  • Ensures the room is set up with a screen, tables, a speaker’s podium with light & 2 wireless microphones.
  • Arranges for coffee breaks for both morning and afternoon sessions.
  • Arranges for a suitable location for lunch, or if one is not available nearby, arranges for a lunch delivery or ask people to bring a lunch along. Course attendees pay for their own lunch.
  • Assigns one of your club members to help at Reception and be responsible for registering people as they come in on the day of the course.


  •  Sets up course registration through the CAPA website.
  •  Pays for the coffee breaks.
  •  Promotes the course with all clubs nearby to help with attendees.
  •  Provides our computer and projector – which are profiled to show digital images correctly.
  •  Provides the CAPA Course manuals for each attendee and all teaching materials.
  •  Prepares and receives all inquiries, payments, and disbursements for the course through the online registration system.
  • Creates and maintains the registration list for the course.
  • Prepares Certificates for all attendees.

Course Fees:

  • CAPA individual members $125.00 per person
  • Host Club Members $125.00 per person (with discount code applied)
  • Non CAPA Members $175.00 per person
  • Current CAPA Certified Judges* $ 75.00 per person * with a current CAPA individual membership and on the CAPA judges’ list

Course Instructors:

Henry Schnell

Rod Trider

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